FERM OTM1005 Oscillating Multi ​Tool Review

Ferm multi-tool is a well-known international brand from Duch origins. This brand introduce itself on market since 1965. FERM OTM1005 Oscillating Multi ​Tool is a combination of rotary & multi-tool which comes with 5 different attachments. An HSS segment saw blade, An abrasive base plate, A saw blade for ceramics and scraper, A plunge-cutting saw blade. It depends on the attachment, this tool is suitable for various work. 

All these attachments are easy to exchange with the hex key. Ferm oscillating multi tool kit has a universal collect system. It accepts all standard rotary tool like Dremel and other brands. FERM OTM1005 is suitable for various purposes. It can perform Milling, Grinding, Cutting, Sawing and more.

Basic Information





Ferm Power Tools



Power Source

Corded Electric

Total pieces


Cord Length

118 inches


110 Volts


3.31 pounds


280 watt

Product Dimension

11.4*2.6*3.5 inches

Measurement System



Not Include

Included Components

Segment saw blade (HSS) ,

Plungecut blade ,

RVS scraper ,

Saw blade for ceramics ,

Abrasive footplate ,

10 sanding sheets (P80, P100) ,

Useful storage case

Customer Reviews

FERM OTM1005 Oscillating Multi ​Tool
  • 1 Storage case
  • Ferm Multi Oscillating Tool OTM1005
  • 1 Vacuum adapter
  • 1 Carbide saw blade-OTA1005
  • 1 HSS Segment saw blade-OTA1004
  • 1 Plunge cut blade-OTA1001
  • 1 Velcro sanding plate-OTA1003
  • 1 Scrape knife-OTA1002
  • 1 Hexagonal key
  • 10 sanding sheets (G80 and G120-OTA1003)
Ferm OTM1005

Including Ferm multi tool Blades

Ferm rotary cutting tool is perfect for different types of cutting. So different types of blades are including with it. They are :

  • For cutting- OTA1002 (Scrape Knife)
  • For Sanding- OTA1003 (Velcro Sanding Plate and Sheets)
  • For Sawing- OTA1001(Plunge Cut Blade), OTA1004 (HSS Segment Saw Blade), OTA1005 (Carbide Saw Plate)
  • For Shoring- OTA1001(Plunge Cut Blade), OTA1004 (HSS Segment Saw Blade), OTA1005 (Carbide Saw Plate)

Video credit FERM Power Tools

Features of Ferm combi-tool rotary multi tool

Multi-tool form is a multi-usable tool. It offers very specific features.It primarily intends for cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding. So it has so many features. The basic features are -

Speed control:

Ferm Oscillating Tool Variable Speed

Ferm power tools have a variable speed control system.A load speed of 20,000 vibrations per minute. It allows the tool adapted to each material.


This tool is extremely versatile. So it can perform multitasks. It can perform milling, grinding, cutting, sawing and many more.

Ergonomic Design:

FERM Oscillating Tool Ergonomic Design

Ferm oscillating multi toolkit combines With soft grip and Vacuum adapter. So it looks clean, comfortable and handy.

Extra long cable:

The 3-meter long cable provides extra working space during work.

Lock on Switch:

FERM Power Tools OTM1005 Ferm Oscillating Multi-tool Kit switch has lock system. So you can control the tool easily.

LED Light:

FERM OTM1005 LED Light

Ferm multi-tool features LED-work light. So the user can work in any situation or even in the dark.

Universal collect system:

Ferm OTM1005 tool has a universal collect system. It can accept all standard rotary tool accessories, electrostatic fabric filter.

Dust Removal System:

This tool enrich with dust removal. It includes with bag type dust- remover. The electrostatic fabric filter helps the working area dust free.

Sturdy Carrying Case:

FERM OTM1005 FERM Oscillating Tool Ergonomic Design

Ferm multi tool comes with a carrying case. So it is easy to store and transport the tools and accessories.


  • Ferm is a well-known brand
  • One of the best powerful tool
  • The multi-tool firm has 3-meter long cable. It makes work easy and comfortable.
  • Dust removal technology keeps working area dust free and clean.
  • Universal collect system
  • LED work light makes work easy
  • Easy speed control system ensures the easy handling


  • This tool doesn't oscillate enough to do anything.
  • It is a quite noisy tool
  • It vibrates badly
  • The blades are not good quality. So they begin to dull very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I have lost my user manual. How can I obtain a new one?
You can download it from the website.

Q.What is the warranty period?
Ferm accessories comes with 6-month warranty most.

Q. Is the tool variable speed?
Yes, it has variable speed.

Q. Can this tool use universal blades?
This tool is perfect for use universal attachment and blades.

Q. What is the oscillating speed?
On the tool handle there is a multi-position switch. You can select the oscillating speed by this.

Q. What is the availability and cost of the attachments?
The attachments cost nominal and available to us.

Final Verdict

FERM ​OTM1005​ Oscillating Multi ​Tool is design and tests according to strict European standards. So this tool complies with latest safety requirements. Ferm exports this tool more than 40 countries. Choosing Ferm means reliable and affordable high-quality power tools. As the product has continuous improving. So it can meet high standards of professional users. But always remain competitively priced.The Ferm multi-tool is a compact and cost-effective power tool with safety.

Ferm multi-tool review reflects the satisfaction of the user. Without any hassle, this tool meets the multi-purpose. So I would like to recommend this tool for the excellent performance. The user will be satisfied with it a feature and utilize. 

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

One Comment

  • Dr.A. Ramamurthy

    I used this tool with sanding attachmenthe for first time. As the vibration is large all the pins provided on the mounting sheared. Bad experience. I do not know whether I can use this further with other attachments. Since there is no pins on the mounting.

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