Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw

10 Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw Reviews

Circular saw is a very handy tool. But these handy tools can bring obstacle in your professional work just being heavy!

Yes, a full-sized circular saw can cause strain on your arms at the time of using. And of course, you can avoid this problem using a mini circular saw.

You can have the same workout with a mini circular saw that a full-sized circular saw can do for it. And if it is cordless, it becomes more worthful. But for that, you to choose the perfect one.

Here comes the confusion. There are lots of options come when you attempt to buy a mini circular saw. Navigating huge options is really tough, you know.

You can make the navigation process easy if you just know the best products list.
To let you have the best cordless mini circular saw, we have come with topmost products on the market in our article. Our unbiased review will let you have your perfect choice.

Then why late? Let’s see what is waiting for you. 

Comparison Table – Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw


Motor Power (Amp)

Blade Type & Size

Maximum Blade Speed (rpm)

Inline Guide Type




Rip Fence




Rip Fence




Rip Fence


TCT, HSS & Grit Diamond
4.75” & 4.5”






Rip Fence




Rip Fence


TCT, HSS & Grit Diamond




3 – 3/8”






Rip Fence


TCT, HSS & Grit Diamond
3 – 1/3”



10 Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw Reviews


The 4.5” saw can deliver 2’ x 4’ cutting with single-pass, weighing 50% less than conventional saws.

Least tool strain & maximized speed prevails through the thin-bladed compact construction.

Features with Details

Lightweight Handheld Design

​​​​The incredibly lightweight 4.4 lbs construction provides a compact design. It introduces a comforting handheld designation for project works.

Greater Cut-Line Visibility

The cutting blade is intentionally placed on the left side. You will receive a better view of the cutting line to increase accuracy.

Comfortable Control on Operation

There comes an integrated safety trigger installed on the body. Therefore, no accidental startup which enables superb control over the machine.

Cutting Depth Adjustability

With the built-in gauge lever mechanism, the cutting depth is reasonably adjustable. You can cut a wide variety of materials easily.


  • Efficient no-load cutting speed.
  • Smooth & quick maneuverability.
  • Convenient 0°-45° bevel setting.
  • Faster output with thinner blade.
  • Balanced & safe gripping facility.


  • Rip fence is of poor plastic.
  • Loose screw mechanism.
Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

A smaller 4.5” choice with 50% less weight that functions like a full-sized saw.

The 3500 rpm blade speed through an integrated 5.0 amp motor provides the perfect cutting efficiency.

Features with Details

Least Strain, Further Gain

The 5-pounded mighty saw is about 50% lighter than traditional full-sized ones. It results in less strain to maximize the output.

Greater Maneuverability

With the compact size, it becomes easy to transport, hold & maneuver. No requirement of extra hassle or effort to make overhead cutting.

Excellent Woodcutting

Designed to cut wooden pieces, the easily breezes through 2x4 with a single pass. For 2” lumbar materials, excellent quality is ensured.

Safe & Comforting Grip

The slim design includes inline grips that induce greater comfort & control. Soft handling holds enough to give the best performance.


  • Compact & lightweight framework.
  • Powerful built-in electric motor.
  • Higher visibility with left-handed design.
  • Quick cutting through thin blade.
  • Great depth adjustment up to 90°.


  • Poor quality for locking bolt.
  • Not suitable for heavy project.
Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw

This 4.5” unit provides a powerful punch with powerful motor & reducing gearbox.

Integrated blade with the optional HSS allows you to take out the toughest task over any material.

Features with Details

Enduring Performance

The 5.8 amp motor gives a precise cutting steel gear with 3500 rpm speed. Sturdy aluminum casing imparts superb longevity.

Convenient Design

Compact designation allows cutting at confined/tight spaces. The lightweight body eases the handling, even for an awkward cutting.

Greater Cutting Efficiency

With excellent cut line visibility, you can 2x cut for materials. Cutting depth adjust ability &beveling maneuverability induce further efficiency.

Cleaned Workplace

There comes unique dust collecting adapter to clean your cutting line. The integrated vacuum keeps the workplace clean from debris.


  • Triple-gear reduction for max torque.
  • Powerful motor gives greater speed.
  • Bevel settings range from 0° – 90°.
  • Durable & lightweight construction.
  • Maneuverable operation with safety.


  • Blade fastener may break off.
  • Difficult assortment of blade.
TACKLIFE Circular Saw

The multi-purpose cutting tool includes 6 saws to deal with your project.

Powerful functionality, adjustable features, flexible performance – all get combined for the versatile piece.

Features with Details

Precision Laser Guidance

The integrated laser induces a straight-lining to impart professional output. Red lighting provides visibility with quick identification.

Unique Metal Grip

There comes a metal handle to deliver maximum user convenience. With rubberized cover, the operation becomes easy & comfortable.

Durable Aluminum Alloy

The practical guard is of aluminum alloy to provide extra durability. Both user safety & machine serviceability gets ensured.

Curved Dusting Feature

Featuring a curved port for dust collection, the workplace remains clean all along. Built-in vacuum permits simple removal of dust & debris.


  • Stronger power gives efficient speed.
  • Adjust ability for cutting depth & angle.
  • Rip guidance induces parallel cuts.
  • Enhanced safety through double switching.
  • Precise cutting with greater stability.


  • Battery-powered laser guide.
  • Uncomfortable switch position.
GALAX PRO 5.8Amp 3500RPM Mini Circular Saw

The incredible versatility of the 4.5” 24T blade induces perfectly straight cut over any material.

The powerful construction can deliver up to 1 – 11/16” cutting depth at 3500 rpm.

Features with Details

Overall Ergonomic Design

Smaller size results in lightweight which leads to comfortable handling. The compact body gives you sufficient space to use for the project.

Incredible Cutting Accuracy

Built-in rip guidance permits completely straight-lining over the cutting piece. No curvature & you can get excellent output considering accuracy.

Powerful Motor Integration

The 5.8 amp integrated motor delivers up to 3500 rpm speed. It allows the blade to go through common materials with a single pass.

Functional Adjust ability

Beveling at 45° & 90°, both offer suitable cutting depth. The adjustment is pretty simple & gives no trouble with edge formation.


  • Compact, durable & light framework.
  • Satisfactory cutting for different materials.
  • Precise line alignment with rip guide.
  • Adjustable depth for different beveling.
  • Clean surrounding with dust collection. 


  • Larger-sized toe limits the reach.
  • Exactly central cutting isn’t possible.
VonHaus 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw

You can cut through almost anything using the 4.5” 4-blade saw set.

Straight cutting with maximum accuracy is guaranteed with 5.8 amp motor, delivering 3500 rpm blade speed.

Features with Details

Powerful Construction

The 5.8 electric motor allows instantaneous cutting of 2x4s at a single pass. Powerful cutting with edge retention is ensured.

Sleek Profile, Easy Handling

The slim & compact framework allows maximized convenience for our handling. You can go for overhead cutting works with utmost safety.

Effective Dust Extraction

No more dealing with dust, debris, dirt resulting from the cutting work. With the integrated dust collecting port, it gets removed at once.

Guiding Fence for Accuracy

The professional-level output is enabled, thanks to guiding fence technique. It induces better accuracy & performance through the exact lining.


  • Outstanding serviceability & endurance.
  • Slip grip allows comfortable handling.
  • Faster cutting with optimum accuracy.
  • Greater inline visibility with no dust.
  • Angle adjust ability for beveled cutting.


  • Improper use leads to blade failure.
  • Prolonged cut slows down the motor.
Goplus Circular Saw

You can induce further precision & exact cutline through the 3.5” blade at 4500 rpm speed.

Built-in powerful 5.8 amp motor can get down up to 1 – 1/8” depth of project materials.

Features with Details

Higher Blade Speed

As mini saw, the speed outruns even full-sized ones through 4500 rpm speed. The blade easily gets through without forming curvatures.

Versatile Cutting Efficiency

Including 3 particular blades, you can handle a wide variety of materials. TCT, HSS & Grit Diamond blades will save your effort.

Easy Operational Facility

Additional leather coverage ensures a comfortable grip. Being shock-absorbent, the handle provides optimum operational ease.

Precise Laser Guidance

Integrated Laser guide keeps the cutting inline blade on track. You can attain the maximum precision for your project.


  • Compact, yet sturdy construction.
  • Beam emission for precise lined cut.
  • Adjustable cutting depth up to 1.1”.
  • Safer operation with metal guard.
  • Dust port for greater inline visibility.


  • Blade size is considerably small.
  • Reduced accuracy for heavy works.
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With a cordless design, this unit comes with incredible portability & user handling efficiency.

The 1500 rpm speed for 3 – 3/8” blade can easily cut wood & common materials.

Features with Details

Battery-Powered Construction

With the battery-power, you won’t have to deal with corded connectivity. Being cordless, you can reach confined places easily.

Convenient Blade Performance

The blade measures 3 – 3/8” which holds good for delivering a decent cut. Whether it’s wood or metal, the blade cuts perfectly at 1500 rpm.

Reasonable Depth Adjustment

For straight vertical cut, you can attain a maximum depth of 1”. Meanwhile, angled cut at 45° requires cutting depth adjustment to 5/8”.

Built-in Dust Blower Attachment

Using the dust blower, consistent cutting through the exact line becomes easy. It removes the dust from the path, inducing greater accuracy. 


  • No requirement of electric connectivity.
  • Lightweight frame reaches tight places.
  • Sufficient cutting accuracy for materials.
  • Depth adjustability offers great output.
  • Soft grip provides comfortable handling.


  • Only suitable for light cutting work.
  • Time requirement with slow speed.
PORTER-CABLE PCE381K Compact Circular Saw Kit

Convenient design & superb functionality with 4.5” blade cutting at 3500 rpm speed.

The 5.5 amp motor provides good cutting for 2x materials with one single pass.

Features with Details

Faster Cutting Performance

Featuring a 5.5 amp motor, you will receive a quick cutting. Providing 3500 rpm speed, the blade handles all common materials.

Incredible Framework Quality

With the compact construction, it becomes easy to perform sensitive tasks. Being lightweight, the saw induces maximum user comfort.

Reasonable Bevel Capacity

Suitable bevel capacity of 0 - 45° can go through a wide range of materials. The adjustable feature ensures a precise angled cut.

Vacuuming Facility for Cleanliness

Built-in dust port includes a vacuum adapter to take care of the resulting dust. It keeps your cutting line clean all the way.


  • Enduring & compact size framework.
  • Convenient cutting depth up to 1 – 11/16”.
  • Lightweight body for maneuverability.
  • Sufficient beveling allows angled cut.
  • Safe operation for wide ranges of materials.


  • Defective power switch.
  • Poor edging guidance.
TECCPO 3-1/3” 3500RPM Compact Circular Saw

This premium saw handles the toughest task with its 3.33” blade at 3500 rpm speed.

Supreme accuracy through laser guiding technique gives optimum satisfaction with the 3-blade set.

Features with Details

No-Load Motor Speed

The integrated purely coppered 4 amp motor delivers optimum efficiency. The blade speed reaches 3500 rpm at maximum level.

Accurate Laser Guidance

Included laser follows the exact cut line & gives the perfect inline visibility. Therefore, maximized accuracy in cutting is guaranteed.

Great Operational Safety

Double switching prevents accidental startup & operation. Optimum security for the user always prevails with safety consideration.

User-Friendly Designation

Compact sizing results in an incredibly lightweight frame to handle. The ergonomic grip induces comfortable handling all along.


  • Sturdy design ensures maximum safety.
  • Precise cutting through laser guidance.
  • Optimum user comfort with compact size.
  • Vacuum adapter offers dust collection.
  • Greater suitability with 3 specific blades.


  • Poor depth locking mechanism.
  • Blade crooking may take place.

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Buyer’s Guide

Being an important tool for the workshop, intuitive details of the mini circular saw requires your attention while buying. There are some factors which can lead you to get the best saw as per your need.


Greater power can provide higher speed for the cutting blade. The motor power of top-class mini circular saws ranges from 4 – 6 amp which can deliver about 3500 rpm blade speed. Depending on your necessity, you can move to more or less power.


The most vital part of the saw is blade & carbide ones are the most preferable. Though most saws come with 4.5” blade diameter, less are also available.


User comfort mostly depends on the handle design. Adaptive & comfortable grips are always necessary, even for the lightest work. Make sure the chosen one fits well in hand.


With a high-speed cutting blade, you have to take care of your own safety from the beginning. Try to wear gloves & goggles to avoid accidents. A safety switch can help to prevent sudden/automatic startup & functioning.


Considering the project value, you obviously want to make a precise cut. And laser guidance to maintain the inline cutting can be of great help. Traditional rip fences also hold good to help you with accurate sawing.

Dust Management: 

Lots of dust is likely to cover the cutting line, reducing visibility & therefore, accuracy. You should check for vacuum adapter or blower to keep the line clean.

Bottom Line

No denying, all the mini saws come with more or less the same basic features. Quality, performance & application set each of the aforementioned choices apart from one another. You will obviously get the perfect serviceability saving your time & effort.

The same goes for the price tag & each one from the best cordless mini circular saw is worth your investment. There are minor limitations & you can settle down easily. Therefore, you will receive a satisfactory cutting for your project, regardless of its complexity or materials.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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