Dremel MM30 Multi Max

Dremel MM30 Multi Max 2.5-Amp Oscillating Tool Review

Oscillating tools are perhaps the most versatile power tools has made today. These tools are incredibly popular for both professions and hobbyist. These tools are alike for remodeling, construction, woodworking, finish work, tile work, flooring and ton of other work.

The Dremel MM30 Multi Max Oscillating Tool is a solid performing and comfortably operating tools as you will find. Dremel is an American brand known as for their rotary tools. it is a trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology.

Dremel MM30 Specifications

The Dremel MM30 features 3.3 of power ranking. Dremel multi-max mm30 is the most powerful tool available on market. Dremel multi-tool has innovative magnetic accessory makes the changes easy.

As it holds the accessories in place while tightening the screw. The extra-wide 3.2-degree angle of oscillation improves the speed of cut. So Dremel oscillating tool is the fastest DIY cutting tool ever.



Model number


Product Dimensions

15*4.5*11 inches


 4.06 pounds.


120 Volts


3 years



including Accessories

17 accessories


17.2 inches

Oscillating angle

3.2 degree

Customer's Review

Including Accessories

Dremel multi-max attachments are-

  • Oscillating tool with integrated wrench-MM 30
  • Wood flush cut blade-MM 480
  • Wood and drywall blade-MM 450
  • Drywall jab saw-MM 435
  • Hook and loop pad-MM 11
  • 11 different sanding pads for wood and paint
  • Case not included

Uses of Dremel Multi Max Tool

There is no limit to what an oscillating tool can do. It can handle numerous projects. Some typical uses of Dremel multi-max are-

  • Cutting drywall
  • Cutting wood
  • Cutting PVC
  • Removing Grout
  • Sanding wood
  • Grinding masonry, metal and plastic
  • Stripping paint and varnish

Dremel MM30 Multi Max Oscillating Tool Features

Quick release on-tool integrated wrench

Users have not to worry about losing their wrench. Dremel oscillating tool lowes integrated wrench system. It allows the faster accessory changes without the worry of losing.

Fast speed cut

The extra-wide 3.2-degree oscillation angle provides faster cutting and performance.

Quick hold magnetic accessory interface

The MM 30 magnetically holds the accessory in place. That making tightening the clamping screw significantly easier for the user.

Wide variable speed range

The average speed level from 10,000 -23,000 OPM is the highest top-end speed of all.

Working range

It includes 7 feet durable rubber cord for a wide working range.

Oscillation angle

The increased oscillation angle to 3.2 degrees offers a 25 percent faster speed of cut than its predecessor.

Easy to use

This tool weighs 4.06 pounds and lengths 17.2 inches. So it is easy to carry and work.

Easy to buy

This tool is available in the online market and costs not much than another oscillating tool.

Video Credit Dremel

According to Dremel multi-max review, we find that oscillating tools provides so many options for the users. After that, every tool has some pros and cons. When the users use the tool they mention their problems. Here we discuss some of the pros and cons.


  • Most powerful oscillating tool
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Great range of speed
  • Durable gear housing
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Quite an operation
  • Powerful 2.5 AMP motor
  • Easy to use


  • Only compatible with certain blades and accessories
  • Tool required for changing accessories
  • Lack of plastic carry case
  • Questionable durability
  • Hex tool needed for changing blades and accessories
  • A little noisy

Dremel Performance MM30 Oscillating Tool Video

Video Credit CPO Outlets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does it has any warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does. It has three years warranty from date of purchase.

Question: Does this kit comes with grout accessory?
Answer: No there is no grout accessory.

Question: What all accessories are included in this?
Answer: 17 accessories are including.

Question: Is this suited to cut tile with?
Answer: You can use it for removing old grout but not suitable for cutting tile.

Question: Would this be the right tool to flush cut flooring next to cabinet?
Answer: Yes.This tool is perfect is perfect for doing difficult flush cuts.

Question: What would be the proper extension cord?
Answer: Just a regular 14 or 12 gauge extension cord added.

Bottom Line

Overall, in conclusion, we can say that Dremel is a popular brand in oscillating section. They test their Multi-Max accessories before you do. They under gas rigorous testing so you can be confident that you are purchasing a product of proven value and performance. They try to give you the best.

Dremel MM30 is a most popular oscillating multi-tool. The convenient on-tool integrated wrench makes accessory changes fast and there is no lost wrench to find. 

An innovative magnetic accessory interface makes the changes easy. It is a solid performing and comfortably operating tool as you will find. It is designed for effortlessly plunge cut, flush cut, grind, scrape, remove, grout and many other works.

Dremel MM30 ​Multi-Max Oscillating Tool sells review shows the 100 percent buyer satisfaction. This is available for online shopping. It is another best selling oscillating tool. So fulfill your requirement you can buy this tool without any confusion. 

The tool has some problems like hex tool uses, little bit sound but this is more durable than any other product available on market.

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