Black+Decker offer top class power and hand tools for the users to work smart and smooth. They bring BLACK+DECKER BDCMTO Matrix Oscillating Tool which has a different function. Why it's top class? Because you're hardworking, make lighter within minutes. It comes from drywall, metal, wood, plastic, composite type of material cut and resizes purpose.

The user doesn’t need to install the battery, its run by the electric power source and works 110v only. Oscillating per minutes 12 Max that precisely makes your job lighter.

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTO Matrix Oscillating Tool

Why Choose BLACK and DECKER BDCMTO Matrix Attachment ?

One of the lightweight oscillating tool which has 1.38 pounds. It's easier you’re smart porting. Beside its electric AC motor running machine, which saves money to replace the battery.

Tool-free plastic material made tool used for reliable work at home, construction site as well as for small workshop service. BLACK+DECKER comes with Matrix feature, that’s swap accessory items through the electric power and make materials into the new model.


The DIY home user can afford it because it offers only 30 to 40 price range. Power tool provides high-quality performance that’s comfortable a DIY workers job. Use at home setting.

Wood and metal work to cut abrupt metals, nails etc. it’s a typical more power grill power tool which easily cut and resizes materials. 

For a home construction site, the contractor and workers like to use for floor, tiles, cement works. Variety of interchangeable attachment feature provides best-in-class speed torque.

Oscillating Tool Key Features

Tool-Free Blade:

It makes comfort a DIY user to the quick release lever. That saves time and energy too. Set up and release work make lighter by lever function. Use hex key for quick eliminate.

Accept B&D Accessories:

Cut the hard and soft materials at your home by self. The blades sharp enough to cut drywall, hard metal, plastic case. It's not an ordinary tool. You get many tools which only for cut and resize work.

By BLACK and DECKER you can drill by pistol grip and trigger switch. Innovative and portable machine make your materials perfect size.

Ergonomic Design:

BLACK+DECKER Matrix Oscillating Tool

Black color body and ash color trigger that attracts users eyes. Set on an oscillating tool for smart grip and use on the concrete wall, wooden door, plastic case to cut down and shape.

Matrix Quick Connect:

BDCMTO model is an electric power source machine which quick connects to operate programme. It has 110v power with 12v (0-14,500), 20v (0-18,500) and AC power 4A (0-16,000).

BLACK and DECKER BDCMTO Matrix Quick Connect

That's quick connection with the tool and get ready the blade for a cut. Besides its dimension 7*4*8.5 inches that use for angle work on material.

Big construction site uses the application for variety function work like set floor tiles, remove nails, screws from the wall, door etc.


  • Easy to set up on the oscillating tool
  • Tool-free blade comfort to carry by single hand
  • The user can drill beside resize materials
  • 110v Electric power source machine works faster then the battery runs blades
  • Customer gives a top review by using the tool.
  • Variety job offer with the Cheap rate


  • Plastic material made attachment not durable
  • Not a universal fitment tool, only for BLACK+DECKER.
  • The single blade that is not lasting on the hard tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have a bunch of blades that are closed at the back not open like the picture, will it work?
In that case, you need a grinder power tool and blade attachment to cut a bunch metals.

Q: How many blades come in this package?
Only one blade include.

Q: Will this fit 20v Craftsman Bolt-on the tool?
Yes, it works fine on craftsman bolt.

Final Verdict

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTO Matrix Oscillating Tool Attachment review hope works for your project. The 110 v power provides you with a precise shape or model. Now you can drill on concrete wall, wooden door to pull screw or plunge out. Order now and make your work relaxed.

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