Power tools Vs Hand Tools

Power Tools vs Hand Tools | Which is the best?

Which one is the best- hand tool or power tool? The debate is going on. And that’s why most of the people are in dilemma in choosing their tools. Are you in such situation?

Well. It is very natural to be. But you can obviously get out from this dilemma and I am sure you want it.

Then question is, how? Okay. Then answer is very simple. Just know the feature and common difference of these tools and be expert in choosing the perfect one for you.

For you, on this discussion about power tools vs hand tools, I have brought up all about these two tools- their definition, difference, features and benefits. And lastly from the comparison table, you will surely have a good idea about the color difference of this two.

Then why late? Just have a coffee and proceed to learn more! 

Hand Tools: Definition & Meaning

The tools that you need to use manually by giving your energy are generally defined as the hand tools. Manual labor power is required to control or run the hand tools.

Hand tools are very simple to look at. They have a very simple mechanism and design indeed.

Also, hand tools do not come with lots of moving parts. Example of a hand tool can be a hammer or a screwdriver.

power tools vs hand tools

Power Tools: Definition & Meaning

Avid Power Tire Inflator

Unlike hand tools, power tools use other sources of power rather than manual manpower. Electricity, air compressor power or battery is used to run the power tools.

The source of power allows the tools to operate automatically. They come with different useful mechanisms and parts like a motor that allows them to be more efficient.

A tire inflator can be an example of a power tool.

Benefits of Using Hand Tools & Power Tools

Now that you know what hand tools and power tools are, it’s time for the comparison between the two. First I would like to compare the benefits of both the tools.

Benefits of Hand Tools

  • You don’t have to worry about a mechanical part to break in hand tools.
  • The fewer moving parts of a hand tool allows it to last longer.
  • You have more control over the movement of a hand tool.
  • Hand tools are always and easily available for use as they need human power to run.
  • No recharging of battery or refueling necessary to run hand tools.
  • Manual tools are always lighter in weight than power tools. So they are easy to be carried anywhere.
  • As manual tools are very compact in size, you can store them in a small place if you want.

Benefits of Power Tools

  • The main plus point of having a power tool is that they are more powerful than hand tools as they are run with external electrical or pneumatic power.
  • More power provides more accuracy in your work.
  • Power tools save a lot of time and human energy for you.
  • Power tools can move quickly so they are more precise than the hand tools.
  • Some of the tasks are nearly impossible with hand tools. You can perform these tasks with the help of a power tool.
  • Power tools can be safer in many cases than a hand tool. For example, if you want to cut down trees with a saw manually, this can be dangerous for you.

Power Tools VS Hand Tools Info-Graphics


Power Tools Vs Hand Tools Info-graphic

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Drawbacks of Using Hand Tools & Power Tools

We have already come to know the benefits of using both hand tools and power tools. Now I will discuss here the drawbacks of both of the tools so that you can compare their differences easily.

Drawbacks of Hand Tools

  • Hand tools are not as powerful as any kind of power tools. A pneumatic nailer is definitely more powerful than a simple handheld hammer.
  • As you operate hand tools manually it will take you more time to complete a task.
  • Using hand tools often fails to provide a good accuracy especially if you are not a professional user of that tool.
  • Hand tools can cause some minor accidents which are safer for a power tool.
  • There are some tasks that require a lot of power and hand tools are not good or suitable for that task.

Drawbacks of Power Tools

  • If one mechanical part of a power tool is broken the whole tools is out of order.
  • There are a lot of moving parts of a power tool which makes them get damaged quicker than a hand tool.
  • Controlling the movement of a power tool manually is quite tough.
  • As you need external power to run a power tool, it fails to support you if the tool’s battery is down and/or if there is no power source like electricity or air compressor.
  • Power tools are always heavier than hand tools, so carrying them to a distant place is tougher.
  • A power tool is bigger in size compared to a hand tool. So, you have to have more space for a power tool to be stored after you are done working.

A quick Comparison Table to help you

Here is a quick comparison table that will help you identify the differences at a glance.

Key Point

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Power source

Power tools have external power sources like electricity or pneumatic power.

Hand tools are operated with manpower or manual labor.

Time Required

Power tools require less time to complete a task.

Hand tools require more time to complete a task.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Power tools are more efficient and accurate than hand tools.

Hand tools are less efficient and accurate than power tools.

Safety Concerns

Power tools are more concerned about the safety of the user.

Hand tools are operated manually so the safety depends on the user more than the tool.

Size and Storage

Power tools are larger and they need more space to be stored.

Hand tools are easier to store as they are smaller.

Final Verdict

So what are thinking now? Obviously, you are about to take your decision that which type of tools you need to meet your demand. And surely you will apply the core difference before reaching your final decision, right?

After reading the article on power tools vs hand tools, you know now the benefits of using them. In fact, both of the tools are very useful. The fact is that whether you need quick operation. If yes, then you should go for power tools. And if you are in such a position that you can’t manage power source, then you should go for hand tools.

After all, it is you who have to reach in the final decision of having the best one. But in using power tools, never forget to take safety measures.
Have a nice day! 

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