PORTER-CABLE PCE606K Oscillating Multi-Tool

PORTER-CABLE PCE606K 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Review

Oscillating Multi-Tool is a versatile in features which gives you good value for your money.PORTER-CABLE, one of the most popular brand in tools market introduce a new weapon PORTER-CABLE PCE606K 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool. This tool is featured for its power,caliber and a wide variety of tasks around the house.

I hope this PORTER-CABLE PCE606K review help you to have the outlook of the products and its working process.

In Porter cable pce606k reviews ,the customers have given the kit an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Most are happy with their purchase. This tool can be used for a wide variety of tasks around the house. A few customers were not happy with the results. But they were the exceptions. As the professionals generally need better. And more expensive, specialized tools.

Technical Information

  • Model number - PCE606K
  • Number of accessories - 11 pieces
  • Weight - 4.65 pounds
  • Oscillating angle - 2.8 degree
  • Product dimension - 15.8*4.5*5.5 inches
  • Power source - corded- electric
  • Cord length - 8 feet
  • Measurement system - metric
  • Warranty - 3 years limited warranty

Porter cable pce606k has tool-free blade change system. That allows for quick changes and adjustments for specific applications,​without any wrench and bolt. Its 3 amp motor delivers power to complete application fast. Porter cable oscillating Multi-Tool tool has variable speed dial 10,000 - 22,000 OPM.

It optimizes performance and control across a complete range of application. This tool has a 3 position over mold handle.

Which provides a gripping area on the front, middle, and rear. It improves comfort by reducing vibration. The 8-foot cord minimizes the need for extension cords.

This tool is used for cutting, sanding, scraping and grinding.

PORTER-CABLE PCE606K Oscillating
Multi-Tool Accesories

This oscillating tool includes 11 pieces of attachment. They are-

  • 3 amp oscillating multi-tool-PCE606K
  • Wood blade - 1
  • Wood/metal Blade - 1
  • Sanding Plate - 1
  • Sandpaper - 8
  • Kitbag – 1

Powerful motor:

Porter cable oscillating tool come with 3 AMP motor. It delivers power to complete applications fast.This model delivers the performance needed for tough applications. Including cutting, sanding, scraping and grinding.


You have to consider this feature while you are going to buy an oscillating tool. User prefers to use the lightweight tool.

As it is easy to handle and carry anywhere. The Porter cable oscillating tool weighs 6.5 pounds. It is a very lightweight tool available on the market.

Tool-free system:

It is one of the best features of the tool. Porter cable oscillating tool pce606k has easy blade change system. It allows quick changes and adjustments to specific applications without wrench or bolt.

The user must like the tool-less feature of this tool. In this system, you haven’t worry about the blade coming loose.

Easy handling:

W​​​​hen you are going to buy an oscillating tool, you have to consider this feature. The Porter cable handle has three over the mold.

Hence, grip the tool in the position. You need not worry about slippage .So you can feel comfortable while working.


You can use this tool for various application. This tool can perform heavy duty requirements. This tool is used for sanding, cutting, scraping and grinding.

You can also use it for the large and small project at home or job site. This tool is super versatile for difficult cuts and contour sanding.

Variable speed dial system:

It has variable speed dial system. You can operate the speed dial and control the cutting rate.

Its most rate is 22,000 OPM oscillations per minutes. And the least is 10,000 OPM.it makes your work easy.

Extra-long cord:

Porter-Cable oscillating tool has 8 feet long cord. You need no extension while working. So it makes your task continuous without wasting any time.


  • Very powerful
  • Quick and precise cut
  • Tool-less blade change is very handy
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Variable speed dial
  • Extra-long cord
  • Three different gripping position
  • Very good value for the money


  • This tool gets hot after using sometimes
  • Different brand blades don’t fit with this
  • Doesn’t come with depth guide
  • It can get hot after using long period
  • No work light
  • It has rectangular holes instead of a circular hole. Be careful before buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I buy a warranty of this tool?
Yes, this tool comes with a 3- year warranty.

Q. Can I use Dremel blade?
No, some Dremel blades are not compatible with this tool. Keep in mind the blade has to slide onto the locking plate. If the opening of the blade is less than the diameter of the locking plate, it will not fit.

Q. Does this product have the round pins or the new square pins?
It has the square ones.

Q. Will this cut roof nails?
By using a proper blade you can cut roof nails.

Q. Does it come with a depth gauge?
No, Porter cable 3 amp oscillating tool does not.

Bottom Line

PORTER-CABLE PCE606K performs exactly as I expect. It is powerful enough to cut quick and it is precise. The tool-less blade change feature is very handy. Although it requires quite a bit of force on the lever to free the blade. It is much easier than having to use a screwdriver or Allen wrench. 

The tool body does get somewhat hot after continuous use. You should be careful not to cover the ventilation area with your hand when holding it.

Finding blades online to fit was not easy. Since the tool is so new and uses blades with rectangular slots instead of circular holes. This is a great oscillating tool at a great price.

PORTER-CABLE PCE606K 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool doesn’t disappoint you. It will serve you the best. May be this review helps you to make the right decision. I would like to recommend this tool to anyone.

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This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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