What are the Different Types of Lamp Shade Fittings

There are several different types of lamp shade fittings. The most common type is the screw-on fitting, which is simply screwed onto the light bulb. There are also clip-on fittings, which clip onto the light bulb.

Another type of fitting is the bayonet fitting, which pushes into a socket on the light bulb. Finally, there are candelabra fittings, which fit onto a small base on the light bulb.

Lamp shades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used to add style and personality to any room in your home. But with so many different types of lamp shade fittings available, how do you know which one is right for your lamp?

The most common type of lamp shade fitting is the screw-on fitting. This type of fitting is easy to use and install, and it’s also very versatile. You can find screw-on fittings in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and even glass.

Another popular type of lamp shade fitting is the clip-on fitting. Clip-on fittings are great for lamps that have a small base or that are placed in tight spaces. These fittings are also easy to install and remove, making them perfect for people who like to change their lamp shades often.

If you have a larger base on your lamp, you may want to consider using a harp fitting. Harp fittings are attached to the top of the lamp base and extend up to the top of the shade. This type of fitting provides a more secure hold for heavier shades.

Finally, there are also bayonet fittings which consist of two prongs that fit into slots on the back of the shade. Bayonet fittings are typically used on floor lamps and table lamps with large bases.

Types of Lamp Shades


Uno Lamp Shades

Uno Lamp Shades are a type of lamp shade that attaches to the light bulb socket without the use of a harp. They are commonly used on floor lamps and table lamps with low-hanging bulbs, but can also be found on some chandeliers and wall sconces. The name “uno” comes from the Italian word for “one,” referring to the fact that these shades only require one attachment point.

There are several benefits to using uno lamp shades. First, they are very easy to install – simply screw them into the light bulb socket and you’re done! This makes them a great option for those who are not comfortable working with electrical wiring or who don’t have much experience installing lighting fixtures.

Second, uno shades allow you to position the light source closer to the shade, which can create a more focused and intense light beam. This is ideal for task lighting or reading lights. Finally, because they attach directly to the light bulb socket, uno shades provide excellent ventilation and heat dissipation – two important factors in prolonging the life of your light bulbs.

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your lamps or add some new lighting fixtures to your home, consider using uno lamp shades!

How to Attach Lamp Shade Without Harp

Lamp shades provide a decorative cover for your light bulb and can help to soften the light in a room. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match any decor. Most lamp shades are attached to a metal frame called a harp.

The harp has two arms that open like jaws, which grip the shade and hold it in place. If your lamp shade does not have a built-in harp, you will need to purchase one separately.

Follow these steps to attach your lamp shade:

1) Place the shade upside down on a flat surface. If it is too difficult to turn the shade over, you can leave it right side up but be sure to work on a protected surface in case the glass or fabric gets damaged.

2) Center the harp over the hole at the top of the shade. The arms of the harp should be facing downwards.

3) Push the arms of the harp through the hole until they pop out on the other side. You may need to wiggle them back and forth slightly until they go all the way through.

4) Once both arms are through, flip the entire assembly over so that the shade is right side up again.

5) Spread the arms of the harp apart so that they are perpendicular to the body of the harp and position the mover on the lip of the shade (the ring of metal that extends over the sides of a shade).

6) Push each arm downwards until it evenly rests on both sides of the lip and the lampshades are securely attached to the harp!

Screw on Lamp Shade

A screw-on lamp shade is a great way to add some extra light to your home without having to worry about wiring or installing new fixtures. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes, and you can easily install a new screw-on lamp shade. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a screw-on lamp shade.

First, make sure that the shade will fit the base of your chosen light fixture.

Second, consider the style of the shade and how it will complement your existing decor. And finally, think about what kind of lightbulb you want to use with the shade – incandescent or LED?

Once you’ve selected the perfect screw-on lamp shade for your home, follow these simple instructions to install it:

1. Unscrew the current Shade from the socket ring

2. Remove any paper or plastic washers from around the socket

3. Screw on your new Shade until it is snug against the socket

4. Replace any paper or plastic washers

5. Screw in your desired lightbulb (remembering wattage restrictions)

6. Flip the switch and enjoy your new light!

Spider Lamp Shade

If you’re looking for a unique lamp shade, then you’ll definitely want to check out spider lamp shades! These shades are made with real spider webs and are sure to add a bit of creepy-crawly fun to any room. Spider lamp shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your lamp base perfectly.

They’re also available in different colors, so you can choose one that matches your decor. If you’re not into spiders, don’t worry – these lamp shades are also available in other designs, such as bats or skulls. So whatever your style, there’s sure to be a spider lamp shade that’s perfect for you!

What are the Different Types of Lamp Shade Fittings

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What are the Different Types of Lampshade Attachments?

Lampshades are often attached to the lamp using one of several different methods. The most common is the use of a finial, which is screwed onto the top of the lamp. Other options include clips, which attach to the side of the lamp, and straps, which tie around the neck of the lamp.

What are the 3 Types of Lampshades?

Lampshades are a vital part of any lamp, and there are three main types: hard-back, soft-back, and bell. Hardback shades have a firm frame that helps the shade keep its shape. Soft-back shades are more pliable and often have fabric that folds over the top and bottom of the frame.

Bell shades get their name from their shape; they’re wider at the bottom than the top and are often used for floor lamps.

What is a Uno Lampshade Fitting?

A UNO lampshade fitting is a type of lampshade attachment that is most commonly used on table lamps and floor lamps. The shade rests on a small metal ring that is attached to the socket, and the entire unit is held in place by a screw-on cap. This type of fitting allows for easy removal of the shade when cleaning or changing light bulbs.

What is a Washer Fitting Lampshade?

A washer-fitting lampshade is a type of lampshade that is attached to the light bulb using a washer. This type of attachment is very secure and ensures that the lampshade will not fall off easily. Washer-fitting lampshades are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find one that will match your home decor perfectly.


Lamp shades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be found in many different styles to suit any decor. The most common type of lamp shade is the drum shade.

It is a cylindrical shape that typically measures about 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height. Another popular type of lamp shade is the bell shape. This shape is more flared out than the drum shade and typically measures about 14 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.

The last common type of lamp shade is the cone shape. This shape is narrower at the top than it is at the bottom and typically measures about 10 inches in diameter and 8 inches in height.



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