PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool Review

PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC 2 12-Volt MAX Oscillating Tool

We decorate our home with latest technology feature. We want to live smart and lead a peaceful life. For this, we used home improvement tools to make things better. An oscillating tool is a powerful hand tool that’s work by sharp blades to change things. Porter-Cable is a world-class service provider in this sector. They provide PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool. The tool works by 12 volts cordless electric power. For this, the manufacturer offers battery for smart porting. If the user needs to carry it for office or shop purpose from home, then this product is ideal. Porter cable tools have lightweight at 2.2 pounds. The black colour power tool also offers three years warranty. So the user gets the best investment tool for their service.

Why you choose Porter Cable 12 Volt, Max Oscillating Tool?

Porter Cable introduce since 1926 and still offer valuable service in home improvement and power tool sector. In this product, the buyer gets 30 days money back guarantee.

Besides, it provides 1-year service contract. 14 inches long and 2.2 pounds weight tool easy to carry and store. A cordless tool with battery installed feature target likes by today’s generation. It saves their energy, time and portability feature. 


PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 Description

  • Manufacturer Name: Porter Cable
  • Product Name: PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12-Volt MAX Oscillating Tool
  • Model No: PCL120MTC-2
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14.2*6.3*8.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight with All Accessories: 7 Pounds
  • Power Source: Electric Move able
  • Oscillating Per Minute: 7,500 to 15,000 OPM
  • Angle: 2.8 degree
  • LED Light for dark place work advantage
  • Voltage: 12
  • Components: Bare tool attachment with battery case
  • Battery: 2 Qt of Lithium-ion batteries 12V
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Accessories in The Box: 32 Items

PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool Kit
  • Battery 2 piece with 30 minutes charger
  • Wood and Cut Blade, Wood/Metal end cut, half segment wood blade, Carbide grout blades
  • Sanding Platen
  • 24 sandpaper sheets
  • Rigid scraper
  • Flexible scraper
  • Storage accessory box
  • Storage bag

Features of PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool

The porter-cable oscillating tool is a tool-less system for more natural accessory changes. Porter Cable 12 volts power tool offers more battery running operation. So the user can move toward the things and get position for different angling. The buyers like to get one for their self-smart service. You may interest to know about the product unique features. Let’s see in below:

PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool

Tool Free Accessories:

To work with flexible, Porter Cable multi-tool offer tool-free accessories. Necessary accessories include the box. When use, set up and do the job.

The machine set up process is so more comfortable that you do not need any bolt or screw. Attach the part and start shaping or cutting the tools.

LED Light:

PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Tool

if you need emergency modification job at night, don’t worry. Porter Cable max offer LED light at the top of the blade parts. At the dark place, you can do your work by a switch on the light.

Variable Speed Dial:

You need a power tool which can control and adjustable. By the oscillating device, you get 7,500 to 15,000 OPM speed. You can adjust the power through the machine.

Also, you can use the 2.8-degree angle to move and shape the product. User-friend tool makes your task simple and smoother.

PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC-2 Oscillating Tool

Easier Tool Change:

There are 32 items added in this tool which separated except LED light. The user needs to install before use. Different blades function offer for various devices and product shaping, cutting, modifying.

For sanding, 24 sanding sheets provide. After use storage, offer a bag.

Value of Porter Cable Cordless Oscillating Tool:

Great feature and useful accessories made power tool offer price in the standard range. The good rate is best for long-lasting service and investment too.

Three years warranty offered with three months cash back offer. A smart self-service user likes to buy and store at home for their smooth service.

Video credit Porter Cable


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great tool for home improvement
  • 32 accessories provide for outstanding service
  • Tool-free service
  • LED light offer for darkroom job, where the user can do their task.
  • Price is standard and compares with quality; it is cheaper than other brands.


  • Batteries are not durable, power down too quick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have lost the battery charger. Look toward to buy the same model charger or another model? What to do?
It is better to buy the same model charger. For this, you need to contact through the same outlet.

Q: Is the tool is more power or battery running?
Both features enable. At home, you can use an electric line which has 12 volts power. If going outside, then use battery function for your task.

Q: What accessories included in this item?
Total 32 items. Like different blades, 24 sanding paper sheets, two batteries, rigid and flexible scraper, storage box and bag.

Q: What is the dimension of this product?
14.2*6.3*8.3 inches.

Final Verdict

I like to thanks for reading PORTER-CABLE PCL120MTC 2 12V Oscillating Tool review. At current market trend, the user wishes to use an oscillating tool like Porter Cable 12 Volts. Its tool-free and easy to set up. Price and battery may stand little issue. For the price, it looks okay to compare feature and accessories. For the battery, sometimes its varies user working activities. Without this, the function is helpful for home improvement service. To stay at home and decorate ideally, brings Porter-Cable max oscillating tool. Its compelling, smart work at night and useful accessories do the job at high. Buy it and keep your things perfect.

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