An oscillating tool is a demanding product of the market. It is a big priority both house and professional task. So to meet up each demand many types of oscillating tools are available. Each brand introduces their new model. Every model features variety options. The user wants the best one. So there is huge competition in the oscillating market.Black and Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool is one of them.

Black and Decker's company manufacture the tool in China. It is a competitor model. This tool comes with 13 different attachments. So you can perform the task as your wish. The main positive side of the tool is its power and speed dial system. It ensures your task easier. It is a very lightweight tool. It makes you easy to carry and handling the tool. So when you decide to buy an oscillating tool, you have to focus on the features of the tool. It helps you to choose the right one for you.

Black and Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool

Product Description of Black & Decker Oscillating Multi-Tool

Black & Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool has variable speed. It has a tool free blade release that makes accessory changes easy. The quick release lever eliminates the need for a hex key.

With 13 available accessories, the range of possible applications has no limit. It has a variable speed dial that has 6-speed dial. The 2 amp motor power perform the heavy applications. It's comfort grips to provide better handling and control for optimal results.

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Black & Decker BD200MTB Information

Basic Information


Part number





Power Tool

Accessories include


Motor power

2 Amp

Item weight

4.25 pound

Product dimension

12*4*5 inches





Power source



120 volts

Oscillation Angle

1.4 degree


10,000-20,000 rpm

Package Quantity



Not include

Storage bag

Enter your text here...

Universal accessory adapter kit



2 years

Country of Manufacture


Customer review

Black & Decker BD200MTB Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Black and Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Accessories

  • BD200MT Oscillating Multi-Tool - 1
  • Wood Blade/ Metal Blade - 1
  • Rigid Scraper Blade - 1
  • Sanding base - 1
  • Sandpaper assorted sheet - 12
  • Quick start guide - 1

Uses of Black & Decker Multi-Tool

This tool can perform a lot of tasks. I mention the task here- sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding, grout removal, paint removal, craft work, notch cutting, flooring repair/installation, Flush cutting, drywall cut out, tile removal/repair, plumbing removal/repair, baseboard trim alterations etc.

Black and Decker Multi Tool Features

Tool-free change:

Black and Decker Multi Tool Tool free exchange

Tool-free blade release accessory changes easy. Quick release lever eliminates the need for a hex key.

Variable speed:

Black and Decker’s oscillating tool has variable speed dial system. The variable speed dial offers the user six different oscillating setting. So it is appropriate for a wide range of task.

High power motor:

Black and Decker Multi Tool powerful motor

This tool has 2.5 amp motor. It provides enough power to perform the most challenging home repair job. So it can handle the tough duty.


This tool includes 13 available accessories. You can perform different types of work. The range of possible application has no limit.

Easy handling:

Black & Decker BD200MTB sander

Its comfort grip provide better handling and control for optimal result.

Great oscillating angle:

Black & Decker BD200MTB oscillating Angle

Black and‘s tool provides 1.4- degree oscillating angle. So it ensures you to work with different part and options.

Although black & Decker oscillating multi-tool reviews appreciate it. But few voice claim some complain. I try to find out them. Then make summarize. Here the pros and cons are as follows-


  • Quick release lever removes the need for a hex key
  • Variable speeds dial with six -speed settings
  • Tool= free blade release offers fast and easy changing of accessories
  • Light enough to work with all day
  • Comes with valuable accessories
  • Best tool at its price range


  • Black & Decker BD200MTB blades are generally hard to find
  • Make some noise
  • On-off switch is quite irritable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you use a hex key to remove the lever and use standard blades?
No, You can’t use hex key for the quick change mechanism.

Q. Would this be a good for removing carpet tack strips that are nailed into concrete slab?
Yes, By using the right blade you can.

Q. Can this tool cut very thin aluminum?
Yes, with the right blade you can do.

Q. What sandpaper fit this?
The small triangle pads with Velcro hook and loop.

Q. Which if any accessories come in the box?
It comes with a wood/metal/plastic blade, a rigid scraper and a sanding 

Final Verdict

Black & Decker BD200MTB review helps me to make a conclusion. It is a brand name of oscillation tool section. This tool provides so much task option for the user. The user always chooses the tool which provides the best. This tool works great.

I had to sand tight areas in a closet and it was able to do it. I also had to do some plumbing work and it cut the PVC pipe. That was against the wall with ease to allow for new connections. It comes with a speed or power setting to adjust how various the sanding or cutting will be.

The attachments snap in place with the quick lock device rather than having to tighten a bolt. The tool feels like it is made of quality materials and seems to be durable.

It does every job you need around the house. It is the most powerful and hard to hurt yourself with. It doesn’t have a blade and glides back and forth making the job safer and easier. I would like to recommend this Black and Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool for everyone. I believe that it will always come in handy.

Harvey Johnson

More than 8 years experienced woodworker & expert in power tools. He is like a geek in the woodworking arena. He is love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools.

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