PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V 6-Tool Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Lithium Ion 6-Tool Combo Kit Review

PORTER-CABLE is a world-class tool and home improvement tools. They bring top features an oscillating tool for our smooth service. They bring PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Lithium Ion 6-Tool Combo Kit. It is work by 20v max lithium ion battery. It has 3 features as Ergonomic design, high performance and reliability for 3 years warranty. Battery operated tools can perform drills, blades for cutting and shaping materials, grout scrap, sanding feature.

The user can charge the 2.0 Ah Lithium-ion 2 batteries. LED light offer for a night or dark room service. Beside 6 tools offer for variable service. PORTER-CABLE cordless tools which offer under 300 price zone. The expert and industrial worker like the tool for their best service.

  • Brand Name: PORTER-CABLE
  • Model No: PCCK617L6
  • Dimension: 17.8*11.6*11.5* inches
  • Power Source: Cordless Battery Power
  • Batteries: 2 Quantity of Lithium-ion 2.0 Ah
  • Voltage: 20
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Made in: USA
  • LED Light – hands-free lighting
  • 2-speed gearbox as (0-350/0-1,500)
  • Compact design as 8.25” long and 3.5 pounds weight
  • 1/2” chuck 
  • Battery Charger: 24 hours Life
  • Watts: 283 units
  • PCC661 Circular Saw: Motor RPM speed 3,700.
  • Blade Feature: 5.5” 18 tooth carbide blade has 2 and 1/8” cutting capacity
  • Beveling shoe: 50 degree

PORTER-CABLE  6 Tool Combo Kit Components

  • 1 PCC641 ¼” Hex Impact Driver
  • 1 PCC661 Circular Saw
  • 1 PCC671 Reciprocating Saw
  • 1 PCC601 Compact Drill Driver at ½.”
  • 1 PCC701 Pivoting Flashlight
  • 1 PCC698L USB Charging Device

Video credit Porter Cable

Other Accessories:

  • 2 Lithium-ion 2.0 Ah 20V Max Battery
  • 1 PCC691L Battery Charger
  • 1 Kit Bag

PORTER-CABLE pcck617l6 is great for DIY projects. Its lightweight makes the user to smart handing. By analyse market competition, PORTER-CABLE 20v tools get a positive review. They get high sales and make strong position through their service.

Why do the buyers want to buy the oscillating tool? The buyers find out key features which help them to work with joy.

Lightweight and Portability:

PORTER-CABLE combo kit has 22 pounds weight. It comes with 6 components with a kit bag for smart portability. Besides, it has a handle for easy moving and angle shaping. By standing with one hand user able to lift and do their job.

LED Light:

PORTER-CABLE pcck617l6 offer LED light feature for night shift work. Also at dark room, where the user can use a switch on the LED light. It is a support to cut or shape job in the dark room.


The oscillating tool deliver optimum power to complete range for all application. It runs by 20v max battery power for cutting, shaping, sanding and more works. Tool-free oscillating has a high speed of 18000 OPM feature for the service.

Circular Saw:

The machine operates with high performances motor 3,700 RPM speed. That is work by 5.5” 18 tooth blades have 2 1/8” cutting capacity. The user can make different angle by beveling shoe. It has 50-degree feature that used for angle shape or cut.

Ergonomic Design:

The tool designed as a lightweight, so DIY user also uses at home. USB charging feature made 2 battery function offer 24 hours working life. Tool-free blades easy to set and works on material modifying.

Reciprocating Saw:

The blades function has 3000 SPM feature. By this, kits are easy to adjust and remove. The saw blade has 7/8 inches length which works at 18000 OPM speed. By the saw, user able to sand, scrap and cut different materials like wood, plastic things.

Features of 6 Components:

  • Hex Impact Driver: Works by 283 units with 2 gearboxes. It provides drill function service.
  • Circular Saw: Works by 3,700 RPM to make an angle, cut and shape materials into 2-1/8” size.
  • Reciprocating Saw: Its provide 18000 OPM to sand, cut and scrap.
  • Drill Driver: Make shape and cut wall tiles and other materials
  • Pivoting Flashlight: Hands-free light feature enables the user to do the job fast and smooth.
  • USB charging Device: 2 Lithium 2.0 Ah battery can charge anywhere with charging the device. After the charge, it supports 24 hours working capability.

Value of The 6 Combo Kit:

The manufacturer offers high quality and feature service. Every component is tool-free and easy to set up. Their functions also different and provide useful service.

Blades, LED light and USB battery with device charger to make user service easier. The price is the best investment for long time service. 3 years warranty provide the manufacturer.

If there is no significant problem occur then the individual, industry worker gets the machine for more than warranty time service.


  • LED light keep user to work at night and dark room
  • 6 components used for different job
  • 20V max battery that consumes electric power and user’s money
  • Great product for the home user
  • Standard large size kit bag for keep components together.
  • Price may higher, but robust technology made tool keep it 3 years’ service


  • The foot pounds driver feature not given
  • The drill does not include hammer feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does each tool comes with a battery?
No, It is a packaged battery where it offers 2 items with 1 USB charger.

Q: I work commercial maintenance. Will this hold up?
Yes, you can do commercial maintenance work with this machine.

Q: Is this brushless?
No, This is not a brush feature combo kit.

Q: Charger works on 220 Volts?
No, Its work on 110 Volts

Q: What is the USB charger for?
USB charger which can use phone type. You can use to charge the phone for this. Need to attach 20v battery inside phone or device.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Lithium Ion 6-Tool Combo Kit review. PORTER-CABLE 20v cordless combo kit comes to as lightweight, LED light feature and 6 unique combo kits. Our generation likes it for smooth, smart and better life developing. For DIY, industrial service, the oscillating tool is perfect. Price seems expensive. By compare feature as well as a customer review, the performance of the tool looks better. The expert, beginner and DIY user like to buy 6 kits 20V max tool. I recommend to them, bring it to their project service and lead a brighter life.

Hello Guys! This is Harvey Johnson. He has more than 8-year of experiences as woodworker & expert in power tools. He is like a geek in the woodworking arena. He loves to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools.

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