DEWALT DCS387P1 Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS387P1 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw Review

When it literally comes down to choosing an all-rounder reciprocating saw, the ​DEWALT DCS387P1 Compact Reciprocating Saw could be a great catch.

Why should you buy this one? Why not?

Portability and performance, this reciprocating saw is holding the lead in both terms. With this Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw, you can work wherever you want. It can meet up to all the cutting tasks and comes up with an impressive range of significant features.

I know how confusing it could be to buy a product when you don’t find any reliable review about that product. But the good news is, you ‘ve just found one.

Yeah! In this very article, I have covered up all the features and benefits along with the flaws. This article will give you a clear vision of what actually this reciprocating saw is and is it worth or not.

So? Shall we proceed? Let’s dive right in.

DEWALT DCS387P1 20-volt Compact Reciprocating Saw

Technical Information

Technical Information

Information Details

Model number



7 pounds


14.8 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches

Power Source



20 V

Switch Style

Trigger switch

Included Components



3 year limited manufacturers warranty

DEWALT DCS387P1 Compact Reciprocating Saw Features

Before we dive down to the in-depth review, let me tell you something about the brand first. If you have been in the tools market for any length of time, you must have heard of the brand Dewalt.

It is one of those promising tool brands that never fails to amaze its customer, whether with price or quality.

On the other hand, unlike others, they have the top-notch customer service. Each and every product from Dewalt worth every penny.

You don’t believe me? Surf the web. However, let’s get started with the review.

Lightweight & Design

This Dewalt compact reciprocating saw kit comes in a unique yet comfortable design. Looks compact and the yellow color suits perfectly fine. The length of this saw is 14.5 inches and it weighs only 6.4 lbs.

As it is so lightweight that enables you to work with ease and for a longer period of time with no tiredness. Plus, the weight makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere.


Another impressive feature of this DEWALT DCS387P1 is it comes with no cords. Corded reciprocating saws limit your work area, you can’t go beyond the cord length.

On the other hand, corded saws doesn’t allow you to carry it everywhere and work. You would need to look for power outlets wherever you want to work.

But that is something will happen with this DEWALT DCS387P1 reciprocating saw. It is a battery powered machine, which you can work with anywhere you want.


This portable saw features a dynamic motor that uses the voltage of up to 20v. It can perform all the light cutting tasks and sometimes heavy ones too. Plus, it offers a faster cutting speed, that means you are going to really have fun working with this little beast.


This is one of the most important factors to be considered when you are up for buying a cordless reciprocating saw. A battery that drains out after each 15 or 20 minutes that limits your working time and that’s probably the last thing anyone would want.

Thankfully! The Dewalt has taken care of that pretty nicely. The battery of this model got a long life, it will go really long.

Moreover, this Dewalt compact reciprocating saw kit includes a charger too, so no need to purchase one separately.

DEWALT DCS387P1 Compact Reciprocating Saw

Adjustable Speed Trigger

As I mentioned earlier, this reciprocating saw offers faster strokes 2900 per minute but what if you need to slow down the SPM (Strokes per minute) in some cases?

No worries, Dewalt have got that covered too.

It comes with a speed trigger through that you can speed up or down the SPM.

LED Light

Along with the performance and quality of the saw, the Dewalt thinks about people’s safety also. They featured a LED light near the blade which light up the cutting area for better visibility.

Slip-resistant grip

This Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw comes with large handle and end of this handle is covered up slip-resistant rubber. That enables you to hold and control the saw better.

Tool-free blade change

Like a few models, you don’t need any tool to change the blade. Plus, it features a pivoting show that will allow you to adjust it according to your need.

Video credit DEWALT TV

What We Liked

  • ​No irritating cords, it is battery powered and the charger comes with the machine.
  • The LED light gives nice visibility in low light.
  • It got a (5.0 Ah) battery which can last really long.
  • Overall design is just outstanding and the yellow & black color combination nailed it.
  • Doesn’t require any kind of tools to replace the blade.
  • Features a large handle which back end is molded with slip-resistant rubber.
  • This saw is amazingly lightweight and portable.
  • It also features a speed trigger that allows you to adjust the SPM.

What Needs Improvement

  • The soft case Dewalt offers with this saw has no place for extra batteries. I personally didn’t like this.
  • Some people might find this saw expensive but I think according to the performance and quality, it’s priced fairly.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: Does this kit include more than one battery?

Ans: No. The DeWalt only gives one battery with this kit. But it would be wise if you purchase one or two more extra battery as backup.

Question: What’s the exact weight of this saw?

Ans: It weighs 6.4 lbs and that’s really lightweight. An aged adult of 50 or more can nicely handle this saw.

Question: Does it come with a charger and what’s the model?

Ans: Yes, it does and the model is DCB115 12v/20vMAX Lithium Ion.

Bottom Line

The DEWALT DCS387P1 is really an outstanding performer. It has all of those that a latest model would have. From performance to the user’s safety, the Dewalt has handled everything appreciably.

Most users are really satisfied with this DEWALT DCS387P1 Compact Reciprocating Saw. I have seen a lot of positive feedback on this product. If you can ignore the soft case thing, I don’t see any other flaw to ignore this product.

However, I have covered up every nook and crannies of this reciprocating saw. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to buy or not. Anyways, time to wrap up. Kudos!

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