RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax

RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool Review

RIDGID brings a border-less friendly tool for our smart life living.This tool is too much handy and well balanced that, any professional make this tool as his partner.

Lightweight,air-powered,high OPM and accepting all job max attachments make the RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool Kit as better service provider.

Rigid smart handle help user to do any application processing job easier. RIDGID Pneumatic has 100% Air-consumption made.The universal adapter comes with multi-tool accessories to make user job outstanding.

RIDGID Multi-Tool Kit Specifications

  • Brand : RIDGID
  • Model : R9020PNK
  • Dimension : 11.5*7.6*3.8 inches
  • Weight : 1.5 Pounds
  • Power Source : Air-Power (100%) Air Base Type
  • OPM Speed : 0-18,000
  • Operating Pressure : 90 PSI
  • Duty Cycle : 18.2 Celsius

RIDGID Accessories

  • ​Air JobMax
  • Multi-Tool Head with Universal Adapter
  • Cutting Blades (2 Piece)
  • Sanding Pad
  • Sand Paper
  • Hex Wrench
  • Drive Gear Covers (2 Piece)
  • Air-Tool Oil for air power service
  • Heavy Duty Storage Bag

New Edition:

The JobMax Multi-tool that is performed by RIGID air power. The feature is entirely new in oscillating tool world. Besides, it brings pneumatic tool which has 7 interchangeable heads.

One of the top feature and high power made tool has operates through reverse and forward variable speed. For application remodeling, resize or repair job, Ridgid job max multi-tool offers smooth service.

Superior Performance:

Ridgid oscillating tool offers powerful motor service which operated from air-pressure. By this, it delivers optimum 0 to 18,000 OPM for the application processing.

During the process, use air oil for tool smooth running. It brings 100% air consumption.

Quick Connect Air-Fitting:

Ridgid cordless tools that work by air power. The power generated from Swivel promptly that prevent hose tangles.

Beside HEX GRIP micro texture provide user to do their job with comfort. The texture is the too smaller size for smooth service.

RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool Air Fitting

Head Position:

Ridgid pneumatic job max multi-tool kit has 4 different head position. The user can flexibly work in tight spaces and blades reach almost every surface.

So that, the application built in ideal shape for home decoration.

Universal Adapter:

Ridgid multi-tool review analyses, the customer likes it universal adapter feature. More than, the adapter also suitable for favorite multi-tool accessories.

A tool-free cordless tool which works little slower to produce OPM power. It make the application to set a new model or shape.

Value of The Tool:

Today we have many job sites like construction sector, workshop and home project. At the office or home decoration, we also use the oscillating tool.

Ridgid Air Power is unique among the tools and offers multi-purpose service. Another feature pneumatic, which has different handle service.

The universal blades that offer in the box, the user can apply on other brands service. Like Bosch, they can attach and cut wood, floor tiles and many more items.

The valuable feature made a multi-tool for different projects like cut and sand. Also, offer standard price rate for the user purchase concern. For home or construction, job site, Ridgid performs service like user-friend.

RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool Kit Review Video


  • ​Lightweight and transportable
  • Smart carrying bag offer for accessories storage and transport
  • A tool-free machine which has quick set and detaches feature
  • Variable speed dial for optimum control the machine by the switch.
  • Air Power tool which saves energy and battery replacement cost


  • Price is quite expensive to comparing with Bosch, Dremel feature
  • LED light feature not available
  • Battery powered tool more useful and provide longtime service.


Q: What is the dimension of this tool?
The dimension is 11.5*7.6*3.8 inches.

Q: How many amps use?
It used 4 amp only.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading RIDGID Pneumatic JobMax Multi-Tool Kit review. The air-compressor power tool is useful for the money. The accessories and kit offer an excellent solution for the job site. Lightweight and smooth handle for quick user handling. So the user as industry or home user can use the new edition model tool for their project. Buy the tool and remodel or repair your settings for style life leading.

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