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ABN Deluxe Universal Oscillating Multi Tool Blade Combo Kit Review

ABN present 38 pieces kit set of oscillating tool accessories for power and hand tool users. ABN, which looks new face in power tool market. The manufacturer introduces from South Dakota who offers auto body parts online supplies. In the power tool industry, they land first in the middle of 2014. They start production of oscillating tool and kits for industrial as well as for DIY service.ABN Deluxe Universal Oscillating Multi Tool Blade Combo Kit, it’s a combo set kit of Fein Multi-master Blades.

What new in their packages?

The user can cut and shape different application by 38 kits.This Kits not mean only blades but also offer sandpaper, saw and arbour featured blades.Cut down soft and hard materials, grout removal by sandpaper with polish finish works.

By other brands, you get one option, only blades feature to cut and shape. But in ABN, you get twice feature, one for edges to cut and other for grout remove by sanding. More than its provide polish works with sanding.

Eight point mounting system that allows the user to get high twist feature. Place on the surface where you need to sanding, I tell you, you get the precise shape of cut as your demand!

Product Description

  • Brand Name: ABN
  • Model No: 8763
  • Weight: 1.25 Pounds
  • Dimension: 5.3*4.2*2 inches
  • Total Kits: 38
  • Blades Construct with: Stainless Steel
  • Made In: USA
  • Price Range: Between 30 to 40 range
  • Warranty: 1 Year

ABN Oscillating Multi Tool Blade Combo Kit Items

The combo set makes your hard works lighter. Smooth and fast cut on wood, metal and plastic case. Also remove grout from drywall, floor and wall, fit tiles etc. job makes more relaxed than ever.

The kits are:

1. Assorted Triangular Sandpaper (15 Pieces)

  • 40 Grit (3 Pieces)
  • 60 Grit (3 Pieces)
  • 80 Grit (3 Pieces)
  • 100 Grit (3 Pieces)
  • 120 Grit (3 Pieces)

2. Blades: (Total 22 Pieces)

  • 1-3/8” wood plastic precision Japan teeth blades (3 Pieces)
  • 1-3/4” wood plastic precision Japan teeth blades (3 Pieces)

  • 1-3/8” bi-metal wood/soft metal blades (3 Pieces)
  • 1-3/4” bi-metal wood/plastic cutting blades (6 Pieces)
  • 1-3/4” wood/plastic precision japan teeth blades (3 Pieces)

  • 2-1/2” wood/plastic blade (1Pieces)
  • 2-1/2” wood/plastic Japan tooth blade (1Piece)
  • HSC 80mm wood/plastic half circle blade (1Piece)
  • HSS 80mm wood/plastic/metal half circle blade (1Piece)

3. Triangular Sanding Backer Pad (1 piece)

Universal Fitment on:

Especially with Fein Multi-master, that’s unique feature. Rest of the kit accessories, you miss the element of Fein. Beside it support:

  1. Dremel
  2. Dewalt
  3. Milwaukee
  4. Craftsman

ABN Deluxe Universal Oscillating Multi Tool Blade Combo Kit Features


First to tell, its construct with high perform stainless steel. It's easy to grip and set on the power tool. By mistake, if it falls, doesn’t break down or affect floor. High quality constructs that good works on hard materials for extended times.

Maximum Torque:

You get eight mount system which offers faster works with high torque. Its high use to the quick cut surface by torque. Torque measures surface high cutting speed


The user most enjoy the kits set for their light work. Especially Fein, Dremel users who love the pack. They able to fit their oscillating tool and cut, sand on hardwood, metal and even grout remove.

For your DIY or professional service, you can use various tool development. Cut, shape, and your plastic, metallic tool with a minute by holding the side.

15 sanding kit for grit function works. Offer flexible service on the floor, drywall and stubborn floors, doors nails plunge out. Remove grout and polish metal by application demand.

22 blades used as per materials feature. Angle use on a small room without move and flush cut surface. Excellent function make your work delightful.


  • Ideal investment for the versatile project
  • Tow benefits get, one for blades to cut and resize, another for sanding with grits
  • Fein user most enjoy the kit set
  • No need adapter
  • Each edge has a specific bag, so it easy to store without friction
  • Excellent quality with one year warranty


  • Too much use on hard metal, blades lose their durability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will these fit Bosch MX30?
The feature doesn’t mention that, neither I have tried out with this model.

Q: Will this fit Dremel 6300?
Its fit but sooner it gets crap.

Final Verdict

ABN Deluxe Universal Oscillating Multi Tool Blade Combo Kit recommend the users get an advantage. Lightweight, warranty and 38 kits with blades, sandpaper – that’s a fresh set for regular power tool user. So I recommend them to order ABM kit set and lead a smart profession.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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