10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades - Ryker Hardware

10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades | Ryker Hardware

If you are tired of spending hours trimming materials? Need heavy duty steel made superior wear tolerance blade accessories for multiple jobs?

Then I recommend using 10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades. Ten different purpose blades bring your work fast and perfect. The slip-free grip that enables you to fit on power tool firmly.

10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades - Ryker Hardware

Basic Information

  • Brand Name: Ryker Hardware
  • Part No: BiMetal 1010
  • Color: Black
  • Package Weight: 3.52 Ounce
  • Dimension: 5.6*2*1.5 inches
  • Total Blades: 10
  • Battery: Not Requires

Like to use home tool improvement as well as industrial jobs like:

  • Soft metal cutting.
  • Cuts drywall or drill
  • Fibreglass
  • Thicker gauge metal
  • Nail cut from wood and metal
  • Shape soft metallic and non- metallic materials

10 pc Quick Release Oscillating Saw Blades

  • Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Blades
  • Made of thick steel

Offer fitments as universal brands:

  • Dewalt
  • Worx Soncrafter Hyperlock
  • Rockwell Sonic Rafter Hyperlock
  • New Porter Cable
  • Porter Cable Original
  • Chicago Electric
  • Dremel Multimax
  • Ridgid Jobmax
  • Fein Multimaster
  • Bosch Multi-X
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Craftsman
Ryker Hardware 10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades compatible brands

Also, Fit with:

Genesis, Haussman, Ryobi, Skill, Sunzi, Rockwell, Trademaster, Black and Decker, Rockwell, LongActive, Craftsman, Porter Cable and many more top brands.

Adapter Need: C-Clip Adapter required for

  • Dremel MM40 and MM45
  • Bosch MX30E and MXH180B

Where To Use?

  • Home constructional site. Like to prepare door, remodeling metals, ceiling work, wall drilling. 
  • Furniture factory workshop.
  • DIY project service use by the user

10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades Features

High Quality:

Ryker Hardware use bimetals thick gauge metal tools. It provides fast cut with accurate performance. Faster cut the surface and reach a small place to make thicker and bring ideal shape.

Universal Arbor:

10 pieces blades very useful for construction site multiple jobs. It offers three categories of 10 blades. By setting heavy duty bi-metal on the power tool, it works on wood, plastic and hardened metals.

The Japanese tooth can use all surface where you want to cut and depth by blades. Beside it offer to wear tolerance with durability.

Precision Cut Multi Tools:

The quick release blade, it can quickly replace on tools. The DIY user enjoys its feature to work self. For home improvement, they able to drill wall to set frame. Hard to soft materials can process within a short time.

Ten blades used to measure inch by inch to millimeters cut surface. Its great for angle cut, make tools thicker shape and depth cut.

I recommend the bi-metal blade accessory highly to the construction site and DIY user. It’s great to support their daily jobs and feel their work much comfortable.


  • ​Lightweight keep user portability easier
  • Thicker blade offer small, tiny cut result
  • Multiple tool processing with faster with high accuracy
  • The low budget tool


  • Blades function works slowly on hand tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it fit Bosch Multi Tool?

Q: Do these blades fit on craftsman mm30 without an adapter?

Q: Are they fit on Dremel multi-max?
Yes, it has a universal feature that fits on all brands of the oscillating tool.

Final Verdict

10 Metal-Wood Universal Oscillating Saw Blades is an outstanding service provider. The customer feedback positive after using the quick release blade. The last cut feature works on hard and soft materials with the ideal tiny shape. Develop your tools with Ryker Hardware blades and obtain a good job mark.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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