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Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3Amp Oscillating Tool Review

We like to lead a life with up to date technologies. At home or outdoor we like to furnish decorate to make things unique. Tools and home improvement purpose people like to use the oscillating tool. Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3Amp Oscillating Tool is a powerful feature that can use in 12 different positions. Electronics power tool comes with 37 variable accessories. 11.5 pounds weight give the user to use with great joy.

The joy they find by using 2.8-degree oscillating angle working. It provides them to work flexibly with 12 positions. 1-year warranty offer for buyers extended time support. The price is higher among the brands and offer under 3000 range. Bosch MX30EL which promote 25 sanding triangles out of 37 accessories. Smallest grip for comfortable handling and strong power used for the faster cutting feature.

What do you think of knowing price part?

The industrialist and professional user never compare price with quality. Rather than Bosch mx30e has a high volume of sales in the market. Not that only they achieved 4.4 rating so far. Variable speed dial feature made Bosch oscillating tool make user wish to fulfill.

Bosch MX30EL-37 Oscillating Tool Specifications

  • ​Dimension: 17.2*2.5*4 inches
  • Model No: MX30EL-37
  • Weight: 11.5 Pounds
  • Power Source: 3.0 Amp
  • Oscillating Per Minute (OPM): 8000 to 20000
  • Oscillating Angle: Left 1 1.4 and Right 1.4 total 2.8 degree
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 13 Feet Cord with ball-joint cord swivel feature
  • More Powerful and faster-cutting advantage made
  • Tool-less accessories
  • Smallest Grip as Slim-Line-Grip features.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Accessories in the box: 37 Items

  • 1 Segment Blade
  • 1 Grout Blade
  • 1 Sanding Pad
  • 1 Scarper Blade
  • 1 Rasp Blade
  • 1 Caulk Knife
  • 6 Plunge Cut Blade
  • 25 Sanding Triangles

Add: 1 Accessory box as L-Box transport case



The user can handle like smooth things. Bosch MX30EL used the feature all around the machine area. So it smooth to handle and easy to switch on.

High Power:

Bosch MX30EL is an ample running machine which operates by 3.0 Amp power. It continually runs to provide application modifying service.

Tool-Less Oscillating Tool:

For professional service, they can change Bosch MX30EL parts without wrench and screws. Easy to change lever to attach and reposition them. The user can use 12 positions to set the accessories. 

Like to use in Japanese tooth wood saw blade, OSC2RSC Rigid Scraper Blade, Carbide Grit Rasp, Sanding Pad accessories. Use different position for them and work with comfort.

Metal Gear Housing:

The electric power machine has metal gear house. Here produce optimal transmission which reinforced gearing and creates low vibration.

By this system, machine lasting for a long time and offer great work on application modifying.

Ergonomic Design:

Bosch multi X MX30EL built-in ergonomic design. It used the soft grip as Slim-Line-Grip. Its small size and grip circumference area for user still griping. It keeps hand flexible and provides user job smarter.

Ball-Joint Cord:

The Bosch oscillating tool mx30e offer cordless and tool-free service. It comes with 13 feet long foot cord for 12 position access working.

Bosch oscillating tool MX30EL has variable speed dial function system. By this, it provides multi-task like wood, floor, plastic type of many application can cut, shape, sand.

Stacked Construction:

The industrial user and owner like Bosch multi tool MX30EL for best service. It produces low vibration and smooth work facility.

Ergonomic design made tool fits for considerable project work like construction sector.

Rousting and professional design works on Bosch MX30EL lows. 3.0 amp that consumes power and provides outstanding service by 12 positions working.

Constant Electronics:

Ampler power made Bosch multi tool MX30EL provide constant power. It keeps process continue and maintain speed under load.

8000 to 20,000 OPM that works with 3.0 Amp power process application into perfect shape.

So user able to resize, remodelling and restoring job quite quickly.

Bosch MX30EL slim line grip

More Power and Faster Cutting:

Bosch MX30 review offer user to cut or shape materials quick and efficient. Smallest grip used for the smooth operation. With ample machine, it runs slowly to offer high power.

By this, hardwood, tiles, grout can cut fast and smooth.

Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3Amp Oscillating Tool Review

For new and beginner industries and DIY home user may think twice before buying the tool. The reason stands for the high price. By analyzing customer review and rating, they never compromise quality with price.

They are quality conscious and choose best tools for their project. Different type of blades comes with different application servers. 25 sanding triangles offer for smooth material sanding. Total 37 accessories with 1 kit bag offer for smart user transport.

The expert and regular user knew Bosch 37 Multi-X 3.0 Amp as faster cutting, tool-less and smooth grip machine. To work stress-free, the tool is most exceptional in the market.


  • Use for heavy constructional work, industrial project, home and office, renovation, model or product repairing.
  • 12 position offer movement feature and work more flexible
  • Plunge blades cut materials smooth with excellent control. It does not cut extra portion.
  • Ability to cut flush with the material
  • Safe work and fast fast-rotating tool
  • Angle working by both hands at 2.8 degree


  • The blades do not work on concrete and glass
  • LED light feature not includes
  • Price is expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the blade easily come out when using the quick change mechanism? Does the quick change level move back into starting position with a spring?

A: The quick lever not loaded, but the system works right for spring.

Q: Does it have an LED light like Dewalt model?

A: No LED light offer in this machine.

Final Verdict

Bosch MX30EL-37 Multi-X 3Amp Oscillating Tool is unique among accessories. It offers most accessories with the package. Light feature and smooth service provide tool makes user job perfect.

Tool-less activation offers easy to set the kits for different application job. The compact Ergonomic design works with 3.0 Amp power and reaches every corner to modify things.

The price is quite higher and recommends for industrialist, construct sector and professional user. They can use it for massive project and develop materials. Brings Bosch 3.0 Amp Oscillating tool to make your job easier and comfortable.

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