DEWALT DCS355B 20V Oscillating Multi

DEWALT DCS355B 20V Oscillating Multi Tool Review

DEWALT plays a big role in tools market last 20 years. It added oscillating tools that are a big part of their product marketing. DEWALT DCS355B 20V Oscillating Multi Tool manufactures different power and hand tools which makes peoples life smarter.

Dewalt oscillating multi-tool introduces DCS355B 20V XR model, which is a brushless motor and helps users to easy cleaning. Dewalt 20v, that allows blades and accessories into an attachment that it helps to pull out without changes.

Dewalt 20v max, which has a dual multi-grip system that has speed variations.So Dewalt DCS355B 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool such a handy and useful product for home improvement that demand rises day to day.

DEWALT DCS355B 20V Oscillating Multi Tool

DEWALT DCS355B Specifications

  • Weight: 2.33 Pounds
  • Power Tool Type: Cordless
  • Cord Size: 13 Inches
  • Battery Type: 20V Max
  • Oscillating Angle: 1.6 Degree
  • Oscillating per minute: 0 to 20,000
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Blade Change Type: Tool Free Accessory
  • Warranty: 3 Years Limited

Function and Working

Dewalt introduces a new DeWalt 20v tools, which has XR function included. Dewalt 20v XR, that has supreme run time power. This power comes from the internal side of the machine design part that has less heating so it is more efficient run long.

The brush less motor used such a design that applied to less energy consumption. The engineers of Dewalt Company prepared this tool and confirm that brush less motor delivers 57% up to run time than their other brush less motors.

Dewalt all products are so useful that user can identify their choice. Dewalt 20v tools have includes some extra features which might take attention of users. Features noted in below:

Dual-Grip Speed Trig​ger:

Dewalt 20v oscillating tool has a dual grip that helps to create speed trigger with soft handling. It helps to maintain the tools pressure and control system slowing or speeding up.

Dewalt 20v multi-tool which oscillating per minutes 20,000 because of dual grip system.

Trigger Lock:

A special lock used by Dewalt 20v oscillating multi-tool so that an operating time user does not face any accident during handling.

Universal Accessories Adapter:

Dewalt multi-tool blades are universally developed by Dewalt manufacturers so at the time of replacement or changes any accessories.

Another opportunity of using DeWalt oscillating multi-tool kit any other brands blades can fit easily. The shape of blades doesn't create any issue for installation for users.

LED Light System:

Dewalt oscillating multi toolkit has LED light option so in dark place or inside room user can work proper way and make cutting and brushes along their way.

Oscillation Angle:

Dewalt dcs355 develops with a great side that user can use 1.6 degrees up to an angle. So the shape and oscillating angle help to work easily and minimize vibration and take control.

DSC355B also Similar as DCS355D1:

Dewalt dcs355d1 20v XR is another tool of Dewalt oscillating tool which product features and functions are quite similar.

The sequence of use DSC355B for “B” and DCS355D1 as“D1” used by Dewalt Manufacturer for representing their kit configuration with a bare tool to combined them with their accessories.

Activation Process:

The activation process of DeWalt 20-volt multi-tool is easy. Once the battery set up and a blade included in the machine, lower the trigger. Thus a user can easily set up their Machine.

Cordless Multi-Tool:

Dewalt cordless multi-tool used 13 inches belt clip system to use and handling product easily. Get machine a corded power in a cordless tool with 20V into DeWalt cordless oscillating tool to control for better cutting and shaping.

Other Features

  • Dual-Grip Trigger System
  • Universal Accessories and fittings
  • Brushless motors deliver 57% more run time over brushed.

Dewalt DCS355B Review Video

In circumstances, from the features part that seems that Dewalt 20v oscillating tool review is useful for users. Dewalt works hard to promote this product with a variety of features so the user can easily get knowledge about their targeting product and right choice.

Dewalt XR oscillating tool makes new innovation model Dewalt DCS355B that is easy to handling, cutting and brushing. So Dewalt DCS355B is very idle for home users daily life.

Dewalt developers build the DCS355B with many features. Overview of the model looks healthier. But everything has some pros and cons, these aspects discuss through:


  • Fewer Accident effects: From the feature part, that discussed a trigger lock, which used as a safety precaution for the users.
  • Low Power: Dual-Grip Trigger used for less electric consumption so Dewalt multi-tool lowes the electric power consumption.
  • Long Run: Brush less motor that helps to make machine clean and durable.
  • LED Light: User can use anywhere, in fact in dark room too.
  • Portability: ​There is no chain or plugged electric source used so its portability is easy.
  • Battery Backup: 2.0 amp Lion Battery used so during the machine operate, the user can work longer. During the machine off, it can avail backup charge option.
  • Accessories: Quick replacement possible and tools like blades etc are market available.
  • Product Shape: ​A perfect product shape that has idle length and weight so easy for users to cut and also controlling.


  • Dual-Grip Trigger: in some cases when it needs to use for a long time, users may tired to continue press up the dual grip button.
  • Battery weight: battery can heavier and down during long run the machine.
  • Expensive: the backup batteries might expensive and price changeable.

The Solution as Suggestion

  1. The user doesn’t need to use machine long run, they can flexible use whenever they required.
  2. Every machine needs use a proper guideline. Over usage always make an impact on the machine. So the user should follow DeWalt oscillating tool guide system and use as per rules.
  3. Battery parts are expensive, but the user has to buy for continuing their working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-1: Dewalt DCS355B how to use and which parts to use?
Answer: The user manual will help to proper guide. The parts can use both internal and external side.

Question-2: Will a 20V (not XR) fit?
Answer: Yes, it can fits but remember to use Dewalt manufacture 20V.

Question-3: Does it comes with the case?
Answer: ​The Bare tool can use a box. There is no case use for this product.

Question-4: What do this tools do?
Answer: For installing it for room flooring cut under the door (as an example).

Question-5: What batteries and charger go with DCS355B?
Answer: User can use any Dewalt 20V max battery in any accessories and charger with matching. Both will fit on your machine

Bottom Line

Dewalt DCS355B is good and useful product in this generation. Overall of this product, form pros and cons, features and specification, that assumes DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool is best tools to use for home improvement. The user if they find any positive, useful sides to acknowledging the Dewalt 20v oscillating multi-tool review, they may interested to catch their idle product and make their life smarter.

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