Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool

Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Review

Rockwell works in the marketplace since last two decades and offers a variation of tools and service for home improvement.This is own and distributed by Positec Tool Corporation. Rockwell manufacture company innovates many useful hand tools for home improvement. Rockwell soniCrafter tool introduces several tools for making people live better. Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool is a perfect product for the users for accomplishing their tasks. The Rockwell SoniCrafter kit, that has 3.0 Amp Motor engine and 3.2-degree oscillating power for faster cutting and makes the product into perfect shape.


Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool
  • Model : RK5121K
  • Weight : 5.7 lb
  • Product Dimension : 0.10*7.50*4.8 inches
  • Sub-Brand : SoniCrafter
  • Tool Amp : 3.0
  • Speed Type : Variable
  • Minimum oscillation per minute : 11,000
  • Maximum oscillation per minute : 20,000
  • Cord Length : 10 ft
  • Warranty : 3 years
  • Manufacturer : China

A perfect shaped design use Rockwell multi-tool blades that have used to cut a variety of products perfect cutting, shaping and shaping. Rockwell sonicrafter oscillating tool has a variable speed control option so that the motor and performance can easily operate.

More than a tool-free system that helps the user save time and handle the Rockwell sonicrafter complaints adjustment. The tool has universal fit system.

Rockwell oscillating tool adjusts quickly of any brand blades and accessories . So in a word the Rockwell tools review seems quite useful and the user can freely handle wherever they can.

Rockwell RK5121K Overview

  • Rockwell Tool 3.0 Amp that is similar to RK5121K, which is a good hand tool for home improvement and the user can do their task quickly.
  • Rockwell 3.0 Amp motor has covered 3.2 Degree oscillation that helps the machine faster cutting and make the product a perfect shape.
  • Rockwell sonicrafter parts have 10 fits corded so the user can easily use at anywhere and they can minimize or make extension the long fit cord.
  • Rockwell oscillating multi-tool offers 11,000 to 20,000 OPM variable speed dial accuracy control system that helps the whole applications.
  • Rockwell oscillating tool used 31 accessories for perfect cutting, shaping and polishing with perfectly remove the fixes.
  • A universal fit system that allows all accessories and tools like blades easy to adjust the machine parts.
  • Tool-free accessories that help the functional activities quick changes and adjustment.Rockwell Sonicrafter has Hyper Lock tool Power system that helps secure the machine from an accident during the operation.

Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool Features

Universal Fit System:

Rockwell use them every product accessories universal fit system. Like their other products, in Rockwell RK5121K parts has also universal fit system. 

It helps the overall accessories and tools, blades can easily adjust and replacement possible.

25 Types of Accessories:

Rockwell manufacturer offers 25 type of different accessories and tools so the user can easily find their tool and continue their process.

Hyper Lock Tool:

Rockwell SoniCrafter rk5121k has built up with hyper lock tool so it helps the user secure from any accidental case like a drop from hand or blade slippage. 

This might make user working process slower.

A ton of Clamping Force:

The Rockwell SoniCrafter that used 4 different featured models. These models help the hyper lock blade system changing with 1 Ton of clamping force. 

By this feature, the product will be secure for a longer time.

Vibration-free Technology:

Rockwell tool parts used a Viber free technology so during the machine operate the user can feel less vibrate and easily to make perfect shape for their desire cut.

Less vibration also helps to cut the product 50% quicker.

Barrel Grip Design:

Like all Rockwell oscillating tools, RK5121K 3.0 Amp has barrel grip design so the user can handle the machine easily and feel comfort to resize their product shape.

Fast Cutting:

Rockwell oscillating tool lowes the electricity consumption and used to cut the products into the desired shape with variable speed control.


  • Multi-speed Tools: Less consumption of electricity with variable speed process so the user can quickly operate the machine for cutting, sanding, shaping and remove the outside fix.
  • Perfect weight for all user: only 5.65 pounds to build Rockwell multitool so the user can easily lift the machine and operate wherever they wish.
  • Great Budget: Rockwell Tools ranged price able, so the General buyers who come to first use this tools can easily choose and accomplish their works.
  • Hyper Lock: Rockwell tool used Hyper lock system that allows user the following benefits. 
  1. Security to safely handling
  2. Fewer blade changes
  3. Prevent blade slippage
  4. Easy release the lever to spin that loose the accessories and blade adjustments


  • This product has used some chemicals includes lead and bisphenol. In California, USA some people affected by this product, so the Rockwell SoniCrafter tools recommend the users should clean their hand after every use of the product.
  • Accessories Price High: Price of the tool can be higher or shorter. If a user needs to use the product than they have to install the accessories for their future product shape purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-1: What blades does this come with?

Answer: for perfect cutting and shaping, the user can use two blades for all purpose.

Question-2: Does this give bad vibration when it turned on?

Answer: In some cases, when machine switches on, the sounds can be louder, but after some time passes it can be slower. The tool used a technology of Viber free, so the user can not feel any vibration when they handle it.

Question-3: Is it used for cut carpeting, if so then which blades should to use?

Answer: in generally Rockwell RK5121K 3.0 amp used to cut wooden products, but cut carpet thinks to be difficult.

Bottom Line

Rockwell 3.0 Amp Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool builds with 3.0 amp so easy to grip, universal fit accessories and hyper lock system allow the user to handle safely, quickly and easily. So everybody should keep it in their home and make their product perfect shape as their own concern and make a home beautiful.

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