dremel multi max mm30-04 Oscillating Tool

Dremel MM30-04 Multi Max 3.3-Amp Oscillating Tool Review

Users of Oscillating tools have found many uses in DIY & professional work arena. But the important matter is to ensure that you choose the best oscillating tool that your provider may have.

Dremel is a well known American brand. It added the Dremel Multi Max MM30-04 Oscillating Tool in 2015. The Dremel Multi Max MM30-04 is the most powerful oscillating tool available. This is a solid performing and comfortable operating oscillating tool as you will find.

This tool comes with an electrical cord. Its oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees gives the user the ability to cut through surfaces quickly with efficiency.

The cutting blade can make oscillation of up 23000 oscillations per minute. It also designs with a quick hold magnetic accessory to prevent the tool from shaking when you are working.

Dremel Multi Max MM30-04 Oscillating tool
  • Model- MM30-04
  • Voltage- 120 volts
  • Weight- 4.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions- 15.2*3.5*7.8 inches
  • Cord length- 7 ft.
  • OMP- 10,000-23,000
  • Speed settings- variable speed
  • Accessory change- Quick-release
  • Warranty- limited 2 years

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Dremel Multi Max MM30-04 Oscillating
Tool Features

Quick release tool integrated wrench:

Best features of Dremel multi-tool are quick release on the integrated wrench. Users no longer have to worry about losing their wrench. The user also enjoys working because the tool is designed to offer the highest comfort. The basic features are -

Oscillation angle:
Extra-wide 3.2-degree oscillation angle provides faster cutting and performance.

Easy to control:
Dremel oscillating tool ergonomically optimized soft grip for comfort and control.

Speed range:
Dremel oscillating multi-tool has wide variable speed range from 10000 to 23000 OPM.

Including Accessories


  • MM480 flush cutting blade
  • MM450 wood/drywall blade
  • MM435 Drywall Jab Saw blade

Grout Removal:

  • MM502 1/16 inch Grout Blade


  • MM11 Hook and Loop Pad
  • MM70W Sandpaper sheets for wood
  • MM70p Sanding sheets

Dremel Multi Max Uses


​Dremel oscillating tool blades can tackle any cut. It can be used in flush cutting, install new flooring, cutting out drywall to install a new light switch.


Dremel multi-max tool has the right grinding accessory to tackle the job. By using the diamond paper grinding accessory you can remove cement, plaster and thin set mortar.

Using the carbide rasp accessory you can grind and shape flat surface, cement, tile adhesives, stone, and wood.


Dremel sanding pads can be used for surface restoration such as removing rust from metal or smoothing rough edges and surface. It works both bare and painted wood.

Scraping and grout removal: 

​This tool also makes grout removal fast and easy. By using flexible scraper blade and rigid scraper blade you can make the job.


  • Quick change and adjust the blade system
  • Less vibration
  • Cuts through surface within no time
  • Soft grip to ensure comfort while working with the tool
  • Carrier bag for transportation to different places
  • Powerful & User friendly


  • Blade system may become loose

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does it have any warranty?
A.Yes, it does. You get 2 years warranty on the date you buy.

Q. Does the kit come with Grout accessory?
A. No.

Q.What all accessories are included in this?
A.Without the carry case, you will get blades or sanding and any type or brand of accessories.

Q.Will it cut through nails?
A. Yes, by using a metal cutting blade.

Q.Is this suited to cut tile with?
A.This tool wouldn't recommend for tile cutting but it is great for removing old.

Q.Would this be the right tool to flush cut flooring next to cabinets?
A. Yes, this tool is perfect for flush cuts.

Q. Will my accessories from my old Dremel Multi-Max 6300 fit this newer model?
A. Yes.

Bottom Line

The Dremel Multi-Max MM30-04 oscillating tool is now equipped with a 3.3 amp motor. It couple with 3.2 degrees of oscillation. Which makes the tool most powerful tool. The tool also features an integrated on tool wrench system. which allows users to have the ability to change the accessories at their fingertips rather than having to dig the Allen wrench out of the toolbox.

I would like to recommend this tool as it is the most powerful handy tool ever. You can also buy it from online or your nearest tools shop. It is very light and easy to use. It can do the multi-purpose for both house and commercial.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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