Bosch GOP18V-28N 18V EC Bare Oscillating Multi Tool

Bosch GOP18V-28N 18V EC Bare Oscillating Multi Tool Review

TORQUE ,Versatility,Compatibility,Cordless,Power- the features that we hardly consider to choice a multi-tool. A multi-tool gets an exalted rank in people's choice by reputing the value of these features.Bosch, a reputed brand in oscillating multi-tool market always include the best features in their tools.

Bosch GOP18V-28N 18V Bare Oscillating Multi Tool a great innovation of multi-tool sector.It provides a new professional standard in oscillating performance.

This tool furnishes the next-generation star lock 3D tool-accessory interface. 

Technical information

  • Model Number-GOP18V-28N
  • Product dimension-12.8*3*3.2 inches
  • Weight-2.7 pounds
  • Height-3.2 inch
  • Weight-2.7
  • Length-12.6 inch
  • Speed-8,000-20,000 SPM
  • Oscillating angle-L/R 1.4 degree
  • Battery Voltage- 18 volts
  • Measurement system-Metric
  • Certification- certified frustration-free
  • Warranty-1 year limited warranty


Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool tool is a bare toolkit. The battery and charger are not included in it. The user has to buy it separately. This tool includes the following-

  • GOP18V-28 18V Star lock plus oscillating Multi-Tool
  • 1-1/4 inch Plunge Blade-1
  • Accessory Box-1

The Bosch gop18v ec provides a new professional standard in performance. The tool furnishes the next-generation Starlock 3-D tool accessory interface.

Which has more contact surface area for firm blade grip?

It adds up to better cutting, grinding, scraping or sanding. The EC Brushless motor provides better power and runtime. It finishes off heavy-duty applications with up to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

A variable speed dial allows the user to set the optimal speed. The GOP18V-28N is compatible with Bosch’s full line of Star lock and Star lock Plus accessories.

Bosch GOP18V-28N 18V Bare Oscillating Multi Tool Features

Cordless Power Tool:

The Bosch is a cordless power tool. It has better efficiency over the previous generation. This tool produces a top speed up to 20,000 oscillation per has 2.8 oscillating arcs. Which increased productivity. 

No-touch accessory change:

The Bosch GOP18V-28 allows operators quick and tool-less accessory change. Such as blades to stay on task. You have to just snap in the blade.

A pull of the release lever allows the accessory to detach from the tool. No more fumbling with wrenches or touching hot blades.

Corded like performance:

Though Bosch is a cordless tool. But it has the power and performance of corded tools. Power and speed comparable to Bosch GOP40-30 star lock Plus Oscillating tool.

Compact size:

The Bosch is compact in size. So it can reach into corners and tight spaces. So it makes your work comfortable and easy.

Variable speed control:

Bosch oscillating tool has variable speed dial system. The variable speed dial allows operators to match the oscillating speed to the task. Its oscillation ranges from 8,000 to 20,000 0pm. So this tool is ideal for fine cuts and fast task completion.

Dynamic accessory range:

Bosch has a dynamic accessory range. That means it can use an all-star lock and Star lock Plus accessories.

Easy to control:

The Bosch GOP18V-28 oscillating Multi-TOOL weighs only 2.7 Lbs. The tool measures only 12.6 inches. So it is a perfect compact in size. It is easy to reach into tight spaces and corners. So you can perform any corner or tight space task without any hassle.

Multi-Tool versatility:

Bosch has multi-tool versatility. As a cordless one, it can handle so many tasks. It can do flush-cutting, Plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding and many more.


  • ​Very easy to use
  • Versatile tool
  • Nice to be able to control the speed
  • ​Its vacuum reduce dust
  • ​Corded like performance
  • ​LED Light for illumination for dark areas


  • The blade that came with it did not last long
  • Blades are expensive and not available
  • Not comes with battery and charger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many blades does it come with?
Bosch GOP18V-28N is a bare tool. It came with one blade.

Q. Is it made in Germany?
Thank you for your question. The GOP18V-28N Oscillating Multi-Tool country of origin is Malaysia.

Bottom Line

So many oscillating brands are available in the market. Among them, Bosch is one of the best. Bosch GOP18V-28N 18V Bare Oscillating Multi Tool is best in its class. Nothing else compares to it. And do everything I’ve asked it. Without bogging down or quitting me. Bosch 18v Multi-Tool is heavy duty. It is nice to be able to control the speed. It has slow starts off and picks up. This tool giving you the opportunity to keep the blade in intended position. From the customer review, we came to know that it performs like corded tools. This is a recommended tool. So I would like to recommend this tool to anyone.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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