PORTER CABLE PCE605K52 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Review

Porter cable began to focus on power tools in 1914. At the forefront of technological advances for over 95 years Porter cable has introduced so many products. PORTER CABLE PCE605K52 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool is among them.

In a brief, Why you choose PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Tool?

When you wish to buy an oscillating tool you have to focus on the features first. Then you have to think about the price. When it can fulfill your need then it can be the best deal for you.  PORTER-CABLE 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool can be the right choice for you.

It features so many options for you. This product is suitable for sawing, cutting and scraping. PCE605k52 price is cheap than other. Accessories come with it allow to be used for scraping paint, silicone and other covering off the surface. Its variable speed allows quick and accurate cut through the drywall.

  • Model - PCE605K52 
  • Product dimension - 15*4.3*11 inches
  • Weight - 7.8 pounds
  • Power source - Electric corded
  • Length - 11 inch
  • Blade change - Tool-free system
  • Oscillating angle - 2.8 degree
  • Cord Length - 10 feet
  • Warranty - 3 years
  • Manufacturer country - China

​Porter cable tool kit comes with 52 accessories. They are -

  • Porter cable multi tool - 1
  • Depth/cutting guide - 1
  • Precision wood-cutting blade - 3
  • Wood/Metal blades - 3
  • Flush Cut Blades - 3
  • Sanding Pad - 1
  • Sand Papers - 35
  • Flexible Scrapers (PC3021) - 2
  • Rigid Scrapers (PC3020) - 2
  • Grout Removal Blades ( PC3030) - 2
  • Kit Box - 1

​Oscillating tools differ from each other by their features. Every oscillating tool has some basic features. Porter cable oscillating multi-tool review focus on the main feature of the tool. Here I discuss the feature of Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool.

​Motor - This the most important feature of any kind of oscillating tool.
porter cable multi-tool has 3 amp power motor. It delivers power to complete applications fast.

​Multi-purpose - porter cable multi-tool kit comes with 52 accessories. Each accessory provides all the essential components of the various project.

​Variable speed  control - This is another most important feature. porter cable pce605k52 contain variable speed dial system . It can control 10,000-22,000 pm speed. So it ensures optimize performance.

​Tool-free change - This is an essential feature for an oscillating tool. If the tool has tool-free blade system , it will make your job so easy. You need no wrench or bolts. It allows quick change and adjusts for a specific application .

​Cord length - Porter cable oscillating tool pce605k features 10-foot cord . When you work ,the cord length is a big issue. Because extra long cord makes your work much easier. It helps to span the distances you need.

​Easy handling - Porter cable professional power tools include a redesign . It has three positions in the mold . So it provides comfort while operating the tool. The user can hold the tool in the front, middle or back.

Less vibration - Porter Cable oscillating tool kit vibrates less than any another tool.

​From the Porter cable power tools review we find out some positive and negative sides of this tool. This tool contains so many features but it has some lacking. In this section I would like to follow up some of Pros and Cons of this oscillating tool.


  • ​Easy to use.
  • ​Easy blade change system
  • ​Extra long cord
  • ​Comfortable to hold
  • ​Less vibration
  • ​Heavy duty durability


  • ​The depth gauge has the tendency to come loose while working.
  • ​The accessories are very expensive when you buy it separate.
  • ​Sanding pad is quite useless.
  • ​Blades are not so good in quality.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How easy or difficult to find replacement blade?
This tool accepts universal fit .Other brand attachment can fit with it. You can also buy the replacement blade from online.

Q. Does this tool have a built-in light?
No, there is no light with it.

Q. Is this the same as Dremel ?
No, porter cable oscillating tool is different from Dremel.

Q. Can I cut steel with this tool?
Yes, but the blades are for mild and thin metals.

Q. Is this variable speed ?
Yes, It has 6 Variable speed.

​Final Verdict

​The Porter cable oscillating tool is a very high-quality product. I have used it for a couple of projects and it has performed very well. It has been very useful in some projects around the house. I like the quick change mechanism for the blades. The rubber coating is very solid and feels good in the hand.

This multi tool has heavy duty power cable. It is long enough to allow freedom of motion when working. I buy this tool to cut molding/door jambs to recess hardwood flooring. They provide wood blade make the cut easy.

Moreover, the scraping accessory is useful for removing glue and gunk from wood surfaces. The sander attachment also performs as well. You should have this kind of tools at home. I would like to recommend PORTER CABLE PCE605K52 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool as it can deal with most effective work.

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This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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