AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air Saw

AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air Saw Review

The air saw is a flexible and essential power tool. The best cutting tool AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air saw is now available in the marketplace. You can use this tool for destruction work, heavy-duty work in an automobile workshop to cut steel pipes, wood metal parts, plastic, fine craftwork, and fiberglass.

The smoothness and good finishing depend on your performance and on high-quality air saws to help simply saw during special types of materials for any projects. This type of saw you require depends on the material and the project you need to cut.

Usually, the best air saw performs accurately, quickly, and provide smooth feelings in your hand.

You can apply this air saws to make your choice, evaluate prices, discover contemptible air saws and be certain that you are purchasing the best of power tools accessible online.

The AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air Saw is a great tool for cutting different types of the substance such as aluminum, plastics, sheet metal, fiberglass, and other materials. 

It prepared with a 360-degree rotate inlet, this tool lets you cut complex patterns in both curved and flat surfaces.

Basic Specification




Motor power

0.05 HP


9,500 RPM

Power Source


Cutting Capacity

3/16" Steel Plate - 18 Gauge

Rec. Hose Size

3/8 inches

Sound Level

88 dB

Blade Length

3 inches

Weight lbs

1.13 lbs


8 Inches


8 x 1.5 x 2.2 inches

AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air Saw Features

Vibration-reducing system

AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact air saw, is a power device that uses an air compressor to produce the pneumatic movement. That runs the cutting blade forth and back.

This air saw has a vibration-reducing system this is particularly significant in auto body workshops for smooth work. The inside Vibration-reducing system decreases the vibration rate up to 2.5m /sec.


With exclusive 8 "carving bar and 1/4 chain, which limits its rebound on the cut, obtaining maximum strength and the best result can cut up to 3/8" in a maximum volume with 3 inches straight blade.

All products bearing the AIRCAT brand are the result of a sophisticated design. The attention to detail, design, and functionality of our products are almost rare features to find in the market. It weighs only 1.12 lbs about half of the other hacksaws.

All this, together with the reduced dimensions, convert into a great manageability in pruning operations, where the saw is not cumbersome.


The material used for the construction is in All Metal Blade Retainer. It a very valuable material makes the self-lubricating tool favoring the heat exchange.

The internal parts are made of metal totally absorb vibrations. These alloys can effectively absorb vibration energy, which is desirable in all those applications where mechanical movement is present.

Distinctive Features

It has sturdy high-strength adjustable rear exhaust structure to exhaust air. The only saw on the market equipped with a power adjustment AIRCAT reciprocating saw that allows you to increase or reduce it according to your needs and the difficulty of the work.

It is the brass screw in the foreground in the photo on the side, placed above the body of the pruner. It has 2 blades each blade has multiple teeth size that is 18T, 24T and 32T blades.

The strokes for every minute are 9500 helps for quick cutting action and with an adaptable blade protector.

Chain lubrication System

It equipped with lubrication adjustment screw. Chain lubrication system Increase or decrease the flow of oil to the bar depending on the type of wood just like on a professional chainsaw.

Detail of the chain tension screw for the stress of the chain equipped with a special lubricating oil tank for bar and chain, of great capacity. It gives the product a prolonged working autonomy. Transparent tank allows constant control of the oil level.

AIRCAT 6350 Compact Air saw Review Video


  • It works excellent and required little places.
  • Adjustable rod allows reaching the highest branches Pivoting head for easy access to cutting even in areas difficult to access
  • The best body of this saw is super silence and very powerful.
  • It does not tire the operator even after many hours of work and in less easy cutting situations.
  • Its special qualities are noiseless, little saw, low vibration, and Lightweight.


  • You need to be aware during operating the saw to avoid an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: what is the stroke length of this saw?
the stroke length of this saw is 9500 stroke/minute

Question: How many blades are included in 2 pack?
There are 2 saw blades are included in the 2 pack.

Question: Are Blades adjusted with setscrews in this Aircat 6350 saw?
Yes, the Blades are adjusted with setscrews.

Bottom Line

The only Low Vibration Compact Air Saw on the market equipped with a power adjustment device. That allows you to increase or reduce it according to your needs and the difficulty of the work to be done. It is the High-tech product of the highest quality. It has the brass screw in the foreground on the side, placed above the body of the pruner. You will be very satisfied with this Aircat 6350 saw.

We hope the AIRCAT 6350 Low Vibration Compact Air Saw provides little vibration in operation makes it easy and exact to work with you. You will get very well and is very quiet cutting accuracy. Finally, you may get a possibility to use this saw and check how well it works and exact, it’s low vibration and quick, this instrument can do it all.

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