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NEWONE HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades Review

HAOLI introduce Saw blades for power tool users to keep their home materials fit. 66 leaves, yes total 18 categories of 66 blades now offer HAOLI for your precise work. No need battery function, just set into your oscillating tool and switch on the electric power. For all functional tasks like making thinner, cut hard material and heavy-duty construction site job, HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades stands with users.

Thick gauge metals wonderfully cut and resize, defects floor tiles grout remove, plaster and wood case service. Top brands like Dremel, Bosch and many more that support the accessory kit. Pack of 66 blades includes a toolbox that offers much comfortable range. Just test before buying the blades which fit or not on your brand model.

HAOLI Oscillating Tool Blades Specification

  • Brand Name: HAOLI
  • Dimension: 5.7*4.3*1.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Color: Mix
  • Category: Home Improvement Power Tool Accessory
HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades

Feature of HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades​

  1. 52mm Flat Knife Edge Scraper: Great used on floor carpet, leather, linoleum, cardboard cut and remove silicone.

  2. 52mm Flush Cut Knife Edge Scraper: Another kit for home improvement and perform the same function as a flat knife edge.

  3. 10mm 3/8” E-Cut Standard Saw Blade: Used in a wood factory or furniture, laminates, soft plastic case and drywall cut and shaping.

  4. 20mm ¾” E-Cut Standard Saw Blade: One size larger blade that used for the same function of 10mm 3/8”. It’s used to make larger shape the materials.

  5. 32mm 1-1/4” E-Cut Standard Saw Blade: Little larger blades that’s make more precise work to cut angle shape on wood, plastic, drywall, laminates.

  6. 45mm 1-3/4” E-Cut Standard Saw Blade: Good works to make a large shape on the wooden door, the plastic case as well as laminates and drywall.

  7. 65mm 2-5/8” E-Cut Standard Saw Blades: Give precise cut on materials for home and industry site work.

Cutting Soft and Hard Woods,Wood Laminates, Softer Plastic, Drywall:

HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades-Hardwood cutting

Best service provides in-home materials to keep fit. Wooden materials like soft and harder, can I make a thicker shape by use angle work. Beside cut wood laminates, thin plastic. Also, work on drywall to create a new form. It works to pull nails, screws on materials. Beside used it thin metals cut into a precise shape.

The categories are:

  • 32mm 1-1/4” Precision Japan Tooth Saw Blades
  • 32mm 1-1/4” Bi-Metal Saw Blades
  • 32mm 1-1/4” SS E-Cut Saw Blades
  • 88mm 3-1/2” HSC Segment Saw Blades
  • 88mm 3-1/2” Flush Segment Saw Blades

Cutting Tiles, Grout, Mortar, Concrete, Hardened Adhesives:

The blades function offer excellent service for home construction and parts repairment. For replace tiles, stubborn grout removes, Mortar part cut into making thinner size, precise cuts and welding, hard tools cut and remodeling works – the categories of saw blades work fine.

HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades-Concrete

They are:

  • 63mm 2-1/2” Flush Cut Carbide Blade
  • 78mm Flush Cut Triangular Carbide Rasp

Others :

  • 78mm 3-1/4” Flush Cut Triangular Sanding Pad: Need a hook to cut down sanding materials.
  • 82mm 3-1/4” Flush Cut Sanding Sheets (25 Packs): Cut surface after finishing work at 60, 80, 120, 180, 240 sizes.
  • 88mm 3-1/2” HSC Segment Saw Blades: Sand on materials
  • 81mm sanding Sheets (25 Pack): May not fit on Porter and Dewalt. But used rest model and cut sanding sheets at 60, 80, 120, 180, 240 sizes.


  • Offer precise work for different materials by 66 saw blades
  • ​The cheap budget you can utilize various objective
  • Highly Durable & Long Service Life


  • Doesn't fit Fein Starlock system
  • Blades little vibrate when it operates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do they fit a Dewalt 20v Multitool?

Q: The second pics indicates 100 pcs, description tell 66. What’s the real information?
66 comes into the toolbox, this is real.

Q: Does it work with a Worx?
Not familiar.

Final Verdict

By reading the review, a DIY user able to handle correctly the HAOLI 66 set Oscillating Tool Saw Blades. The decent price level that’s like to buy many power tool users for their self-service. Make depth, thinner, angle work on various materials within few minutes. Cut down the uneven surface and hardened tools easily. Order before checking the function that’s meet your machine function or not. In most cases, its support all brands except Fein Starlock. Bring today and maintain your home instrument to give a new outlook.

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