DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DWE305 12 Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw Review

To handle a spacious range of construction, architectural, manufacturing, plumbing works and even the tasks that you can do for yourself such as cutting PVC pipes, tree branches, wood, masonry and similar tasks like these- we introduce you one of the best sold reciprocating saw- the Dewalt DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw.

DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw

The Dewalt Reciprocating Saw is designed to accomplish heavy functional activities with its powerful 12 amp motor.

In our Dewalt DWE305 review content, we have analyzed closely the saw’s features, pros and cons and frequently asked questions from the respected customers to help you to judge if it is worth your money.

Technical Information

Basic Information

Information Details

Model Number



8.1 pounds


19.2 x 9.4 x 4 inches

Power Source



120 volts

Amperage Capacity

12 A

Measurement System



3 year limited warranty

Dewalt DWE305 360 Video

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DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw Features

Powerful motor capacity

DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw Power Motor Capacity Features

The Dewalt DWE305 has a powerful motor of 12 Amp which one of the key features of it that makes it supreme from the others available in the market.

Its heavy duty engine produces the highest cutting speed of 2900 strokes at per minute and.

It is a sufficient rate to manage any light to heavy works including cutting metals, plastics, masonry, fiberglass, tree branches, lumber and other materials that are commonly used in the construction business as well as homes.

Fluctuating Speed Trigger

The Dewalt 12 amp comes engineered with a fluctuating speed trigger. Which allows you to adjust your machine’s cutting capacity as per the requirement of the project at hand. 

For an example, when you are cutting metals or masonry you would need a higher cutting speed, and at light tasks like cutting thin branches of tree or cardboards.

Whenever you need to increase the speed level of the saw, just press the trigger and for reducing the speed simply release the trigger. It is so simple with great efficiency.

Ergonomic Grip

The Best DEWALT DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw Handgrip Features

The Dewalt reciprocating saw is very comfortable to use with its rubbery comfortable grip that helps to absorb exaggerated vibrations to avoid fatigue or hurting your hand.

Besides this, this saw promises of safety and productiveness with comfort and compact grip.

While working for a long hour this reciprocating saw diminishes the discomfort you face.

Saving Time and Effort

The Dewalt corded reciprocating saw provides combative and quicker cuts for hefty cutting tasks with its 1- 1/8 long stroke power. This function saves your time as well as effort.

Quick and Easy Blade Changes

The Dewalt DWE305 review point outs another helpful feature of this tool is that the capability of quick and easy blade changes through its keyless lever-force clamp.

The simple installation procedure of blade leads to dragging the clamp’s release lever up and putting the blade’s shank into the clamp.

You relieve the lever at the time with entering the blade’s shank which supports 4 blade postures.

Variety of Applications

The Dewalt reciprocating saw 12 amp allows rapid and easy blade shifting in a variety of 4 directions of applications that includes flush cutting.

Control at the User’s Hands

The DWE305 review signifies that this useful power tool assures that the users get the controlling authority with the changing speed trigger to control speed instantly.

Light in Weight

This reciprocating saw is comparatively light in weight that helps you to keep balanced the materials you are cutting as well.

Compressed Design

The Dewalt reciprocating saw 12amp is beautifully designed as a compressed shape for better assessment to compact areas.

Power Authority

This saw gives you the authority to control the power in various applications with the pivoting shoe function.

Warranty period

The offered three-year warranty period is another important reason why this saw worth your investment. You get this benevolent manufacturer warranty period to avoid bearing the costs related to the flaws of manufacturing.

Dewalt promises to repair the purchased saw without any charge till 3 years if the blemishes are caused due to any negligence or improper use.

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The Dewalt corded reciprocating saw is receiving great feedback from all around the world for its many-sided advantageous. The high rated of this product clearly indicates that it has a large number of positive sides to scrutinize.

In our Dewalt DWE305 review we have picked some points on the pros of this saw-

  • The capacity of a powerfully engineered motor
  • Ability to do different tasks
  • High performance at a reasonable price.
  • The easy operating formula to change blades.
  • Durable and flexible construction capacity.
  • Offers different speed controlling functionality.
  • So cosy to use for long hours project.
  • Superb stroke length.


While using a power tool, you need to research on if the tool is suitable for you. And for that, you need to know every single side of the product even the bad ones.

As per the question is about the cons of the Dewalt reciprocating saw, we can mention the bellow points-

  • No tool bag is included with the product
  • Shoe functionality is fixed
  • No vibration control system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques: Why Is The Dewalt DWE305 Worth Considering?

The 17.5 inches length Dewalt reciprocating saw 12 amp is designed for high performance at heavy duty to normal tasks with full efficiency.

Its strong and powerful motor capacity with other beneficiary features make it unique from the other models you can get in the market.

You get quick blade shifting option with brilliantly designed blade clamp that enhanced its versatility. Complete comfort and easy to use – both you want at your constructional work.

At an affordable price, a high-end power tool obviously makes sense to invest your money.

Bottom Line

At here, besides the key features that make the Dewalt DWE305 comparatively superior from the others, there is a special thing about it and that is the three years long warranty period.

For the broken parts of this saw, you would not need to pay any charge within this period. Obviously, you don't want to miss this awesome offer of this product. The Dewalt DWE305 Corded Reciprocating Saw is the perfect choice for its centennial actions from cutting wood to other related lightweight tasks.

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