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Bosch MX30EC-31 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Bosch MX30EC-31 Multi-X ​Oscillating Tool Kit, the most professional weapon kit designed for the experienced and amateurs.This tool has a sturdy construction and its durable for any heavy work.It also has ergonomic shape with a number of grip areas. Bosch MX30E 3 amp motor offers perfect cutting, sanding or grinding and many applications. This tool come with 31 accessories that are easy to attach in 12 positions.

When you are buying a Bosch Oscillating tool, you will get quality for your money. This Bosch MX30EC is durable and efficient. It comes with so many features that you will appreciate. Bosch MX30E review also helps you to choose the best tool for you.

  • Product Dimension - 10.5*15.2*4.8 inches
  • Weight - 4 pound
  • Amperage - 3.0
  • Voltage - 120 volts
  • Power source - corded- electric
  • Oscillating angle - L/R 1.4 degree
  • Oscillation per minute(OPM) - 8,000-20,000 SPM
  • Number of accessories - 31
  • Battery - not include
  • Product of manufacture - Switzerland
  • Warranty - 1- year limited warranty

Including Accessories name of
Bosch Oscillating Tool Kit

Bosch oscillating tool MX30E comes with 31 pieces accessories. They are as follows -

  • MX30 Oscillating Tool - 1
  • OSC004 Depth Stop Kit - 1
  • OSC312F Wood/Metal Saw Blade - 1
  • OSC112F Wood P lung Cut Blade - 1
  • OSC118F Wood/P lung Cut Blade - 1
  • OSC138JF Japanese-Tool Wood/P lung Cut Blade - 1
  • SDP001 Sanding Pad - 1
  • Wood and paint Sanding Sheets - 25
  • Carrying Bag – 1

Features of Bosch Multi-Tool

Powerful Tool : 

Power is a big factor for each tool. Choosing an oscillating tool you have to consider it. Bosch MX30EC 31 multi x oscillating tool kit has 3 amp motor. So it is able to perform heavy load application.

Extra-long cord :

Bosch multi- tool MX30E has 13 feet long cord. It makes your movement and work capacity easy.

Tool-less accessory change lever :

Another important feature for every tool. It is a necessary option for every oscillating tool. Bosch oscillating tool lowes durable accessory holder. It allows quick change of OIS tool accessories. It needs no wrench or screwdriver.

Variable speed dial :

Bosch added unique features on Bosch multi tool. This tool has 8,000 - 20,000- speed dial system. It can match speed with application and material.

Usable in a compact area :

Bosch multi MX30E is the 11- inch length and 3.75 inches in height. So it is small enough to reach into corner and tight space.

Versatility :

Being an oscillating tool, it offers versatility. Due to the motor power and oscillating arc. But this tool it takes to a whole new level. Versatility ensures that being precise and quick as possible.


  • Slow start feature for better control
  • Snap-in feature makes it easy to attach and detach tools
  • Powerful motor
  • Super comfortable grip
  • Extra-long cord
  • Lightweight with ​A longer cord allows more movement while working


  • The availability of the blade is a bit tough
  • Some poor quality attachment
  • No LED light
  • Limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Will this tool accept Fein blades?
The Bosch MX30E will accept OIS accessories only. If the Fein blades are OIS style then it will work.

Q. How long is the cord?
Bosch mx30 oscillating tool has 13 feet 4 inches long cord.

Q. Where was it made?
The Bosch mx30 is a product of Switzerland. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation utilizes a global manufacturing strategy. Which incorporates a global network. They supply worldwide locations. Such as Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, China and the United States. So you can be assured that whatever country your Bosch was manufactured in.

Q. Which blade cuts through a baseboard straight line?
The Carbide or Japanese P lung cut blade can do this.

Q. Does this tool have a light?
Thank you for your question. Multi-tool Bosch doesn’t have a work light.

Final Verdict

An oscillating tool is essential Multi-Tool tool. It is an extremely versatile equipment. That will prove useful in one way or another without any doubt. The key reason to buy an oscillating tool is of its versatility. Aside from the very clear advantage of being able to perform a much different duty.

You will find this Bosch MX30EC-31 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit pretty useful. You can use it for many of your DIY projects. I found it easy to work on my woodworking project. This is because of the variable speed dial system. It allows for adjusting the speed of the blade. Which makes your work easier and precise. I would like to recommend this tool. You can buy it without any doubt.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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