How to Attach Lamp Shade Without Harp

Lamp shades are a great way to add style and personality to any room, but attaching them can be tricky. If you don’t have a harp (the metal frame that helps support the shade), don’t worry. There are a few different ways to attach a lamp shade without one.

One option is to use double-stick tape. This will work with most materials, but make sure to test it on a small area first to make sure the tape won’t damage your lamp or shade. Another option is to use hot glue, which will hold well but can be difficult to remove if you ever need to change the shade.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there are also some speciality clamps made specifically for attaching shades without a harp. These can be found at most hardware stores, and they’re easy to install (just make sure your lamp base is wide enough to accommodate the clamp). Whichever method you choose, attaching a lamp shade without a harp is simple and straightforward.

With just a little bit of effort, you can give any room in your home an extra touch of style!

  • First, find a lamp shade that you like and that will fit your lamp
  • Next, measure the circumference of the top of the lamp shade and cut a piece of adhesive felt to that size
  • Adhere the felt to the top of the lamp shade with a hot glue gun or another strong adhesive
  • Finally, simply slip the lamp shade onto the top of your lamp without using a harp!

Ikea Lampshade Hack

How to Remove Lampshade Adapter

Whether you’re looking to update your lampshade or simply need to remove it for cleaning, you’ll first need to deal with the adapter. Most lamps will have some type of adapter that keeps the shade in place, and they can be a bit tricky to remove. With a few simple tips, however, you can easily take care of this task.

Start by taking a close look at the adapter. There are usually two parts to these fixtures—the part that attaches to the lamp base and the part that holds the shade in place. In most cases, you’ll need to unscrew both parts in order to remove the entire adapter.

Once you’ve located the screws, use a screwdriver to loosen and remove them. If your model has any type of knob or switch, make sure to disengage it before proceeding. With the screws removed, gently pull the two halves of the adapter apart until they come free from each other.

With the main body of the adapter out of the way, all that’s left is removing the piece that attached to the shade itself. This part is usually easier to deal with since it will likely just slide off without any effort on your part. Simply grab hold of it and pull straight up until it comes free.

And there you have it! You’ve now successfully removed your lampshade adapter without any trouble at all.

Lamp Shade Collar Ring Adapter

If you have a lamp shade that is the wrong size for your lamp, don’t despair! There is an easy solution – a lamp shade collar ring adapter. This handy little device allows you to attach a smaller shade to a larger base, or vice versa.

It’s simple to use, and it will make your life much easier when it comes to finding the perfect shade for your lamp. Here’s how it works: first, determine which size of adapter you need – there are two sizes available, small and large. Next, place the collar ring around the neck of your lampshade, making sure that the grooves on the ring line up with the ridges on the shade.

Finally, screw the two halves of the ring together until they are tight. That’s it! Now you can enjoy your perfectly sized lampshade without having to search for one that fits just right.

Lamp Shade Conversion Kit

If you have an old lamp shade that you’re not using, or if you find a great vintage shade at a thrift store, you can easily convert it to fit a modern lamp base with this Lamp Shade Conversion Kit. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, and it’s easy to do yourself in just a few minutes. This is a great way to get a unique look for your home, and it’s also much cheaper than buying a new lamp shade.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to update your decor, this is definitely worth considering.

Convert Harp Lamp to Uno

If you have an old harp lamp that is missing its shade, or if you simply want to give your lamp a new look, you can easily convert it to use an Uno socket. An Uno socket is the standard size for most lamps, and it will allow you to use a variety of different shades. You can find Uno sockets at any hardware store.

To convert your harp lamp to an Uno socket, first remove the old socket and wiring. Then, using a wire stripper, strip about 1/2 inch of insulation from the end of each wire. Next, twist each wire around one of the terminals on the Uno socket.

Finally, screw the socket into place and reassemble your lamp. Now you can enjoy your newly converted lamp with any shade that fits an Uno socket!

How to Attach Lamp Shade Without Harp


Can You Use a Lampshade Without a Harp?

Yes, you can use a lampshade without a harp. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to use a lampshade that has an open top and bottom.

This type of lampshade will sit on the socket without a harp. The second way is to use a lampshade with an attached UNO fitter. An UNO fitter is threaded and screws onto the socket.

Once it is screwed on, the shade will be secure and not need a harp.

What Holds a Lampshade in Place?

A lampshade is generally held in place by a metal frame or an inner ring that fits snugly around the lightbulb. The shade itself is usually made of paper, cloth, or glass.

What are the Different Types of Lampshade Attachments?

There are three main types of lampshade attachments: the washer (or metal clip), the spider, and the uno. The washer is the most common type of attachment and is very easy to use. Simply slip the shade over the top of the lamp socket and secure it in place with a metal clip.

The washer is also known as a “lamp harp” or a “harp mount.” The spider attachment has three or more arms that wrap around the light bulb and screw into place. This type of attachment is more secure than a washer, but can be more difficult to install.

The uno attachment is used for lamps with shades that have an open bottom end (such as drum shades). The Uno slips over the socket and screws into place, holding the shade securely in place.

How Do You Attach a Lampshade to a Base?

There are a few different ways to attach a lampshade to a base, and the method you use will depend on the type of lampshade and base you have. If you have a clip-on lampshade, simply clip it onto the bulb. If you have a screw-on shade, unscrew the harp (the metal rod that holds the shade in place) from the base, slip the shade over the bulb, then screw the harp back into place.

If your shade has a washer and finial (the knob at the top of the harp), thread those onto the harp before screwing it back into place. Finally, if your shade is held in place by an inner ring that sits on top of the lightbulb, just set it in place on top of the bulb.


If you’re looking to attach a lamp shade without using a harp, there are a few different options you can try. One is to use a finial adapter, which will allow you to screw the shade directly onto the lamp. Another option is to use zip ties or velcro straps to secure the shade in place.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that the shade is securely attached before turning on the lamp.

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