Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool Review

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool is a new impressive weapon of Rockwell multi-Tools garage.This model is a super handy gadget that is easy to use. It is a specialized tool that does a good job for some particular chores. It does plunge cuts where no other device could. It also does detailed sanding in tight spots.

Rockwell oscillating tool kit includes 72 accessories that make it very handy. The power motor delivers up to 20,000 oscillations per minute. To give you very smooth results. The tool made of high-quality materials. Moreover, provides perfect results with not a lot of effort. So Rockwell sonicrafter oscillating tool can be a good choice for you.

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Rockwell
  • Model Number: RK5102K
  • Product Dimensions: 7.3*4.7*15 inches
  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Certification: Certified Frustration free
  • The region of Manufacture: China
  • Warranty: 2-Years warranty

Including Accessories of Rockwell RK5102K

The 72-piece multipurpose kit comes with the following attachments.

  • The SoniCrafter Unit
  • Sanding Sheets – 30
  • Sanding Pad
  • Finger Sanding Sheets – 30
  • Finger Sanding Pad
  • Polishing Pad – 2
  • Semi-Circle Saw Blade
  • Universal End Cut Blade
  • Carbide grit semicircle Blade
  • Triangular carbide grip rasp
  • Scraper
  • Hex wrench
  • Carrying case

Best Features of Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool

Rockwell Sonicrafter has features with so many uses. Here I would like to focus on the best features of the tool.

Compact in size:

Rockwell multi-tool is compact. The total dimension of the tool is 7.3*4.7*15 inches. So Rockwell SoniCrafter is small enough to reach into corners and tight spaces.

The compact size also ensures easy handling.

Dust Extraction Kit:

The Rockwell Sonicrafter comes with a dust extraction kit. It is a specific feature of the tool. It is a standard plastic system that is flat on one end and allows a vacuum system to pull dust.

The plastic extraction tube gets very narrow towards the front of the tool.

It is giving larger particles plenty of opportunities to get lodge in place.

So Rockwell RK5102K creates very low dust while working.

SoniCrafter Dust Extraction Kit

Great Oscillating Angle:

The second important stat is Oscillation Angle. It will range from around 2.5 to 3.2 degrees. Depending on the power you pick. 

The angle tells you how far the accessory moves from side to side per oscillation. The higher the oscillation angle, the more aggressive the machine is.

Rockwell soniCrafter rk5102k is a multi-tool with an oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees in total.

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool great Oscillating Angle

Easy Accessory Change System:

Many models allow for tool-free accessory changes. An oscillating tool is handy for anyone. You need not worry about having an Allen wrench on hand at all times.

Rockwell Sonicrafter has a very straightforward accessory change system. It utilizes a bolt and flange. It is removed to swap out accessories.

Each accessory has a dodecagon-shaped hole that fits over a shallow hex head on the tool. Once it positioned, you merely replace the flange and secure the bolt all the way into the device.

Video credit Rockwell Tools


  • Creates very low dusting
  • The adjustable speed is great
  • Comes with a reasonably long cord
  • Easy to get into hard to reach areas
  • Can cut hard materials with safe cutting
  • High sanding capacity
  • No kickbacks oscillating action
  • This tool comes with an adapter to use other brands blades


  • The edges can burn soon
  • Gets a bit warm while running
  • A little bit heavy than other tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many Amps is the motor?
Rockwell rk5102k comes with 3.2 Amps motor.

Q: Is there any grinding wheel attachment in the kit?
No, Rockwell multi-tool does not come with any grinding attachment.

Q: From where the replacement parts can buy?
You can buy them from the Rockwell site or any hardware store.

Q: Does this rk5102k Rockwell come with any carrying case?
Yes, this model does.

Final Verdict

Oscillating tool is suitable for yourself as a DIY type person. If you do not own an oscillating multi-tool, you are missing a lot. Oscillating devices are safer and easier to use than any saw.

The SoniCrafter deluxe tools what you need in your toolbox. The Rockwell leans more towards the builder. That does not mean that the artist and hobbyist cannot use it. For the severe builder, the Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool is the best tool. This Rockwell is a recommending tool for anyone. You can buy this useful tool. It will be a perfect tool for the price.

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