WEN 2312 Oscillating Tool

WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multi-function Oscillating Tool Review

WEN 2312 Variable Speed
Multi-function Oscillating Tool

The oscillating market introduces WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multi-function Oscillating Tool as top features and best money saving product. WEN brand tools make the user job brighter through the tool service. The buyers from industrial, job site, construction service and home user like the WEN tool. There is a unique factor stand.

The lightweight 3-pound tool offers the user to do cut wood, tiles, through blade function. The scrap used for carpet and sand used for concrete, stone type tool processing.

For user multi-functional service, WEN offers valuable accessories and kits with storage bag. Ampler power source running tool operates at 2.0 amp and produce speed at 10.000 to 20,000 Oscillating per Minutes. Blade storage bag keeps the blades separate and safe remove feature.

May you think it’s ideal to buy or not? To say, WEN oscillating tool offer price under 50 range with 2 years warranty. The home user, DIY and Small workshop user get benefit from using the multi kit tool. For essential tools repair or remodel service, WEN at the top!

WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multi-function Oscillating Tool

WEN 2312 Oscillating Tool Description

  • Brand Name: WEN
  • Product Name: WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multi-function Oscillating Tool
  • Model No: 2312
  • Dimension: 13.5*8*4.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.02 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Battery: No
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Warranty: 2 Years

WEN 2312 Accessories and Kits

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WEN 2312 Accessories and Kits
  • 1 scraper blade
  • 1 triangular sanding pad with 4 sanding triangles
  • 1 Sanding papers
  • 1 saw blade
  • Blade storage bag
  • Carrying Case

WEN 2312 Variable Speed Multi-function Oscillating Tool Features

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Variable Speed:

WEN 2321 Variable Speed Operation

The machine works by the ampler power source at 2.0 amp. That produce 10,000 to 20,000 OPM speed for multi functional application service.

For its lightweight, the user carries by single hand process material into ideal format.

Maximum Versatility:

Today's generation perfect machine tool develops by WEN. They can use at home and outdoor for multiple functional uses. The machine works as cut, shape, sand and scrapes function.

WEN Tools Maximum Versatility

During the process, it produces low vibration and keeps work smooth. After finishing the work, the tool offers easy cleaning the dust.

Multi-Function Activities:

WEN offers different project service by one tool. The user able to cut wood, tiles, plastic by the blades. The scrap comes with molding and carpet, scrap paints cutting feature.

Also able to cut cables, downspouts, air ducts, drywall and pipes for home and office.

WEN 2312 Oscillating Tool

Sand head and 4 triangles come for hardworking tool service to cut or remove. Hook and Loop sanding attachment adds the accessory with sand. They are cement, concrete, plaster, stone, tiles, wood and many more items.

Amazing for beginner to get wonder package of multi kits tools for any purposes. One machine service, they can manage their home settings and decoration fantastic.

Fit Tight Corners:

WEN 2312 Fit Tight Corners and Spaces

There are some model tools which blades not reach all surface and corner. In this concern, WEN includes the feature for user comfort and outstanding job.

The blades designed for compact size, so it reaches and touches every portion of the material to give a precise size.

Value of WEN 2312 Model:

WEN Oscillating Tool

Before buy a product, the user likes to review analyse about product criteria. To say about WEN, they lead the industry since 2011. The customers get attracted WEN feature and like to buy.

The customer review also shows positive notes. The home user easily makes their decoration and setting astonishing.

The Blades, sand and scraper work outstanding for the multi-functional project. To satisfy the customer, WEN offers 2 years warranty.

WEN 2312 Oscillating Tool

The user keep touched by customer service. WEN provide nationwide network service by their technician. Under 50 price range product, the user gets excellent service from WEN during warranty service.

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Video credit WEN Products

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  • Blow mold carrying case for smart carry and transport the accessory and tool
  • Keep blades separate by blade box
  • Product less vibration during material processing
  • Tight corners and spots area can resize the blades
  • Easy dust cleaning feature
  • 2 years warranty with a low price
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  • LED light feature missing
  • The blade has used 4 pins, which are not durable
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it take standard oscillating saw blades?
It takes saw blades for oscillating tasks but no specific or standard saw blades used. You can use any standard blades.

Q: What sandpaper works this?
The manufacturer sandpaper works better if need replacement than you can buy from any outlet of power tools.

Q: What size is the sanding pad?
The sanding pad which comes to as 4 triangles. The size is 2.5 inches. The loop and hook portion may vary during attachment.

Q: is this strong enough to remove tiles from a small entrance way?
I have not tried yet. For your concern to say, to cut floor tiles, you need right and robust blades.

Final Verdict

In the circumstances, WEN 2312 variable speed multi-function oscillating tool is good for the money. For job site, small workshop and home DIY project users most like to but the tool. Lightweight and smart carrying case bring the user to move and store easily. To compare with other brands, it offers standard service with low price. The review that notes from the customer point of view. I suggest the user to buy the multi-function oscillating tool to make their job smarter.

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