How to pick a Deadbolt Lock

How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock ?

Have you ever imagined a situation where you get yourself locked and can’t get any way to escape?

In situation like this, picking a deadbolt lock can be a very good solution. Then again, the question arises, how can you pick a deadbolt lock?

Throughout the content, different aspects of how to pick a deadbolt lock are going to be discussed.

After the whole discussion, you will get to know various methods. Each method is unique in its own way. It is up to you to decide which method to follow.

How to pick a deadbolt lock

What is Deadbolt Door Lock?

Among the common security measures, locking is considered to be the most renowned one.
Deadbolt locks are security measures that consist of a system that allows entering a door only by rotating the exact key to the lock itself.

The need of picking Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks are widely used. You can think of knowing how to pick a deadbolt completely useless. But, it is actually worth a shot.

There are tons of deadbolt lock brands. It is not easy to know what the best deadbolt lock brand is.
An emergency situation to enter a room with a deadbolt lock set can arise anytime.
Therefore, knowing the correct technique can turn into a savior for you.

How to Pick a Deadbolt Door Lock ?

Picking a deadbolt lock depends very much on how experienced you are in doing so.

Rather than being confined to how do I pick a deadbolt lock and how do you pick a deadbolt lock, you can try developing your own technique as well.
Some of the Basic techniques of picking deadbolt lock is discussed below.

Using tension wrench

Tension wrenches are the most common tools that always found in a locksmith’s bag.

Simply push the wrench inside the lock keeping it on top. Soon you will reach the series of pins that holds the knob to be locked.

After that, try lifting the pin. This will allow the barrel to move. Repeat the steps and soon all of the pins will get lifted.

Thus the deadbolt lock can be picked by a tension wrench.

Using bobby pins

Bobby pins are an excellent tool to work within this type of situation. The pins can either be used by bending it in L shape or even unfolding the pin keeping it straight.

Both the ways require controlled torque directly applied to the lock. You will soon realize how hard is it to pick a deadbolt lock.

But, you don’t have to worry about that too much as you will get a hang of this soon.

Pick a Deadbolt Door Lock Video

How to fix Deadbolt Lock ?

There are a few definitely steps that can effectively fix deadbolt lock for door.

Spraying different types of lubricant substances is a good way to start. Go on spraying the lock and nicely start tapping it with a hammer.
This process will soon allow the lock to get apart which will lead the lock to go free.


No matter how much you try flaws still can be detected in deadbolt lock doors.
However, how to pick a deadbolt lock doesn’t depend on any specific method. Among all the techniques, you can choose anyone that suits you the best.

This will allow being prepared for any type of situation and make you confident of yourself.

Whether the usage is for good or bad completely depends on your personal choice. If everyone remains ethical, these methods will be beneficiary for all.

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