Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool

Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool

People use oscillating tool for tools and home improvement. It helps the user to make their home setting more beautiful. For this, they like to buy an oscillating for their smart application build up purpose. From the top class brands, Rockwell offers valuable service. They offer Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool. It has the feature of variable speed and aluminium gear housing.This 2.8 pounds weight machine easy to move and work through application surface.

Rockwell RC5100k also make user job lighter. After processing application, it collects dust to keep the workplace clean. The 16 pieces components make a different task of cutting, sanding, scrap and many more. For home and industrial service, Rockwell sonic rafter is the best oscillating tool and it helps them to lead an intelligent life.

Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool

Rockwell RC5100K Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Rockwell
  • Model No: RC5100K
  • Dimension: 4.8*7.5*15 inches
  • Weight: 5.05 Pounds
  • Power Source: Ampler Motor; 2.0 Amp
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • 1 wood cutting blade
  • 1 HSS semicircular blade
  • 1 Sanding Pad
  • 10 Sanding sheets
  • 1 Scraper
  • 1 Knife blade
  • 1 Accessory adapter

Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool Features

Rockwell provides tools and home improvement service since 2010. By their RC5100K model, they offer 2 years limited offer. Bare-tool attachment in the case specification tool use for hard working service. The home user most like the tool for their DIY project.

There are some key features highlights below for user buying tips:

Durable and Transportable:

The user gets the Rockwell oscillating tool as reliable service. 2 years limited warranty offer for their use satisfaction. RC5100K weight is 5.05 pounds which is easy to carry and handle by a single hand for material processing.

Comfortable Grip:

The body designed by the slim fit and soft grip handles. By this, user able to use in hand to move and cut, shape the application. The grip is secure enough and durable. Hold tight and use blades in the area or surface cutting.

Micro-Sonic Oscillating:

Rockwell oscillating multi-tool provides the feature for smooth running. The tool is ampler motor running 2.0 amp and produces high-frequency power.

The buyer also like to buy a multi-tool like Rockwell. The tool offers multi-task application modification job. The user can do saw, cut, scrape, shape, sand, polish and grout remove feature activities.

Aluminum Gear Housing:

The tool frame built in aluminium material gear house. It keeps the tool durable and smooth work capacity. Also, it can use for the angle at 3.2 degrees. It provides faster cutting service.

Variable Speed:

Rockwell tools review get from customer review that, it has offer variable speed. The function that works by 2.0 amp power to process application as per user commands.

They can use the components efficiently and also replace quickly. The user use components for metal, wood cutting. Scrap use of carpet cutting. The sand used for tight place fit and shaping.

As multiple tasks oriented oscillating tool make user job lighter.

Value of The Tool:

Rockwell develops outstanding tools for user’s home improvement. In RC5100K, where the user gets it as a lightweight, multiple task provider.

The feature and function are applicable for DIY users. Sonic rafter accessories come for a multi-task job like carpet, wood cutting. Rockwell's 16 components as total provide user service with comfort as its grip.


  • Durable and portable
  • 2.8 weighs machine comes to as multi-task service provider
  • Easy clean feature after processing
  • 16 components offer different project and application process service
  • Allen key and universal end cut blade and carrying bag are most useful in 16 components


  • LED light feature not available
  • 2 years warranty is limited
  • Power voltage feature does not include. Instead, it finds out form customer review. It runs by 110 volts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What size of arbour does this tool have? I want to offer it, and I was looking at versa-tool universal oscillating blade kit. Will it work?
The arbour feature does not hear before. So it is difficult to advise on the feature and functional activities.

Q: How much volt it used?
120v-60Hz-2.0 Amp is greater for the service. Use 3.2 degree angle at 11,000 to 20,000 OPM.

Final Verdict

Rockwell RC5100K Shop Series Sonic Tool Oscillating Tool is wonder machine. It keeps user job easier. Convenient carry kit bag offer to transport the 16 components. Besides, it has dust collection and neat natural feature. Compatible with Rockwell sonicrafter accessories that work on floor, wall and even on carpets. Sonic tool feature for remodeling, resize and shape the materials. One of the lighter oscillating tool in Rockwell family. For the new and DIY user, they like to use them too for their light service. I recommend buying the multiple tasks oriented oscillating tool for tools and home improvement.

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