Rockwell RK5141K Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool

Rockwell RK5141K 4 amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool Review

In 1945 Rockwell Manufacturing Company continued to their manufacturing of a successful line with the power tool. ​The new Rockwell RK5141K Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool is the first oscillating tool with 5 degrees of oscillation. It makes the cut significant and fast.

Rockwell Sonicrafter has plenty of power​ and 4 amp motor. Speed control system helps you to control constant speed. Its universal fit system makes the attachment easy fit. Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 blade change is easier than other. Rockwell F50 has a max cutting load of 35lbs. Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi-Tool is such a useful tool.

Rockwell RK5141K Sonicrafter F50 Accessories 

  • 25 different types of accessories
  • RK5141K Oscillating tool
  • End Cut Blade: 2 Precision (4-1-3/8 inch). Bimetal - 1 and Standard - 1
  • HSS Semicircle Saw Blade
  • Rigid Scraper Blade - 1
  • Sanding Pad - 1
  • Sanding sheet - 26
  • Hard Case - 1

Rockwell RK5141K ​Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool Information



Model Number



4.62 pound

Product Dimensions

2.5 x 4 x 11.2 inches


11.2 inch


4 amp

Oscillation angle

5 degree


120 Volts

Cord length

10 feet


Not include




3 year

Customers Review

Uses of different attachment of Rockwell
Multi Tool

Rockwell Sonicrafter parts list includes different types of blades. Here I would like to discuss the uses of Rockwell multi-tool attachment.

Sawing - Rockwell 4.0 has 3 types of the blade for cutting .

  • B1 Metal Cut Blade/ Wood End Cut Blade - This blade is used for cutting Plastic , Wood , Fiber Glass , Nails , Thin Sheet Metal
  • Standard Wood End Cut Blade - use of Wood , Plastic, Drywall
  • Precision Wood Cut Blade - use for cutting Wood, soft plastic
  • HSS Semicircle Blade - use of Thin wood, Plastic, Fiber Glass, Window glazing

Sanding - Rockwell rk5141k has 2 types of blades for sanding.

  • Sanding Pad (Perforated) - use of wood, plastic, hardened fillers
  • Sanding Finger Pad - use of wood, plastic, hardened fillers

Rasping - Rk5141k has 2 types of blades for rasping.

  • Triangular Carbide Grit Rasp - use of wood, hardened adhesives, thin set.
  • Carbide rasp (Finger shape) - use of wood, masonry, hardened adhesive, thin set.

Removing Grout - For removing grout it has 2 types of blades.

  • Carbide grit semicircle saw blade - use on grout, precious concrete
  • Diamond Coated Semicircle Saw Blade - Ceramic and stone tile

Scraping- 2 types of blades are including for scraping.

  • Rigid scraper - Use of old paint, caulk, carpet
  • Flexible scraper- Use of Elastic sealant, paint, carpet

Download user manual of Rockwell Sonicrafter F50

​Rockwell ​Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool Features

Speed control system :

Rockwell oscillating tool has constant speed control. So you can maintain a speed of cut under load.

Universal Fit System :

Rockwell Sonicrafter oscillating tool is fitted with all major brands. The universal fit system accepts blade, sander, and other accessories.

Vibration Free Tool :

This tool has the vibration-free technology. Rockwell Vibration free sander offsets vibration for smooth cutting.

Oscillation angle :

Rockwell 4 amp oscillating tool features 5 degrees of oscillation angle. It provides you fast cut.

Variable speed :

RK5141k F50 Sonicrafter contains with the variable speed control system. It is easy to manage the speed as you need.

Powerful Tool :

Rockwell Sonicrafter has 4.0 amp motor. It ensures significant cutting ability.

Hyper lock tool :

Rockwell 4.0 amp Sonicrafter F50 series features 4 different models. That use the tool-free Hyper lock Blade changing system. In this system uses an easy release lever that will spin to lose the accessory. It has a tool-free clamp.

Which makes the tool easy to use. It provides 1 ton of clamping force to prevent slipping during use. So Rockwell Sonicrafter replacement blades are easy.

LED Light :

Rockwell Sonicrafter 4 amp has powerful LED light. Attach with 2 lights one on each side. So it is easy to illuminate working area.

Video credit Rockwell Tools


  • 5 degree of oscillation
  • 4 amp motor
  • Hyper lock Tool-free clamping system
  • Vibrate free Counterweight system
  • Universal fit system
  • LED light
  • 10-ft power cord
  • Excellent Tool for household work


  • Some useful blades are not including with this tool
  • Sanding pad can overheat and melt
  • Extra blades or replacements can be expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long is the cord? I have a Fein with a 15-inch cord that I love but hate the old style Allen key tighten the system.
The cord length of Rockwell RK5142k is 10 feet.

Q. Can you make the flush cut?
Of course. This tool is so smooth and powerful that you can make perfect flush cuts.

Q. What blades does it comes with?
It comes all the attachment and blades in the picture.

Q. Will it cut backsplash cut?
Yes, by using the right blade.

Q. Where is it made?
This tool is invented in China.

Q. Will this cut through nails?

Final Verdict

Rockwell RK5141K Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi Tool review helps me to make a conclusion. This Oscillating Multi-Tool is one of the best tools. It makes a real pleasure to use. As this tool is one of the most useful, smaller power tool. The blade change mechanism is very convenient. I buy this tool in last year. I use it so many outdoor works. It is less noisy and more stable than other. This also cheaper than another tool. It's not slippy pad makes your work easier. So I would recommend this Rockwell Sonicrafter home depot from my whole heart.

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