FEIN 72295264090 FMM350QSL MultiMaster Start Q StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating tool is a new concept. This tool is handy and useful both professionals and DIY person. So many brands are available on market. Each tool contains so many features. In the oscillating market, Fein has bought a revolution. They introducing their first oscillating tool. They acknowledge FEIN 72295264090 MultiMaster FMM350QSL Oscillating Multi Tool in 1967. This tool is the best combination features. Fein 350 multi-master Is with a 350-watt motor and high copper content. Which makes it more powerful. Lower in vibration and quieter than any other tool on market.

Fein multi master 350 QSLis the perfect choice for everyone. From first-time multi-tool user to the professional contractor. Who wants the most powerful and reliable tool on the market.

FEIN 72295264090 MultiMaster FMM350QSL Oscillating Multi Tool

FEIN 72295264090 MultiMaster FMM350QSL Oscillating Multi Tool Information

Every tool has some basic specification. It focuses on the main performance of a tool.This information helps the user to find out what he wants. Here I present the basic information of Fein 350 qsl multi-master.

  • Part number - 72295264090
  • Item weight - 3.1 pounds
  • Product dimension - 13.2*2.6*3.2 inches
  • Voltage- 120 volts
  • Wattage - 350 watts
  • Power source- corded-electric
  • Measurement system - metric
  • Manufacturer company - Fein
  • Manufacture country - Germany
  • Customer review - 4.1 out of 5 star
  • Package Quantity - 1
  • Batteries - not include
  • Warranty - 3 years

Fein Multi-Master Top 350 Accessories

The Fein toolkit is the best choice for every person. Who needs power and reliability in an oscillating multi-tool. The kits include a variety of accessories for the much different specific application. Fein multi-master start q comes with the following accessories.

  • Multi-Master FMM350QSL - 1
  • Sanding pad (each perforated and unperforated) - 1
  • Sanding sheets each of grit 60, 80, 120, 180 - 3
  • Universal E-Cut Saw Blade - 1
  • E-Cut Long-Life Saw Blade 2-9/16 in - 1
  • HSS Segment Saw Blade - 1
  • Scraper Blade - 1
  • Plastic tool case - 1

Features of Fein Multi-Master 350

There are so many oscillating tools available on market . But every tool is different from other. As every tool has specific features. Here I introduce the feature of Fein top FMM 350 q.

Powerful motor:

This is the best feature for any tool. Fein multi master FMM 350 is a combination of a 350 watt motor with high copper content. So a user can achieve ultimate performance. Fein FMM350QSL is the most powerful and smoothest oscillating tool on the market.


Fein mm350Q weighting less than 4 pounds. So it is easy to handle. This tool is well balanced with a grip for comfortable handling.

Easy Start:

Fein 350Q vs 350 QSL has The taco generator. The soft start gives you a smooth operation. It doesn’t snap the power upon switch on. The electronic speed control ensures constant speed while operating under load.

Extra long cord:

Fein 350 q has 16 feet long cord.The 16 feet industrial-quality power cable allows access to a large working radius with optimum handling.

Less vibration:

Fein multi master FMM 350 QSL operates very quiet. The user doesn’t need ear protection while working. Its design reduces vibration up to 70% and noise up to 50%. Compare to many other tools.

Starlock mounting system:

Star lock mounting is a pin-less and tool-less easy system. It allows the effortless change of accessories in less than 3 seconds. There is no more need to pack extra wrenches, washers, and bolts. So you can become more independent in any handy works.


It can work for cutting, sawing, grout and epoxy removal . It can also sand from large surface areas. It is perfect for renovation for jam door jambs, toe kicks, and hardwood flooring work.

Easy handling:

This tool is designed with comfortable non-slip handle grip. It ensures your safety while working.

Fein multi master 350 review reflect some positive and negative opinion of the customer. They find out some limitation of this tool. It helps to find out the pros and cons of the tool. Here I mention some pros and cons of this tool.


  • Powerful and quite
  • Very smooth operate
  • Easy blade change
  • Professional grade tool
  • Great multi-tool
  • Less vibration
  • Extra long cord
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Long-lasting tool


  • You can’t use the standard multi-tool blade
  • Blades are bit costly and hard to find
  • Blade options are poor
  • Quite an expensive tool than other
  • The tool bag has no reinforced pockets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the star quick release unit accept the older blades or do you have to upgrade ?
No, the star lock unit will only work with star lock accessories.

Q. Is this unit a user adjustable variable speed device ?

Q. What is the cord length ?
The Fein FMM350Q cord is 16 feet long.

Q. Is there an adapter to use universal blades with this ?
No, there is no adapter with Fein FMM350Q multi-master top kit.

Q. Does a scraper come with this tool?
Yes. It does have a scraper attachment

Final Verdict

Now I’m going to make a conclusion of this Fein multi -master FMM 350 top tools. Fein 350Q is the 3rd tool I bought. This is the top quality tool I have. I’m very pleased with its smooth running. Its attachment is very easy to get on and off. The tool-less blade system works flawlessly.The Fein FMM 350Q vibrates much lower than any tool. The super long cord that increases the chances of not needing an extension. Though FEIN 72295264090 MultiMaster FMM350QSL Oscillating Multi Tool review shows some disadvantage, compare to any other tool I found this tool very useful. So I’m pleased so far. I won’t hesitate to recommend this unit to anyone.

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