VonHaus 12 Volt Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

An Oscillating tool is a demanding product. The necessity of this product is increasing day by day. It is useful both in DIY and construction. So many oscillating brands are available on market. So there is a huge competition. There are two types of oscillating tools: cordless and electric. VonHaus 12 Volt Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool is a cordless oscillating tool. You just love the freedom of being cordless and ease of blade changing. Both tools have a positive and negative side. On the surface, cordless oscillating tools are more convenient to use. You can use it anywhere you wish.

In oscillating brand, VonHaus is a popular name. It is a cordless oscillating tool. This tool is available in the market from October 2015. VonHaus 12 Volt Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit has lots of options. It contains a good variety of accessories.

A Cordless tool is ideal for a variety of tasks. To buy an oscillating tool you have to consider the best. In your consideration, the power, work capacity, weight are included. VonHaus tool is versatile and powerful. It can be a great assortment of gadgets for you. This cordless oscillating tool can be the best choice for a DIY person.

Each tool has some specific working capacity. This capacity makes them different from any other tool. Here I mention the basic information of VonHaus Multi-Tool.

Basic Information


Part number




Number of accessories



5.4 pounds

Product dimension

3.2*9.4*12.4 inches

Oscillation angle

3.2 degree

Oscillation speed

5,000 - 19,000


Oscillating Multi-Tool

Power source


Charge Time

1 hour

Package Quantity


Customer review

Country of Manufacture


VonHaus Oscillating Tools Accessories

Oscillating tools are the combination of many accessories. It has lots of options.VonHaus tool comes with 13 pieces of accessories. They are -

  • 1*stainless steel scraper
  • 1*stainless steel/plastic sanding pad
  • 1*straight cut blade for wood only
  • 9*sanding papers(3*40*80, 3*120)
  • Carry/storage bag - 1

 VonHaus Cordless
Oscillating Multi-Tool Specifications

VonHaus multi-tool is different from another tool for its specific character. The basic specification of this tool is-

  • Power: 12V/ 1300mAh Li-Lon battery
  • Oscillation speed: 5,000 - 19,000 min
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Oscillation angle: 3.2 degree

VonHaus Cordless Multi Tool Features

Every tool has some features of its own. Features show the quality of a tool. VonHaus Multi-Tool is a combination of different features. Here I discuss the main feature of the tool.

Cordless Multi-Tool:

This is the main feature of the tool. VonHaus tool is cordless. It is ideal for a variety of tasks around the home and in the workshop.

Which benefits from rapid 1 hour charging time. You can use this tool anywhere you wish.

Powerful battery:

This is the most important feature of any tool. The VonHaus Multi-Tool is equipped with 1.3 ah Li-on battery. It includes one battery charger and one battery.

With rapid 1 hour charge time and no self- discharge. The charger clearly shows when the battery is charged by the light indicators on the front.

Tool-free blade change:

VonHaus has tool-free blade system. It enables quick changes and adjustments. You can go from sanding to scraping in seconds. It avoids wasting time on jobs.

Led light:

This is the plus point of this tool. VonHaus has LED working light. It also indicates battery power. LED light ensures you working in dark areas.

Variable oscillation speed control:

VonHaus tool has variable speed adjustable system. It is from 5,000 - 19,000 rpm. And also with 3.2 oscillation angle. It lets you select the perfect speed and precision for the task at hand.

It allowing you to work with a high level of precision, care and to detail.

Ergonomic design:

There is the another best feature of the tool. This tool design is comfortable to use. So you can use it for long periods of time. For enhanced performance and best results.

Suitable storage case:

VonHaus tool comes with a sturdy carry and storage case. A good assortment of blades and sanders. It helps to organize your tool. You can also carry it with you anywhere you wish.

Video credit VonHaus

Every tool is a combination of good or bad quality. Though every tool tries to give you the best, there is lacking also. While using, the user finds some problems. VonHaus tools review helps you to find out the lacking of this tool. Here I follow up some pros and cons of this tool.


  • Excellent quality at a cheap price
  • Best for household work
  • Easy movement
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Great oscillation angle
  • LED working light


  • This tool isn’t best for sanding
  • Its motor is not so good
  • The blades that come with it aren’t the greatest
  • Batteries don’t last long for bigger projects
  • This tool is quite noisy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do sandpapers come with holes punched in them, as shown in the first photo?
Yes, it comes with.

Q. Will this fit a craftsman c3 19.2-volt quick release multi-tool?
yes, VonHaus oscillating multi-tool will fit. 

Q. Does this come with a case?
yes, this tool comes with its own case.

Q.Where is this manufacturer?
this tool is manufactured in China.

Q. Do the sanding pads works on metal ?
Yes, you have to use the right paper.

Final Verdict

Now I’m going to make a conclusion of VonHaus oscillating Multi-Tool kit. Every tool has a positive and negative side. some tools are good for household and DIY job. Whether some are suitable for construction work. It depends on the demand of users.

As a household helping tool VonHaus is great. I was looking to buy a unit like this for a while to replace my corded unit. Compare to any other tool I found it handy and powerful. I was looking to buy a unit like this to replace my corded unit. And I found this VonHaus 12 Volt Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool.

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a high quality as it is. A Wide variety of parts to perform various jobs. It is excellent quality at a cheap price, wide variety parts to perform various jobs. It perfectly fixed my tool. I just love the freedom of being cordless and ease of blade changing. It is a good assortment of blades and sanders.

VonHaus 12 volt cordless oscillating Multi-Tool Provides very fine sanding in tight places. I also like the storage box as it had room for some of my other blades. I’m using this tool now without any problem. I’m very happy with it. So I like to recommend this tool to the user.

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This is Harvey Johnson. I have has more than 8-year of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. People treat as a geek in the woodworking arena. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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