Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05

Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool Review

Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05Oscillating Tool is the latest version in oscillating tool collection. It provides all the top line features. It is capable to tackle users demanding jobs. It maintains constant automatic speed. The user able to quick-lock accessory change system. So it makes easy to use.

It's innovative Quick Hold magnetic system that holds the accessory in place. The 3.2-degree angle of oscillation makes it the fastest DIY oscillating tools. It makes the work easy and quick. The user can get it to different lengths depending on needs.

​Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05 ​Oscillating Tool Information

  • ​Weight-4.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions-17.2*4.2*10.5 inch
  • Oscillating angle-5 degrees
  • Speed mode-Hyper and variable
  • Accessory changing system-Quick lock
  • Voltage-120 Volts
  • Length-10.6 inch
  • Cord length-7 feet
  • Material-Composite
  • Batteries -included
  • Warranty-2 years limited

Dremel MM40-05 Including Accessories

  • ​Scraping: MM610 Flexible Scraper
  • Grout Removal: MM502 1/16 inch Grout Blade
  • Cutting: MM480 Flush Cutting Blade, MM482 Flush Cutting Blade,
  • MM450 Wood or Drywall Blade, MM435 Drywall Jab Saw
  • Sanding: MM14 Hook and Loop Pad, MM70W Sandpaper sheets for wood(15)
  • MM70P Sandpaper sheets for paint(14)


This Dremel MM40-05 multi-max 3.8 amp oscillating tool kit has all the top-line features users would expect. Basic features are-

High power motor:

Dremel 40-05 Powerful Motor 3.8 amp

Dremel multi-max has 3.8 AMP motor for the most demanding applications.

Quick hold accessory:

Dremel Quick Hold Accessories

Dremel multi-max has magnetic flange holds. This keeps the accessory in place for easier accessory changes.

Constant speed:

Dremel 40-05 Constant Speed

The Quick-Boost maintains a constant speed throughout toughest applications and materials.

Easy control:

Dremel 40-05 Oscillating Tool Easy Control

It has Up-front on/off switch for one-handed use. It also maintains speed setting.

Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05 Video

Dremel MM40-05 Uses 


Dremel 40-05 Oscillating Tool Cutting

This tool is perfect for cutting. Its blades are perfect for tackle any kind of work. The user can use it for flush cutting, install new flooring, cutting out drywall, install a new light switch etc.


Dremel 40-05 Oscillating Tool Grinding

Dremel mm40 has the right grinding accessories for grinding. It can install new floor tiles. It can also remove old tiles. This tool can also remove cement, plaster and thin-set mortar by using diamond paper.

By using carbide rasp accessory user can grind and shape flat surfaces, cement, tile adhesives, stone and rasp wood.


Dremel 40-05 Oscillating Tool Sanding

Dremel sanding pad has a variety of grits. This tool can work on both bare and painted wood. By using Dremel Sanding pad user can remove rust from metal or smooth rough edges.


Dremel 40-05 Oscillating Tool Scraping-Grout Removal

Dremel is a perfect tool for scraping. It includes rigid scraper blade for removing stuck vinyl flooring, Carpeting and carpet pad. The flexible scraper blade is used for removing old caulk from the tub or shower.

Grout removing:

With the help of grout removal blade Dremel makes grout removal fast and easy.

What we liked

  • ​Makes cuts like no other tool can
  • 3.2 degrees of oscillation angle
  • Quick lock system for the first change of accessories.
  • Suitable for aggressive but precision cuts
  • 3.8 Amps-power motor
  • Quick hold magnetic flange
  • Variable speed dial(10,000-21,000) per minute
  • Quick Boost formula provides constant cutting speed

What we didn’t like

  • ​Lacking LED Light.so It is inconvenient for working in dark spaces
  • 7 Foot power cord
  • The slider switch is hard to push on and off

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I use it to clean off leftover mortar on the back of ceramic tiles?
A: Yes, with the right blade.

Q. Use as a router?
A: No, this tool doesn’t spin. So you can’t use it as a router.

Q. How can I get a replacement nut?
A: You can check Dremel website or also try local hardware.

Q. Can this cut oak board?
A: Yes with the wood cutting blade.

Q. Can I use it to clean off leftover mortar on the back of ceramic tiles?
A: Yes, there is an accessory special design for this purpose.

Final Verdict

Dremel MM40-05​ Kit is the best selling oscillating tool on the market. It is a corded oscillating tool with the high-performance motor. So it can fulfill the user demand. Dremel multi-max mm40 review shows the satisfaction of the customer. The customer is happy to use it. As it is very handy and provides lots of duty.

I would also like to recommend this tool as it is the new addition of Dremel. I have used this tool on baseboards, groups, and drywall. It saves a lot of time. Lots of attachments both Dremel and another brand fit with this.

Which makes ​Dremel Multi-Max MM40-05Oscillating Tool very versatile. It makes your household need quick and easy. You can also buy this tool from the market and at a cheap price. Great feature tool make your life beautiful.

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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