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DEWALT DWA4216 5-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit Review

We use power and hand tools for our home settings make more attractive. So we look toward a best brand oscillating function that helps our project. Like many customers, we trust Dewalt manufacturer for their quality and feature. They offer DEWALT DWA4216 Oscillating Accessory Kit. Such a useful kit that fits on Dewalt as well as universal brands.

What type of functionality it has? It offers a variety of blades for multiple tasks like sawing, cut, shape and resizes model. Also fits on universal brands of tools so the user can do their job efficiently. The petite size that’s weight is only 1.2 pounds which more comfortable for the DIY project too. The battery-less tool offers five-piece blades for your excellent job.

They are:

DEWALT DWA4216 Oscillating Accessory Kit

​Basic Information

Technical Information




Product Dimensions

10.4 x 2.2 x 11.8 inches

Part Number



1.2 pounds



Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Package Quantity


Customer Reviews

​4.6 0ut of 5

​DEWALT DWA4216 Oscillating Accessory Kit Features

DWA4203 Oscillating Wood with nails Blade: (2 Pieces)

DWA4203 Oscillating Wood with nails Blade

The Nails pattern blade that used for home as well as for big construction site. It applies to cut or shape door, wooden furniture at the factory etc.

DWA4206 Oscillating Fastcut Wood Blade: (1 Piece)

DWA4206 Oscillating Fastcut Wood Blade

You can cut almost all type of wood application as faster as you can. Take a short time and get the perfect shape. Most of the small and significant construction site need this feature for their massive project.

It comes to resize or remodel home furniture and door works; the blade helps the worker to supply quicker.

DWA4213 Titanium Oscillating Flush Cut Blade: (1 Piece)

DWA4213 Titanium Oscillating Flush Cut Blade

The titanium coating feature based blades helpful for hard and robust materials shape or resize. It easy to set easier on the application and perform flush cuts quickly.

Also, the coating feature keeps blade function durable and offer form to give a new design shape.

DWA4217 Oscillating Rigid Scarper Blade: (1 Piece)

DWA4217 Oscillating Rigid Scarper Blade

The rough and tough material now easily modified by using the Rigid Scarper Blade. It makes more comfortable workshop labour service. They can process hard equipment to cut and shape without any physical strength.

Tough Case:

Dewalt DWA4216 model that offers five pieces blades function comes into the case. To carry blades smartly, provide the desperate situation to take all application blades. For workers or DIY users, quick portability feature service comes the sturdy case.

No Adapter:

For Dewalt or universal models of application service, no adapter required. So it saves time and also saves additional money.


  • ​Universal fitment for all major brands
  • Five-piece blades all have different functional feature for application processing.
  • Lightweight and Portability feature
  • Under 40 price range, profitable accessory kits for power and hand tool users.


  • ​Grout removal blades not offer, so fast wood cutting work is not so smoother.
  • Nail Blades not durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this work in Dremel multi-max?
No, it doesn’t work, because it needs an adapter.

Q: What materials used the nail blades?
The high Aluminum metal used.

Q: Will it work on Dremel MM45?
Yes, it works fine.

Final Verdict

In the circumstance, DEWALT DWA4216 Oscillating Accessory Kit is essential for power and tools user’s service to keep going. The blades built in a useful form so these valuable works applications. The users can store it at home, or their workshop for their project keep running. Buy today and give your instrument into perfect shape.

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