Integra Tools Platinum Series Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade

Integra Tools Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade Review

​​Last Update 31/03/2012

Without blades, a machine is like a wallet without money. A good blade converts a simple tool into the master of any working arena.Platinum Blades offer a useful accessory for machines which delivers a perfect work.Integra Tools ​Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade is especially for home construction.

The user can use it for grind tile, floor cement. Make thinner mortar set, rasping wood and stone. One piece of the gold colour blade has size 2-1/2 inch. Made of carbide material that’s remove stubborn grout from floor and walls. This Saw blades function especially recommend to use Black and Decker, Fein Multimaster, Bosch, Ridgid, Ryobi , Skil and many more brands. Just need to invest in ten price range to make your work precise.

​Product Descrition

  • Brand Name: Platinum Blades
  • Model No: 1PC212CARBIDEGROUT
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Dimension: 2.6*2.0*0.6 ounce
  • Specification: Grout removal feature made blade offer good service on floor, wall, woodwork.

Integra Tools Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade

Universal Fitment Feature

  • Black and Decker
  • Bosch
  • Craftsman Nextec
  • Chicago
  • Cougar
  • Dewalt
  • Dremel Multi-Max
  • Rigid Job Max
  • Rockwell Sonicrafter Hyperlock

Not Compatible

  • Bosch MX30 and quick release tool
  • Dremel MM40 and MM45, the quick release tool
  • Fein Starlock

Adapter Need

  • Rockwell
  • Worx
  • Fein Supercut

Where To Use?

  • Construction site of the building like office, home etc.

​Integra Tools ​Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade​ ​Features

Thick Gauge Metal:

Carbide material made the blade excellent works on the stubborn nail, screws to pull out within a minute. Use the razor on metals head and pull out.

Thick gauge metal that reaches small corner to remove grout.

Easy to Fit:

Take a minute to set on the oscillating tool and operates by tools electric power. Battery less keep machine wears tolerance free and high durability.

After use, you can move the blade from tool to store on the pack.

Universal Arbor:

Single blade provide high-quality performance for home improvement. Set power tool and blade face on the material to cut and shape.

Each edge has a feature to use angel shape that gives remove stubborn grout. Also, offer plaster, cement, thin set mortar servicing.

For your home floor decoration, ground tiles set with gum, scratchy wood and stone. Also, it used to replace application.


Universal Arbour made blades easily fits your hand and more accessible to set the power tool to operate. Sweating hand doesn’t affect blade function and keep it lasting.

Contractors Pack:

Contractors Pack Great service offer for building construction site. It used for tiles, floor construction service. Also helpful for the wall, floor, roof works to remove grout and electric wear set. Beside it’s used for welding task too.

​Integra Tools ​Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade Video


  • ​Use different angle shape work (ex- floor, concrete wall, roof)
  • Slip-free feature
  • Long lasting
  • Cheap price


  • Blades get junk sooner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this fit Fein Fmm 350Q?
Yes, it fits FMM 350Q.

Q: What is blade thickness?
it has 1/8 inch size.

​Bottom Line

Thanks for reading Integra Tools ​Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Saw Blade review. Platinum Blades make an excellent power blade accessory. The tiny budget makes your home DIY site works lighter.

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Last Update 31/03/2012

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