Oscillating is a fancy word for what you may simply call a power tool. Oscillating tools are hard-hitting power tools. These tools are power tools that use vibrations generated by quick back-and-forth movements. They are ideal for numerous job. To cut, sand, polish or scrape a wide variety of materials. That oscillates from side to side at high velocity.

Multi-tool is a common name for an oscillating power tool. Powered by battery or mains. The name “multi-tool” is a reference to the many functions that this tool can perform with the range of attachments available. So far there are tools available to saw, sand, rasp, grind, scrape, cut and polish. They are ideal for long-running jobs and durable for tears.

Types of Oscillating Tool

There are mainly two types of oscillating tools in the market. They are:

Cordless oscillating tool :

This tool is without a cord. Corded ones have the ability to get the job done. So many users choose cordless due to being able to move freely around the work area.

Corded oscillating tool :

Corded oscillating tools offer many advantages. Mainly to construction professionals. They are ideal for long-running jobs. And these tools are durable for years.

Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

On the market oscillating tool brands are available. Both cordless and electric are excellent multi-purpose tools. They serve the purpose of several tools. In one convenient package. Choosing an oscillating tool presents a formidable challenge.

In the first part of this guide, I would like to follow up a list of oscillating tools. That represent the best options. I also try to focus on the drawbacks of these tools. It helps you to know the basics of picking out an oscillating tool. You can learn more by reading this buying guide.

After reading this guide it will be helpful to choose the right tool.

Factor that considers buying an oscillating tool

Once you have decided to buy an oscillating tool. You must make some critical decisions. You have to consider the basic features. Regarding power, performance, versatility, control, durability, and cost. These factors common to cordless and corded oscillating tools.

1. Power

Power is the capacity to do work. For corded machines power is a function of its amperage. A 3Amp machine is good enough to perform most of the basic tasks. That a multi-tool can do.

2. Performance

Performance relates to the effectiveness with which the machine translates power to results. You can draw the same power. But produce different results.

3. Versatility

Versatility determines the number of functions the machine can perform. If the choice of accessories isn’t wide enough, check whether the product comes with adapters. That lets you use accessories from other brands.

4. Control

There are two things you can control on a multi-tool. You can control the speed at which the tool oscillates. Or you can control the angle at which the accessory rests relative to the oscillating tool. More freedom means more control.

5. Durability

Durability is hard to gauge. You can get an indicate feel for the products builds quality from two things. First, the longer the warranty. The better the build quality. Second, look at product reviews regarding the product.

6. Cost

Money is the last factor to consider. After you evaluate products based on the parameters above. You can decide on a budget. Then make sensible compromises if required.

What is the best oscillating tool?

Best oscillating tool means which consists the best features. One of the specifications to look at is the amperes and volts.

Which tool enables you to handle a broad variety of tasks easily and competently?

Depending on the customer review we found the following oscillating tools as top-grade.

  1. Bosch MX25E
  2. Black and Decker
  3. Fein FMM25oQ
  4. Chicago Electric 67537
  5. Craftsman 320.23465
  6. Dremel MM40
  7. Porter-Cable PC250MT
  8. Ridgid R28600
  9. Rockwell RK5102K Sonic rafter

Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max

Compare to other products on my list, the MM40-05 is moderate in price. It has 3.8 Amp motor and 3.2-degree oscillation. Comes with 36 accessories. You can use this model tool to cut, scrape, sand, and remove grout out of the box. It’s Quick-Lock and Quick-Hold system lets you change accessories quickly and without any tools.

It has the quick-boost technology that maintains a constant speed. While the machine is in use. This tool weighs 4.5 lbs. so it is moderately heavy. This multi-tool comes with a 2-year limited warranty. In my opinion, it is the best oscillating multi-tool on the market.

Benefits :

  • Powerful motor
  • Super durable
  • High value in terms of price
  • Good warranty
  • Reputable brand

Drawbacks :

  • No LED Light for dark working space
  • The 7-foot cord may seem short

Rockwell RK5141K 4.0A SoniCrafter

Rockwell RK5141K model is as light as it is compact in size. This machine boasts the most powerful motor. Among the products on this list. It is with a 4 Amp motor. And 5 degrees of oscillation. It has Universal Fit System. Using this system you can use accessories from other manufacturers. Its hyper lock system allows for tool-less accessory change. All this comes with 3 years warranty.

Benefits :

  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful

Drawbacks :

  • From some user’s experience, it can break after a few months.

Dewalt DCS355D1

It is one of the best cordless oscillating tools. Comes with 20V 2Ah battery. It is powerful for a battery- powered unit. The battery adds extra weight and volume to the unit.

Benefits :

  • Cordless
  • Powerful motor
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charger
  • 3 years outstanding warranty.

Drawbacks :

  • Quite pricey
  • Heavy

Porter-Cable PCC710B

Porter-Cable PCC710B is another great cordless oscillating multi-tool that merits your attention. This model doesn’t come with a battery. The user has to buy a PCCC685L or PCC680L battery. The former is a 4Ah battery. And the latter is a 1.5 Ah battery. It is cheaper than another cordless tool.

Benefits :

  • Powerful motor
  • Light tool
  • LED light
  • Nice working capacity

Drawbacks :

  • No battery included
  • No charger included

Makita TM3010CX1

This tool comes close to matching my top pick. In terms of performance.it has a 3Amp motor that provides 6000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. With an angle of oscillation of 3.2 degrees.

Benefits :

  • Powerful motor
  • Great oscillation angle

Drawbacks :

  • Comes with limited selection accessories.

Here is a quick summary of this buying guide. Today oscillating tool is a safe and mature product. The Dremel MM40-05 is my top pick. As this tool balances price and performs perfectly. Although the Rockwell RK4241K 4.o Amp Sonic rafter has a slight edge over the Dremel.

Dremel deserves the top spot because of the company’s reputation. If you are looking for a cordless unit, you can buy Dewalt DCS355D1. It offers an incredible purchase protection scheme. If it too heavy for you can go for the Porter Cable PCC710B.

It does not come with a battery and charger. You have to buy them separately. So you can choose what you want.

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