Ridgid R8642 Gen5X 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Ridgid R8642 Gen5X 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

When it’s the matter of finding a portable and powerful reciprocating saw, there are a few products come to our mind because of their performance, features and work ability. And the Ridgid R8642 Gen5X cordless reciprocating saw is one of them.

Why Ridgid R8642 Gen5X Reciprocating Saw ?

The Ridgid R8642 Gen5X is a new generation reciprocating saw with advanced features, high performance, heavy-duty work-ability and effective support.

This portable saw is too powerful as a reciprocating saw and it has come to the top list of the reciprocating saw because of its abilities.

Today, we’re going to talk about this little beast.

We hope, this in-depth review of the Ridgid R8642 Gen5X reciprocating saw will help you to take the right decision before buying.

Basic Specification


Model Number



6.9 pounds


19 x 6 x 4 inches


Plastic, Steel

Power Source


While choosing any tool, we always choose the best one. The Ridgid R8642 Gen5X is one of the best cordless reciprocating saw out there. This saw is able to fulfill all the requirements of a worker and highly able to satisfy the user. 

Let’s see the top features of the saw-

Ridgid R8642 Gen5X 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Advanced Reciprocating Saw:

This Ridgid cordless reciprocating saw is an advanced saw. This is an upgraded and new version of the previous saw.

This gen5X is an 18v lithium ion battery based reciprocating saw which has made this saw very powerful.

Though it runs with the power of the battery, but the 18v has made this saw too powerful to make sure that you get the required support from the saw.

Additionally, this orbital saw lets you to make all the cutting action faster without sacrificing the minimal accuracy through the wood. The no-load speed of the saw is 0-3000 SPM and the stroke length of the saw is 1-1/8 inches.

Rubber Over-molded Grip:

The Ridgid X5 reciprocating saw comes with over-molded rubber grip in its handlebar. This rubber grip provides you a firmer grip experience even in the slippery conditions along with preventing the scuffing up the floor. This grip is pretty cool and you feel less vibration during the work.

Orbital Selector Switch:

This Ridgid 18v reciprocating saw comes with a built-in orbital selector switch which is placed on the top of the saw. This switch lets you activate or deactivate the unique cutting action easily with just a finger.

Additionally, this saw offers the line of sight bowler which provides you clear vision during the job so that you can cut conveniently. 

Tool-Free Adjustment:

This Ridgid reciprocating saw has the tool-free foot adjustment feature so that you can adjust the saw according to your work easily and conveniently. You can easily pull the foot of the saw out.

Just force the unused teeth of the blades near the tips. You don’t even need any tool.

You can change/ replace the blade quickly and easily when you need. It conserves the blade of your reciprocating saw, lets you work longer with a single blade and helps to replace the blade less frequently.

LED Light:

The Ridgid R8642 Gen5X cordless reciprocating saw offers LED light feature which is a pretty cool feature for a reciprocating saw.

When you activate the tool by triggering the power button, the tool automatically activates the LED lighting panel of the front of the saw. 

It helps a lot to make the work easier during low light or dark. On the other hand, you can also activate the light only without activating the tool. It’s an optional feature for the time when you just need the light. There is a separate trigger which turns the light on.

Compact & Portable:

The Ridgid R8642 Gen5X is compact and highly portable which have made the tool perfect for outdoor. The dimension of the tool is 19x6x4 inches and the weight is 6.9 pounds.

This is really a pretty good choice when you prefer compact & portable reciprocating saw most.

Other Features:

Besides the key features of the saw, the tool has some other features too such as included bare-tool, plenty of utility etc which have made the tool very popular among the people.

This little saw is best for your home, DIY and job works and we’re sure that for a variety of applications, you’ll find plenty of working utility.

RIDGID GEN5X 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw Video


  • Tool-free foot adjustment and blade replacing ability.
  • LED lighting panel system for better work ability.
  • Compact, lightweight and highly portable cordless saw.
  • Over-molded rubber grip & less vibration.
  • Orbital selector switch for more accurate cut.
  • Line of sight bowler ensures better visibility.
  • Powerful 18v saw provides 0-3000 SPM no load speed.


  • Battery powered saw so you need to look after the battery & the unit doesn’t come with the included battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques. Does the unit come with the included battery?

Answer: No, this is a tool only unit. It doesn’t come with the included battery. You have to buy the battery separately.

Ques. Has the saw included saw or I need to buy the blade separately?

Answer: The saw does come with an included saw blade. You’ll get that along with the saw. Additionally, this unit offers tool-free blade replacement feature.

Ques. Is the saw able to serve well heavy-duty work?

Answer: This question is a little bit complicated. Actually, this is a heavy-duty reciprocating saw for your home works, DIY projects or professional works. But this little isn’t built for heavy work. I think you’ve understood.

Bottom Line

The Ridgid R8642 Gen5X cordless reciprocating saw is simply pretty good and almost perfect for all of your jobs. Actually, this portable cordless saw can be the perfect saw for your work and it’s highly able to satisfy you fully by meeting all of your requirements. We can simply say that you won’t be disappointed by having one; and we hope you also know that in this stage after the in-depth review. If you’re still confused, then we’ll suggest you get the saw. We are sure that you’ll get the saw very helpful after using. Just go and grab it. Good luck.

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