Makita MT01Z 12V

Makita MT01Z 12V CXT Cordless Multi-Tool Review

Makita MT01Z 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

Oscillating tools are one of the most versatile power tools. This tool can handle such a wide range of jobs. They can do all these things in tight spaces. Because of their compact body and minimal range of motion. The magic of this tool is its power blades, scrapers, sanders and cutting tools. They can handle a wide variety of home improvement tasks. So the demand is increasing day by day. Various type and model of oscillating tools are available in the market. Makita MT01Z 12V CXT Cordless Multi-Tool Lithium-Ion is one of them. This model is a cordless one. It combines performance and superior ergonomics in a more compact size. This tool is ideal for work in tight spaces.

The MT01Z has a variable speed control dial. That enables the user to adjust the oscillations from 6,000-20,000 OPM. The 3.2-degree oscillation angle provides faster cutting. To illuminates the work area, it has a built-in LED light. The small barrel grip assures you easy handling. The adapter fits most competitors’ accessories. So this tool can be a good choice for anyone.

Makita MT01Z 12V CXT Cordless Multi-Tool

Makita MT01Z Cordless Multi-Tool Basic Informations

  • Brand Name: Makita
  • Part Number: MT01Z
  • Item Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Item Length: 5.2 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 3.2*10.9*4.4 inches
  • Model Number: MT01Z
  • Color: Teal/Black
  • Style: Bare Tool
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Battery Composition: Lithium-Ion
  • Oscillation Per Minute: 20,000
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Measurement System: Metric

Makita Oscillating Tools Accessories

  • 12V Max CXT Cordless Multi-Tool (MTO1Z)
  • 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Batteries (BL1021B)-2
  • 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Charger (DC10WD)-1
  • Multi-Tool Adapter (313244-6)
  • Multi-Tool Adapter (196271-6)
  • 1-1/4 inches Plunge Blade (Bim) (A-95255)
  • Tool Case-1

Best Features of Makita Cordless Multi-Tool

Makita Oscillating Tool has many useful features. Here I would like to mention the best features of this tool.


This is the essential feature of any tool. First, we have to look at the amperes and volts. These number tells you how powerful the tool is.

Makita MT01Z Battery

The higher measurement means, the more powerful the tool. A powerful tool can handle the tough job without bogging down. This MT01Z 12V CXT uses 12 volts Lithium-Ion battery. That has enough power to perform heavy duty task.

Variable Speed:

Most oscillating tool models offers a speed change dial. The OPM refers to the speed at which an oscillating tool operates.

Makita MT01Z 12V CXT has variable speed control dial system. It is from 6,000-20,000 OPM. This variable speed enables the user to match the speed to the application.

Makita MT01Z Cordless Multi Tool Variable Speed


Weight is an essential feature of any oscillating tool. These tools often used in tight corners or unusual positions. The traditional tools cannot operate.

Makita MT01Z Cordless Multi Tool Ergonomics

To Buy a lightweight and compact model, it makes more comfortable to perform heavy duty works.

This Makita cordless tool weighs only 1.95 pounds which is suitable for handling.

LED Light:

This is an extra feature of any tools. Some models feature a headlight. It shines down the work surface. It can also be beneficial when trying to reach under cabinets.

Makita MT01Z Cordless Multi Tool LED light

Moreover, other areas where light is not enough. Makita MT01Z 12V CXT has built-in LED Light on the top of the tool. It helps to illuminate the work area. So you need not worry to work in dark spaces.

Tool-Free Accessory Change:

Many models allow for tool-free accessory changes. It can be convenient for anyone. You need not worry about having an Allen wrench on hand at all times.

Makita MT01Z Cordless Multi Tool accessory

Makita MT01Z 12V CXT has Hex Wrench stores on the tool. For an easy accessory change. So in this tool accessory change is very easy and hassle-free.

Easy Operating System:

Makita Cordless Multi-Tool has large on/off slide switch. It enabled with a lock-on button. That makes more convenience for the operator.

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  • Great adjustable speed
  • Convenient tool
  • Works well in tight space
  • Bright LED Light
  • Great quality and useful tool
  • Compact and easy to use
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  • The saw action is not compelling enough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.How can I change the blades?
Makita CXT has a hex key to change blades. It is a tool-less option.

Q.Does this tool comes with a drywall blade?
No, this tool comes with a plunge blade. You can use this blade to cut drywall. However, the round saw blade would be better for that task.

Q. What is the charge time of the battery?
It takes about an hour to charge.

Q. Can I use this tool to cut sheet metal?
By using the right blade you can cut sheet metal. It would be more comfortable with a grinder and a cutting wheel.

Final Verdict

An oscillating tool becomes your go-to solution when need to get the job done quick and easy. This Makita MT01Z 12V can be a good solution for you. It is effortless to use and operate. This tool has much versatility when trying to make some painful cuts.

The Makita oscillating tool is ideal for home repair and renovation. No excuse not to do home projects. There’s no setup time and hassle of running a power cord. You are happy to know that the battery life is very long.

The Best oscillating Multi-Tool tool review will help you to choose the right one. Makita MT01Z 12V CXT Cordless Multi-Tool is a recommended tool for anyone. You can buy this tool. It is a helpful handy tool for you. Moreover, makes your job relaxed and comfortable.

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