Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blades

Dremel is a world-class oscillating tool service provider. They provide industrial work smoother. It process wood and metal quick cut, sand and resize process, blades function are essential. The blade kits need to replace to keep workflow. For Dremel as well as for all top brands concern, Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blade, three pack comes to market. It has the feature of the Universal quick fit system. That’s makes more comfortable for blades replacement on the power tool. The carbide flush cutting blades used to remodel or cut depth the metal or wood surface as user demand. Battery-less blades also work faster by the power tool.

Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blade

Who Need Carbide Flush Cutting Blades?

1. The industry of wood and metallic production house. Like furniture industry, rod industry etc.

2. Fast cutting blades helpful for the construction site. The three pack blades have carbide toot blade function that used for hardwood, nails, screws, stainless steel bolts, galvanized pipes, plaster and lathe.

It also performs on a hard surface like cement board, fiber board, sheet metal, ceramic tile type more features. Carbide Toot special feature offer for the laborious material process into ideal shape.

The user can process on wood made a door at a construction site, rod and fit tiles on the floor.

3. DIY'ers like it’s for their home improvement purpose. Dremel offers a cheap rate that affordable. Besides the three pack blade function is less risky, so it provides quick service.

DIYer can fix wall nails, screws of room and kitchen. Also they able to set quickly for its lightweight of 0.8 ounces.

4. The dimension 0.7*3.9*5.4 inches that reach all around of metal side to cut at depth. The blade has 1-1/14 inches wide size that runs quicker and slowly depth center to side like 1-11/16 inches.

Dremel MM485B Specifications



Model No



0.8 ounces




3 pack


Carbide blade

Blade Length, Width and Thickness

1.5*1.25*.05* inches

High-Performance Flush cut blades

Fits on Dremel as well as other brands

Service & Functions

Provide reliable service, less fragile and offer smooth, quickest cut to bring a new design model.

Dremel Model Fit:

  • MM20
  • MM30
  • MM40
  • MM45

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Dremel Flush Cut Blade Key Features


High Performance

It has carbide tooth blade, that’s grip smooth and offer outstanding shape.


Hard Material

Use on for setting home tiles, grills on the window, plunge out screws etc. job.



Works smooth and quicker and more accessible user job within few minutes.


Fast Accessory Change

In a power tool, it stands durable for long years, but blades get fragile. So need to replace blades function time to time. Dremel MM485B offers fast accessory repair feature that’s easier for a DIY project.

Dremel MM485B

Pros & Cons

Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blade


  • Universal quick fit system for the faster accessory set on the power tool.
  • Hard material quick process feature blades work by carbide blades function
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  • The blades don’t fit on Dewalt oscillating tool.
  • The plywood type hard tool does not work under the blade function

Cutting Through Tough Materials: Dremel MM485 Carbide Flush Cut Blade

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this cut metal?

Q: Will this cut ceramic tiles, marble?
Yes, but it needs a long time to operate on floor tiles, marble job. Use 10 minutes and give rest. By this way, you can accomplish the task with 2/3 process time.

Q: Does this blade fits Milwaukee?

Final Verdict

In summary, Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blade is a class of tool that brings users job quicker and more straightforward. Price, quality, feature and function that attracts users to buy for their light service. Three pack blades work ideally on all brands and offer faster cut service. Order now and keep your job continue.

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