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Milwaukee 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool Review

For Smart & comfort living we use different tools and technologies. Tools with modern technology brings the feature for making home and outdoor settings more beautiful and useful.​Oscillating tools are unique and handy tools which used for versatile application processing. Milwaukee 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool has met the all specifications. It achieved 4.2 ratings from the customer by their quality service through rotary tools.

About Milwaukee M12 :

Milwaukee M12 manufactured from China. The user likes Milwaukee 2426 22 M12 cordless multi-tool feature. The weight is just 5.6 pounds.

For this, it is easy to use and transport. To make it cordless and flexible use, Milwaukee 2426 provide additional battery as M12 XC feature.

Why today’s Generation use the tool among the competitive brands?

The reason is it offers different application processing and shaping. Like cuts wood and floor materials, grinds, sands with sanding sheet paper and scraps. Variable dial speed feature tool offers 5 years long period warranty.

So the investor like to buy under 200 Milwaukee M12 price range for their intelligent life leading.

Milwaukee 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool
  • Brand Name: Milwaukee
  • Model No: 2426-22
  • Dimension: 14.5*10*4*6.6 inches
  • Color: Black, Red and Silver
  • Power Source: Cordless Electric Power as 12V
  • Style: Rotary Tool, operates by 2 M12 Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • Charging Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Made In: China

Milwaukee M12 Tools Specification

  • ​Multi-Tool for versatile job site
  • Deal application and material remodeling, flooring contractors, maintenance and repairing.

What offer in The Box?

  • ​2426 M12 Multi-Tool
  • Adapter
  • Wood cutting blade
  • Sanding Pad
  • 5 Assorted Sanding Sheets
  • 2 Red M12 Lithium battery
  • ​30 minutes charging capacity Charger
  • Contractor bag

Features of Milwaukee 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool

Milwaukee introduces in the marketplace at 2010 and since it attracts buyers by their distinctive features. They get high sale volume from the market and satisfy customer’s requirement. Its behind, the key features are working as:

About Milwaukee M12 Tool Kits:

Milwaukee M12 bare tools is useful for the money. It comes from China and offers 5 years warranty. Since 2010, they lead the rotary tool industry. The user handles by one hand by its 5.6 pounds lightweight.

For long warranty feature, user stress-free to use it for long time service. Another point is, it easy to use at any place. Milwaukee 2426 22 M12 cordless multi-tool which is battery supported.

So it offers to move and work flexibly around the surface.

Application Versatility:

The machine is applicable for material remodeling, flooring contracts, maintenance and repairing.

The powerful battery that used for hardworking. Like flush or plunge cuts, cuts wall tiles, grinds materials, sanding sheets process and scraps.

The 25 cordless tools and accessories used with battery function for application ideal model creature.

Functional Activities:

Milwaukee M12 cordless battery functional works unusual. The 12v running machine has 12 variable speed settings.

It also runs from 5000 to 20,000 OPM speed. It is possible for two high power battery function with an accessory adapter. Before use, charge 30 minutes with adapter charger for best use.

Milwaukee M12 Review:

Milwaukee M12 multi-tool kit offers variable accessories for different application remodel or resize. Price is standard for all economic range people.

Milwaukee M12 tools sale volume also higher and attract the new user. Accessory bag offer for secure store the kits and move toward.

Today’s market, Milwaukee M12 cordless multi-tool kit offers best tool service for home improvement.

Video credit Milwaukee Tool


  • ​The perfect tool for hardworking material service.
  • Ideal for remodel the product shape, floor tiles cut, process sanding sheets and tackle awkward application at the job site.
  • Universal adapter for each kits service for application processing
  • The powerful battery has extended life support for the versatile application.
  • Standard price offer for DIY and industrial service


  • There is no LED light for dark place working
  • This is not a typical oscillating tool; it is a rotary tool. The machine works perfectly for cut, sand and shape model. But not workable on the glass and concrete application.
  • The machine is not compatible with dust cleaning feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does it come with a case?
Yes, the manufacturer offers an accessory kit bag.

Question: Does it come with a battery charger?
Yes, it comes with a charger. The charger is compatible with Lithium-ion battery and offers quick charge in 30 minutes.

Question: Does this cut metal? I am looking for something to cut out rust.
Yes, it has blades by which you can cut the metal. However, the battery may operate quickly and get warm. Take time and use smoothly.

Final Verdict

Milwaukee 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool is ideal for our tools improvement. The price, feature and quality that match user pattern and their requirement. The user can remodel, resize and repair purpose use it. Its lightweight made for easy handling and an accessory bag for kits storage. Industrial worker, DIY home user like to use for their light professional job. So buy the tool and make your application up to date with style.

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