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VonHaus 2.3 Amp Oscillating Multi Purpose Tool Review

Vonhaus Oscillating multi tool is the ultimate DIY Tool. It performs different works like - cut, saw and sand. This tool works on a variety of materials. Including wood, Plastic, Gypsum, Non-ferrous metals fastening elements like nails and staples. The Vonhaus multi tool is suitable for working with soft wall tiles. It can work on dry sanding and scraping small surfaces. It can also work close to edges.

Technical Information

  • Model -15/275
  • Weight- 5.8 pounds
  • Width - 9.49 inch
  • Height - 4.21 inch
  • Length -15.98 inch
  • Voltage -120 volts
  • Package Dimensions - 16*9.5*4.2 inches
  • Power Source - AC
  • Certification - Certified frustration-free
  • Batteries - not include

Including Accessories 

Vonhaus 2.3 amp multi purpose oscillating tool. It is including with 15 pieces accessories. A universal Screw allows easy and quick attach of the accessories. The including accessories are-

  • Cutting Metal-E-cut blade
  • Scraper Knife- 1 piece
  • Sanding Base- 1 piece
  • Half Moon Saw -1 piece
  • Sanding Pads - 9 piece
  • Dust extraction port and blow mold
  • Carry Case for easy storage and transportation

Uses of Vonhaus Oscillating Multi Tool Accessories

Half Moon Saw: 

This tool can cut wood, laminates, plastic, Carpet and plaster board. By using it the user can cut 90 degree plunge cut to the edge of the material.

Sanding Pad and Sheets:

VonHaus cordless multi tool is perfect for sanding and profiling. This tool can sand the large surface with the help of a variety of gritted sheet.

For the corners and detail sanding it has Triangular Sanding Sheets.

VonHaus 2.3 Amp Oscillating Multi Purpose Tool - Sanding tool

Stainless Steel Scraper:

Vonhaus tool is perfect for removing old vinyl. It removes wood, floor covering, paint and coating, residues and separating laminated layers.

Universal E-Cutter:

This tool cuts through ferrous metals and wood. It has 1.6 inch plunge cutting depth. So the user can cut ferrous metals like nails and pipes.

Video credit VonHaus

Basic ​Features of Vonhaus tools

  • No Load speed- This tool has oscillating speed from 11000-20000 oscillations per minute.
  • Multi Task Tool- Vonhaus tool is perfect for scraping, cutting, sanding and grinding.
  • Cord Tool - This tool has 8.7*2.3 inches corded tool with 70 inch power cord.
  • Multi-purpose oscillating sander- The corded multi-purpose oscillating sander includes 9 sanding Pads. These pads varying gradients for a consistent finish.
  • Perfectness - This Vonhaus tool is perfect for home repair and restoration.
  • Easy Oscillation Change - A thumb operate wheel on the rear of the tool help you to change the oscillation rate.
  • Multi functional Tool - This tool features dust extraction port and blows mold. It has also a carry case for easy storage and transportation.

In the oscillating sector, Vonhaus is a new addition. This tool combines with different accessories.So this tool can perform a different task. This tool is perfect for house hold project. This is a very handy tool for a DIY person.

Beside the advantage, it has some disadvantage. According to Vonhaus oscillating multi tool review, I would like to follow up some Pros and cons of this tool.


  • Ideal tool for households work. Any kind of light project is done with it.
  • Work great for sanding
  • Great price
  • Came with all necessary attachment
  • Very Easy to use


  • This tool is little frustrating. As when using the bolt stabilizing the blade comes loose.
  • No safety switch include
  • Limited warranty
  • Blades are not of high quality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is the item durable?
yes, it is a durable tool.

Q. Is the tool easy to use?
This tool is very easy to handle and use.

Q. It’s this tool for an amateur?
Yes, this is easy to use for household all project.

Q. Can I fit full round blade on this?
You can use the Half Moon Saw on this.

Q. Will this cut drywall Sheetrock? If so does it come with the attachment?
Yes, this tool comes with Saw Blade. It will perform your job.

Bottom Line

​Vonhaus Oscillating Multi Tool is designed for cut, saw, and sand. You can cut different types of metal and wood item. The VonHaus multi tool can work close to the edges. The vibration control system makes the tool easy to use. This tool is perfect for sanding. Due to the half moon shape Sanding Pad and Sheets user can make triangle sanding for a corner. So as a useful tool I like this one so much. I would like to recommend this tool as it a handy tool. A DIY person must like this tool.

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This is Harvey Johnson. Having more than 8-years of experience as a woodworker & expert in uses of different power tools. But I love to share and advise people about home & woodworking tools. So I decide to work with the Expert Home Tools Team to share and review of Power & Home tools.

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