The PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK orbital reciprocating saw can be your best companion during work when you look after a heavy duty reciprocating saw. This powerful and heavy duty saw is able to fulfill all of your requirements from a saw.

You may wonder why I should buy this product where there are many products available in the same category! Well, to know the answer properly, we suggest you read out this entire article so that you can find out why this tool is better than others. In this article, we reviewed the PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK deeply.

Let’s check out this PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK review from our experts for proper information-

When we decided to write a Porter cable reciprocating saw review, we selected the PC85TRSOK Tiger saw first. Do you know why? We selected this unit because this tool is simply a beast and highly able to satisfy the user. 

Let me make it clear to you why this unit is a beast. But first of all, let’s check out the review of the features, specifications and other factors of this product.

Here we go-

PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK Orbital Reciprocating Saw

Basic Information

Information Details

Model number



12.25 pounds


4.8 x 24.5 x 10.5 inches

Power Source



1000 volts


1000 watts

Measurement System



3 Year Limited

Customer Reviews

PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK Orbital Reciprocating Saw Features

Heavy Duty Saw:

This Porter cable reciprocating saw is pretty powerful and heavy-duty saw because, this Tiger saw comes with an 8.5 Amp motor which has 1-1/8-in stroke. With this high performance motor, the saw is able to deliver 3200 rpm which lets you perform a fast and aggressive cutting.

The robust design and the compact footprint have made this saw efficient and the orbital dial selector lets you have aggressive cutting experience on most of the applications.

This orbital setting allows you to make the demolition applications cut where the quality of the final cut isn’t a concern. In addition, the orbital unit offers a shoe adjustment without getting help from any tool. It’s too cool, isn’t it? You can now adjust the tool easily and quickly.

Easy to Use:

The Porter cable reciprocating saw corded is an electric-powered saw which runs with 1000 volts and 1000 watts. That’s why this corded saw is so powerful. The built-in 6 feet rubber cord allows you to move the saw freely according to your need. 

In addition, the cord is made of the premium material which provides you top class durability along with flexibility in every kind of weathers so that you can use the saw around all seasons without worry.

Besides, this PC85TRSOK Tiger saw comes with efficient variable speed trigger feature that can be operated with just two fingers which has made the saw much easier to operate.

This variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the speed very quickly for every single task.

Additionally, the pivoting shoe feature lets you maneuver around the objects easily during cutting.

Over-Molded Handle & Soft Grip:

The Porter-Cable PC85TRSOK orbital reciprocating saw comes with an over-molded clam shell boot along with the over molded-handle for better and easier control. On the other hand, the saw also offers a soft grip so that you get easy, safe and comfortable control during operating the saw.

Some reciprocating saws have hard handles which aren’t good for longer use because the user feels pain in his/ her hand.

But this unit has a soft and comfortable grip so that the user can use the saw for a long duration without pain. We really appreciate it; and thanks to the manufacturer. 

Twist Lock Blade Clamp:

We mentioned the tool-free shoe adjustment feature of this saw earlier. But you know what; not only the tool-free shoe adjustment, but also this tool offers you twist lock blade clamp feature. This feature let you change or replace the blade of the saw easily and without any kind of trouble.

The blade changing/ blade replacing process is quite easy because of the built-in twist lock blade clamp.

You don’t need any additional tool(s) to do the job. You can change or replace the blade by losing the clamp and tightening the clamp again; pretty easy, isn’t it?

Compact & Durable:

The Porter-Cable 8.5 Amp orbital reciprocating saw is basically a compact saw. The dimension of the saw is 4.8x24.5x10.5 inches and the weight of the unit is just 12.25 pounds. This weight is easily accessible with a single hand and I’m pretty sure that you’ll find this saw very user-friendly and helpful during using. 

Besides, the body of the saw is made of the premium material which has made this saw durable and you can use the saw in any kind of weather condition.

This compact reciprocating saw is really made with keeping the user’s ability so we can ensure you won’t be disappointed by getting one.

Additional Features:

Along with the key features (mentioned above), this PC85TRSOK Tiger saw has additional feature too such as flush cutting, enhanced control, including kit box, 6 inches included wood cutting blade etc.

According to the features and review, this saw is one of the best reciprocating corded saws in the category. You may pick one without any kind of worries. We’re sure that this saw will properly satisfy you by fulfilling your all requirements. Just grab the handle and enjoy!


  • Orbital action blades & 8.5 Amp motor with 3200 spm for performing fast & aggressive cutting
  • Twist lock blade clamp for tool-free blade changing/ replacing
  • Variable speed trigger for quick adjustment of speed for every single task
  • The compact design allows the user to perform flush cutting in difficult areas
  • Tool-free shoe depth adjustment for demolition jobs & longer blade life
  • Pivoting shoe feature maneuvers around object easily during cutting
  • Compact, lightweight and durable saw with all-season using capability.


  • Electronic saw and has 6 feet cord so you can’t use the saw outside the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques: Does the saw come with included batteries?

Answer: No, this reciprocating saw is an electric-powered saw which doesn’t need any battery.

Ques: Has the saw included blade or I need to buy separately?

Answer: The Porter-Cable PC85TRSOK comes with an included 6 inches wood cutting blade. You don’t need to buy separately. But you need to buy when you wish to use the saw for additional works. 

Ques: What are the wattage, voltage and smp of this saw?

Answer: The wattage of the saw is 1000 watts, voltage is 1000 volts and the motor of the saw is able to perform 3200 spm.

Final Verdict

So; we finished the in-depth review of PORTER-CABLE PC85TRSOK Orbital reciprocating saw. We hope, you read this entire guide carefully and now know why we told the saw a beast, as we promised! Actually, by considering all the factors, features, abilities and price; we rated the saw 9/10. And we’re pretty sure that you’ll also rate this saw same as we did. Though there are a lot of available reciprocating saws in the market, but we think this is one of the best saws in the category. And we wishfully want you to test the saw so that you can find how powerful this saw actually is! Good luck!

And I almost forgot, if you have any kind of question about this unit then feel free to ask us. We’ll be glad if we can help you.

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