Peoples like to make their home beautiful. They used different power and hand tools for home improvement. Genesis oscillating tool develops many tools for home improvement. One of their great innovation is Genesis GMT15A Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool.

Genesis GMT15A used for different purposes. The user would like to use this for sanding task. They can also best use this tool for cutting, grinding and scarping multi jobs. So Genesis multipurpose oscillating tool is excellent product comes from the user. The user can make this tool for multi-purpose activities. This tool is quite useful and handy tool for home improvement.

One of the merits of this product is it can use for a slice the materials. The user can slice other tools like metal, plastic, wood, drywall things. Genesis tools are well built and light product. Manufacturers use aluminum in this tool. So the user can use this tool for multitasking and also can use for home remodeling.

Genesis GMT15A Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis Oscillating Tool Specifications

  • Item Model Number: GMT 15A
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Item Weight: 2.75 Pounds
  • Dimension: 12.6*5.2*4.5 inches
  • Components: Bare tool
  • Power Source: Electric Corded
  • Battery Quantity: Not Required
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited

Genesis Oscillating Tool Accessories

  • Sandpaper
  • 3 inches wood and Drywall Blade system
  • 3 inches Hook and Loop Sanding Pad
  • Rigid Scraper Blade
  • Allen wrench
  • 30mm flush cut Blade

What is the purpose of Genesis?

  • User can do multi tasks of cutting, sanding, and grinding
  • Good budget tool for home improvement
  • As an example; the user can use this tool to trim door jambs or office cabinet setting task.
  • Helpful product of removing old glue and paint
  • 21000 oscillation per minute and 4 pin lip design model. It has a cheap price that beginner user might attract.

Features of Genesis GMT15A multi purpose oscillating tool

Genesis multi tool has remarkable features. They built this oscillating tools for user concern. The feature discusses in below:

Designed Pin:

Special design use with 4 lip pins. It helps the user to hold strong. The tool and accessories work.

Multi-Task Tool:

Multi Genesis GMT15A has a great feature to cut, sand, grind, scrap purpose. So the user can do multi-task with one tool.


The capability of genesis power tools has 21,000 oscillation per minutes. The power helps the user for cutting, sanding, grinding and many more purposes.

Allen Wrench:

Spanner wrench used in this tool with a sanding pad and sandpaper. By this, the operator can cut the grout simple way.

LED Light and Blades:

Genesis oscillating tool blades built with. By this user can shape their product for ideal cutting or grind. The light that helps to work in the darkroom and the user can work.


  • The price is cheaper. So user can get this product around their budget.
  • GMT15A is a single tool but work like as multi-task. The user gets to do the multi-task of sanding, grinding and much more by this tool.
  • GMT15A built in corded mode. For this anywhere it can use.
  • The user can bring this tool with them. Even for office or home shift, they have portable option to bring the tool anywhere.
  • Only 2.75 pound weight. So anyone can hold it and operate the machine.
  • Powerful tools for multi-task job
  • 30mm flush blades that help to cut or shape tool perfect way.


  • Blades price are quite expensive
  • Replacement blades are not available all the time in market
  • The GMT15A has one minor issue that it has a noise factor. During the machine operate, the user may feel machine noise which quite heavy.
  • The tool can be dirty during grouting. The reasons are this tool has exhaust vents are strong. Thereby blowing particles are moving around when user grouting.
  • Longtime holding like 30 to 40 minutes can be difficult for the user.

The solution for Genesis GMT15A tool

  • Blades of this tool need to buy as a backup. So the user can continue their task at a necessary time.
  • The noise factor can reduce by using protective gadget. The gadget can be like clothe and ear plug.
  • The user doesn’t need to work for a long time. They can use this tool not more than 30 minutes at a time. After a break, they can reuse the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What are the main feature of GMT15A?
Answer: The main feature of GMT15A has 21,000 OPM. That helps to shape any product like cut, grind tasks. Besides this tool has 4 pin lip designed and aluminum used for better home improvement.

Question: Is the tool durable?
Answer: Genesis GMT15A built with great quality. The blades might change time to time but other features come to positive sign. Also, this tool offers you 2-year limited warranty. So it is a durable product.

Question: Does it remove grout?
Answer: Yes, it removes the grout. But be sure cutting with ceramic blades. If you use wood type blade that may wear out fast and heating.

Question: Does this come with the saw blade?
Answer: It can come. You need to hold it tight and careful to see wood should not be thick.

Final Verdict

From the Genesis GMT15A Review and features part, it looks a quite high-end oscillating tool. The market competition also obvious good. The user can find this tool from their budget. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool is working multi-task job. Yes, there has some drawbacks like noise factor and less available blades in the market. Although it has many positive signs. if a user like the first time to use this types of hand tool, they can avail it. Because it not only comes to their budget, but also they can do multitask purpose. So Genesis GMT15A is quite efficient and the user gets the most enjoy by using the tool.

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