How to Cut a Circle With A Jig Saw?

How to Cut a Circle with a Jigsaw?

Bored with odd-looking circle in your work-piece? Yes, it may happen when you are using the wrong tool in cutting a circle. And Jigsaw can be a perfect solution for cutting a circle.

Well. You have a great tool now. But it can become worthless if you don’t know, How to Cut a Circle with a Jigsaw ?

Actually, the effectiveness of any tools largely depends on using them in a proper way.

But nothing to be worry. Cutting a circle with a jigsaw is not a tough task at all, be sure? And for making your process of cutting a perfect circle with a jigsaw, we have prepared a step -by- step guideline. 

Tools You Need for Cutting Circles with Jigsaw

For cutting a circle with a jigsaw, you need to fulfill some criteria for your tools.

First of all, you have to choose the jigsaw blade properly. There are different types of jigsaw blades but for cutting a circle you need a scrolling jigsaw blade mostly. The thinner the blade the better it will be.

A thicker jigsaw blade has strong teeth which are usually good for cutting straight lines. But for the circle, you need a smooth edge. In this case, such a blade is a poor match especially when you are trying to cut small circles.

Other than blades, you will need to use some more tools for making a draft of the circle on the surface that you want to cut. If you want, you can do it freely as well but it won’t be a perfect and efficient circle.

For making a draft circle you can use a standard compass,a beam compass, a trammel head (a pencil attached on it) or a template. You can also use a pencil,a string, and a pushpin to draw the circle.

You can also use a guide with your jigsaw to have the most accurate and best results if you want. You can make or purchase these.It is a really good investment if you plan on creating a lot of circles.

How to Cut a Circle with a Jigsaw - Video

Cutting an Internal Circle

For cutting an internal circle here are the steps you have to follow:

Drawing a Circle

The first thing you have to do here is to draw a circle with a beam compass or other tools I have talked about above. As you are cutting an internal circle the inside of the drawing will be the waste part whereas the outside will be the part you want to use. For this, make sure you keep a little clearance for finishing later.

Checking The Blade

Check the blade's surface to see if it is squared or not. A bent blade will not be good for your cut. Make sure to have a squared blade to have an efficient cut.

Making a Hole First

In this step, you have to use a drilling machine to make a hole. This hole is the point from where you will start cutting the circle. You have to make the hole inside the drawn circle and touch it with the line.

While making a hole, make sure you have a drill bit large enough so that the blade of the jigsaw can fit through the hole.

Cutting the Circle

Now you have to start the cutting operation. To do so, you have to place the blade inside the hole and carefully follow the line to cut the circle. You can use a guide for more accurate circle.

Set the guide on the blade. Before starting to cut, set the pivot of the guide on the center of the circle. Make sure that the radius of the guide is accurately set to follow the cutting line.

Sanding the Surface

After you are done with cutting the hole circle, you have to smoother the inside surface of the circle. To do so, you can use sander or sandpaper. Note that in this step you will lose the surface material and so I have told you in the beginning to have some clearance.

Cutting a Circle Out of the Work-piece

Cutting out a circle is pretty much the same as cutting an internal circle. But there are a few changes. I am showing the steps for cutting out a circle right below:

Drawing a Circle

Just like the previous step, you have to draw a circle on the work-piece. Only this time you have to keep the clearance on the outside of the circle as you want the inside part for your work-piece.

Making a Hole

Now you have to make a hole in the similar process using a drill bit. But in this case, you have to make the hole outside the line of the drawn circle.

Cutting the Edge

Cutting the edge of the circle is just as same as the previous one. You can do it with or without a guide as I have said earlier. However, my recommendation would be to use the guide to get a perfect circle.

Smoothing the Surface

Finally, you have to use a sander or sandpaper to smooth the outside surface of the circle. That's all.

Cutting-Out a Small Circle

The process of cutting out a small circle is slightly different from cutting out a large circle. As a small circle has a small radius or diameter, it is very natural that the blade surface of the jigsaw won’t be able to bend enough to have a smooth shape from the beginning.

So here what you can do is bend the blade as much as possible and have a shape which can be hexagonal like a diamond or heptagonal or something like that. After that simply use a sander or sandpaper to smooth the surface and you're done.

Final Verdict

I hope you are content with this step- by- step guideline on cutting a circle with a jigsaw. In fact, it is not tough at all to have the desired circle on any wooden board if you know just How to Cut a Circle with a Jigsaw. And obviously, you will try to go through this guideline, I believe.

Here proper tools have an undeniable role in cutting a perfect circle with a jigsaw. And of course, don’t forget to maintain proper safe measurement in using a jigsaw.
Have fun! 

This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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