Best Drill Press Under $200

Best Drill Press Under $200 Reviews

Drill Press, a must-have tool in every workshop or for craft working. But what if you want to have a new drill press for you and your budget is under $200 ?

Yes, it may happen. And of course, you can have a good drill press with this budget if just you know what are the best products under $200.

No doubt, it is too difficult to navigate the Best Drill Press Under 200 from the lots of option. But you can overcome these difficulties if you have all the best products in this price range together.

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

Best Budget

WEN 4208 Drill Press

  • Stable base with cast iron frame.
  • Balanced performing induction motor.
  • Spindle distance adjusting gauge.
SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

Top Choice

SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press

  • Sturdy & stable cast-iron framework.
  • Powerful laser technique integration.
  • 5 variable cutting speed settings.
WEN 4210T 10 In. Drill Press with Laser

Best Recommend

WEN 4210T Drill Press

  • Sturdy casing included cast iron base.
  • ½” chucking with 2/3 HP motor.
  • 2.5” stroke delivers 10” central swing.

And for you, we have done it. On the basis of our practical experience and in-depth research, we have brought up here the topmost drill press having a price under $200.

You are excited to know the detail, right? Then just carry on reading! 

Comparison Table – Best Drill Press under 200

Best Budget Drill Press Under $200 

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Built-in X2 2-beam laser induces optimum alignment for precision drilling performance. ½” chuck with the 7 – 5/8” table offers perfectly central drilling. Five different speed cutting holes allows greater diameter bites. The battery-powered 3.2 amperage press comes with 0 - 45° titling to handle large woodcutting project.

Best Drill Press Under $200- 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press


Reasonable Rotational Adjustment

There come 5 different cutting speeds to work down wood, metals & other objects. The rotational speed varies from 570 – 3050 rpm to induce quick drilling.

Bi-Directional Tilting Surface

You can tilt the surface from 0 - 45° as per your need. The surface tilts in both left/right direction which gives you further convenience to handle your object.

Precise Measurement with Repetition

The depth stop is reasonably adjustable which permits greater control over output. Repetitive drilling maintaining precise alignment becomes incredibly easy.

Keyed Chuck for Medium-Sized Table

Cutting down larger pieces is no longer difficult with its ½” chuck over the 7 – 5/8” sized table. It initiates larger bites to create a smooth edging.

Hole Alignment through X2 2-Beam

Featuring powerful X2 2-beam laser cutting technique, you will receive a consistent result. The laser helps to attain a precise hole alignment as well.


  • Sturdy & stable cast-iron framework.
  • Powerful laser technique integration.
  • 5 variable cutting speed settings.
  • Lockable bi-directional tilting surface.
  • Keyed chuck permits large pieces.


  • No replacement part is available.
  • Difficult adjustment of the depth stop.

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Powerful performance & compact construction defines this versatile drilling unit. The ½” chuck functions using 1/3 HP induction motor, allowing 5 particular speeds. Suitable variation for the bits is easy through lockable 0 – 45-degree bevel. The 8” swing is associated with height adjust ability to induce maximum user convenience.

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press


Different Operational Speeds

The 1/3 motor delivers 5 specific operational speed to work with. You will get 740, 1100, 1530, 2100 & 3140 rpm to cut down the material.

Onboard Storage for Keyed Chuck

Acceptance of drill bits up to ½” is possible with the keyed chuck.

Further convenience comes through the onboard key storage all along.

2” Stroke Comes with 8” Swing

Integrated spindle easily travels to give a perfect 2” stroke for the drill. The central circle measures about 8” swing to deal with the preferred object.

Lockable Depth for Tilting Bevel

Featured easy-to-read depth adjustment, you can go for accurate & repetitive cutting operation. The bevel is adjustable to 0 - 45° to handle angled hole.

Convenient Height Adjust ability

The 6.5” table comes with height adjust ability to help with your project. With ample torque, the cutting becomes easy & quick enough for any material.


  • Stable base with cast iron frame.
  • Balanced performing induction motor.
  • Spindle distance adjusting gauge.
  • Bi-directional angled drilling up to 45°.
  • Height adjust ability for 6.5” Table.


  • Frequent falling of the chuck.
  • Motor mounting is of poor quality.

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Powerful drilling goes cuts through common materials to deliver 10” central swing. The integrated 2/3 HP motor provides 5 operational speeds. The ½” chuck & 2” spindle travel can handle most of the jobs. Featuring 3 LED bulbs, precision & accuracy can be strictly maintained.

BUCKTOOL Drill Press


​​Stable Drilling Performance

A larger base of 13.4” x 8.19” provides optimum stability for the drilling. Meanwhile, 7.64” x 6.5” table gives you enough space to deal with larger pieces.

Reasonable Speed Variation

Considerably powerful 2/3 HP motor allows you to work with 5 rotational speeds. The speed ranges from 610 – 2800 rpm, being suitable for common objects.

Laser Technology for Precision

With the Laser alignment, you can attain optimum precision within seconds. The system permits to point & lock the exact points.

Bi-Directional Beveling Facility

Like the best ones, the beveling initiates perfect cutting when it comes to angled holes. From 0 - 45° locking, you can go for either left or right cutting.

Integrated LED Lighting Bulbs

Through the built-in LED lights, you can illuminate the workplace & cutting points. The 3 bulbs will obviously help you to maintain further accuracy. 


  • Powerful & efficient induction motor.
  • Larger base induces greater stability.
  • Spindle limiting nuts for depth adjust ability.
  • Standard chucking & drilling capacity.
  • Cross laser guidance for better accuracy.


  • Poor column sizing for the table.
  • Loose connection results in vibration.

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With laser guidance alongside the basic features, the 10” swing provides perfect drilling. Five adjustable speed ranging from 600 to 3100 rpm are available for a greater 2.5” spindle traveling distance. The ½” chuck works efficiently over the 7 – 5/8” table that comes with pinion height adjustment.

WEN 4210T 10 In. Drill Press with Laser


Integrated Laser Guidance

Apart from others, you will receive built-in laser guidance to get the maximum accuracy. The laser pints & locks the exact location you have to drill through.

Convenient Cutting Speed

Likewise, there are 5 particular speeds to go through different materials. In fact, it comes with 600, 1100, 1700, 2400 & 3100 rpm rotation.

Adjustable Gauge for Depth

When it comes to limiting the spindle distance for specific thickness, then you can go for the gauge. It permits depth stop adjustment easily.

Directional Worktable Beveling

Of course, the directional beveling is of great use when you consider angled cut. From 0 - 45° beveling, you can make cuts on either side.

On board Working Light

There comes an on board working light that illuminates the cutting points. You can maintain precision even drilling in a darker & confined space.


  • Sturdy casing included cast iron base.
  • ½” chucking with 2/3 HP motor.
  • 2.5” stroke delivers 10” central swing.
  • On-board laser for precise guiding.
  • Variable speeds with ample torque.


  • Poor height adjustment for rack.
  • Chuck is good for small pieces only.

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Superb efficiency is a guarantee when you go this 3.2 amp powerful unit. The central 10” drilling comes with 5 specific speed settings to handle particular material. Unique & convenient X2 2-beam for the laser permits good hole alignment. Depth adjust-ability induces greater control over the operation.

Factory-Reconditioned SKIL 3320-01-RT 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press


Smooth Depth Adjust ability

To handle the variable thickness of a specific piece, there comes depth adjustment. All you have to do is set the right drilling depth & the unit will do the rest.

Perfect for Different Materials

You can cut a good number of common materials with ease. In fact, you will receive 5 particular speed settings to use over the materials.

Good Work Surface Inclination 

The inclination of surface initiates better handling & convenience. It allows a considerable inclination range of 0 - 45° on both sides for angled cutting.

Precision Laser Alignment

Using the integrated laser guidance, you can mark the exact spot. Therefore, proper guidance leads to precise & accurate drilling efficiency all along.

Reasonable Worktable & Base Stability

No doubt, a stable base is required when you do sensitive works like woodcutting. The cast iron base comes with the perfect stability for your work.


  • Reconditioned & powerful construction.
  • High-capacity induction motor integration.
  • Tilting surface allows inclined cutting.
  • Hole alignment for X2 2-beam laser guide.
  • Quick depth control through adjust-ability.


  • Poor packaging quality.
  • Worktable moves a bit.

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A good number of speed selection with 10” swing allows you to complete your project precisely. The powerful motor allows great performance with exactline laser guidance. Complete 360° swiveling with lockable depth adjustability allows great versatility. Rack & pinion adjustability with the mortising attachment system induces maximum user convenience.

Ryobi DP103L 10 in. Drill Press


Perfect Chuck Capacity of ½”

For moderate woodcutting works, chuck is of great importance. With this unit, you will get a ½” chuck to go through a number of materials.

Stable Wood Surface Tilt

The table is quite stable thanks to a sturdy construction & combination. The surface can undergo a tilting of 0 - 45°, allowing you to do angled cuts.

Built-in Work Light Attachment

There comes integrated work light to illuminate the cutting path. Using the lights, you can precisely obtain the output even in darker places.

5 Drilling Speed Settings

Dealing with different materials & thickness requires the application of a particular speed. You will get 5 specific settings ranging from 570 – 2800 rpm in this regard.

Accurate Output with Laser

The built-in laser helps you to mark the exact cutting location on the material. Optimum accuracy for your project is maintained in every aspect.


  • Heavy-duty motor for performance.
  • Storage facility to hold chuck keys.
  • Height adjustment for rack & pinion.
  • Repeating application with depth lock.
  • 2” quill travel with 360° swiveling.


  • Laser is not located on center.
  • Not suitable for heavy projects.

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The stylish battery-powered construction comes with incredible performance through 6.2 amp motor. Repetitive operation with accuracy becomes possible ½” chuck & ½” shank. Five operating speeds allow efficient cutting over a 10” swing. The beveling goes for 0 - 45° inclination to permits angled cuts.

ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10" Drill Press


Powerful Motor for Repetition

The 6.2 amp motor induces great ability to handle repetitive application. Whether it’s prolonged use or large piece, the output is obviously satisfactory.

High-Capacity Battery Performance

Featuring a 1.3 Ah Li-ion battery for the press, it ensures fade-free power. Meanwhile, the indicator displays the battery charge level at any instant.

Durable Construction with Iron

The high-quality construction of cast iron comes with maximized service life. It encourages a stable base & sturdy framework to handle any material.

Considerably Greater Speeds

The powerful motor indeed delivers a good rotational speed to cut through different materials. You can have a decent speed range of 620 – 3100 rpm to confront your project.

Safety Switch for Convenient Use

Featuring a keyed safety switch, you can enjoy the utmost working convenience. The switch accidental startup, reducing the possibility of the sudden cutting operation.


  • Stylish design along with heavy-duty motor.
  • Powerful battery for uninterrupted operation.
  • Stable base allows smooth, precise cutting.
  • Reasonable speeds for variety of materials.
  • Safety switch enhances operational security.


  • Insufficient & small table size.
  • Slightly difficult assembly.

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Combining a convenient oscillating sander & a versatile compact drill press, the benchtop combo induces maximum operational facility. The ½ HP motor offers ½” chuck with 8.5” central swing. Complete 360° swiveling table results in better finishing performance.


Built-in Depth Adjusting Scale

Equipped with a depth stop, you can drill holes at the preferred depth. The easy-to-read depth scale allows you to set the right one as per your material type.

Powerful & Efficient Cutting 

The ½ HP induction motor provides the best cutting performance all along. Meanwhile, the ½” chuck delivers incredible efficiency in dealing with variable thickness.

Versatile 90° Tilt for Worktable

Unlike all the aforementioned ones, this unit permits you to tilt the work surface to a further extent. In fact, you can rotate the surface to a mind-blowing 90° at once.

Integrated Safety Switch

With the paddle switch, you will have better safety while operating. The removable lock-out key provides an incredibly secure system.

Variable Speed with Spindle

5 settings for the adjustable speed range from 620 to 3100 rpm. The spindle distance of 1.625” is reasonable for moderate cutting works.


  • Incredible combination of two units.
  • Further surface tilting up to 90°.
  • Powerful motor delivers efficiency.
  • Built-in switch initiates secure operation.
  • 2.25” ported dust collection system.


  • Shorter length of spindle distance.
  • High vibration is likely to take place.

What to Look for When Choosing -The Best Drill Press

Obviously, there are some certain considerations you need to take care while buying the best drill press. Having them in one piece will give you the perfect drilling gear.

Motor Power: 

The foremost thing is the built-in induction motor. In general, ½ - 2/3 HP motors provide good service when you limit your budget.

Speed Variations:

Almost all the quality presses come with 5 specific adjustments for the speed. There are knobs for adjusting the speed which comes useful when you deal with different materials.

Though the speed varies by models & brands, you can get a reasonable service within 500 – 3100 rpm range.

Throat Depth:

The distance between column & spindle center is the throat depth which determines the press size. Limiting the budget, you are likely to have quality stationary drill presses rather than cheap movable ones.

In this regard, the throat depth remains between 8” to 10” in most cases.

Size & Weight:

Size of the machine is undeniably important when you have to deal with large pieces & heavy projects.

Normal ones may not hold good for heavy projects but they can handle large pieces to a considerable extent. Meanwhile, you need to check the weight to ensure reasonable portability.


Apart from the aforementioned ones, laser guide is one helpful accessory to induce accuracy. Working light integration can also help in this regard.

Beveling of 0 - 45° from both sides delivers good performance to go for angled cutting.

Bottom Line

Covering the best ones from the market, we are hopeful of helping with your choice. Obviously, it’s difficult to narrow down only the quality products when you have a limited budget. Yet we are successful in finding out the best drill press under 200 for your consideration. Being an inevitable tool for your woodcutting necessity, the aforementioned ones got all the things you will require. Despite having certain limitations, your ultimate choice should meet your satisfaction.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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