Different power tools have different tasks.Oscillating tools have different brands too! You know what, 1967 Fein introduced the first oscillating tool.

Now Fein has improved a lot and new modern features.Compare to any other oscillating tool this FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster Oscillating Multi Tool is in a class all its own.

For working it's a wonderful one. Lower in vibration. Soft grip, Comfortable for handling too.

Please, read the features, it will help you to make a decision for buying the best one. No more talk, go for the best one by review reading through out below:

Product Information

The basic information of Fein fmm350q multi-master top kit plus edition are -

  • Weight - 3.2 pounds
  • Product dimension - 13.2*2.6*3.2 inches
  • Model number - 72295267090
  • Tool holder - Star lock plus
  • Tool change - Quick in
  • Oscillation - 10,000-19,000
  • Measurement system - metric
  • Cord length - 16 foot
  • Power cable type - industrial quality
  • Voltage - 120 volts
  • Wattage - 350 watts
  • Country of manufacture - Germany
  • Customer review - 4.4 out of 5

Fein is proud to offer innovative and durable tools and accessories that achieve ultimate performance. With a wide range of accessories specially designed for specific applications. Fein fmm350q multi-master top kit comes with 18 different accessories. They are as following -

  • Multi-Master FMM350QSL - 1
  • Sanding pad - 1 (each perforated and unperforated)
  • Sanding sheets - 3 (each of grit 60, 80, 120, 180)
  • E-Cut Saw Blade universal - 1
  • E-Cut Long-life Saw Blade 2-9/16 inch - 1
  • HSS Segment saw blade - 1
  • Scraper Blade - 1
  • Plastic tool case - 1

Powerful motor:

The Fein Multi-master is known for its plenty of power. With 350 watts it is the most powerful and smoothest oscillating tool on the market. The high power motor ensures most cutting speeds and works progress.

Extra-long cord:

Cord length is an important feature of this tool.The cord length of the tool is larger than any other. The Fein has 16 feet long cord. This long and quality cable cord minimizes the use of extension cord. As you work in larger working areas.

FEIN FMM350QSLStarlock

Mounting system:

The new Starlock enrich with a Mounting system. This system is pin-less, tool-free quick change system. Which allows a quick change of accessories. There is no need to carry an extra wrench or bolt with you.

FEIN MultiMaster Oscillating Multi Tool

Less vibrating tool:

FMM350QSL Fein is designed to operate with high power and less vibration. Compare to other similar tools the Fein is the quietest tool.

It ensures up to 50 percent less noise than other brands.

A Wide range of application:

Fein fmm350q multi-master top kit contains a wide range of accessories. This tool is perfect for different types of cutting. This tool ensures you smooth cut without making a loud noise. 

Light in weight:

To buy an oscillating tool user choose the lightweight feature. As the lightweight tool is comfortable to work and handle.

The Fein FMM350QSL Multi-master weighs 3.2 pounds. It is lighter than any other available tool on the market.

Customer review helps you to find out the good and bad side of a tool. Though Fein multi master star lock is one of the best oscillating tools it has some lacking. Here I mention some Pros and Cons of this fmm350q Fein.


  • Less vibrating tool
  • 3 -second blade change option
  • Deliver powerful oscillation
  • Super long cord
  • Smooth and fast cut
  • Perform a lot of applications
  • Fein multi master kit includes a good and durable plastic carrying case


  • It has no integrated control foot for making straight long cuts in wood
  • Blades options are very poor
  • Blades are bit costly and hard to find
  • The tool case is not enough to secure for better keeping the tools inside

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the cord length?
The Fein cord is 16 feet long. It is the industrial quality cord.

Q. Does a scraper come with this kit?
Yes, this tool comes with scraper attachment.

Q. Are the tool and case color the dark gold shown here, or the bright orange shown in another product listing?
Yes, the product color is same as shown in the picture.

Q. Is there an adapter so the old blades can fit the new star lock plus design?
No, it would be diffi​​​​cult to do so.

Q. How many amps does this tool have quick start star lock plus?
This star lock plus has over 9000 amps.

Final Verdict

An oscillating tool! Comparing with the others?
Relax, just tnikg a couple of minutes, then decide. Choose that tool which surely meet your demand.

We care our customers. We always try ot give best review. Expert home tools recommend you for this FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster Oscillating Multi Tool.

Suggesting you, please read and think and then decide it. Take the best decision making all things easily. Have a good day!

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