What is Spider Fitter Lamp Shade

What is a Spider Fitter Lamp Shade? A spider fitter lamp shade is a type of lamp shade that attaches to the light bulb using a metal frame. The frame typically has three or four legs that wrap around the bulb, and a spider-like piece that fits over the top of the bulb.

If you’re looking for a new lamp shade and don’t know where to start, you may want to consider a spider fitter lamp shade. Spider fitter shades are designed to fit onto lamps with a spider fitting, which is a small metal ring that sits atop the light bulb. These shades are typically made of glass or fabric and can come in a variety of colors and styles.

How to use a shade carrier and spider fitting

Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are an important part of any lamp, and there are many different types to choose from. The most common type of lamp shade is the drum shade, which is a cylinder shape that typically covers the entire light bulb. Drum shades are available in a variety of colors and materials, and they can be either plain or patterned.

If you want a more unique look for your lamp, you might opt for a cone-shaped shade or even a basket-weave shade. These shades tend to be less common but can add an interesting element to your décor. If you have a very specific style in mind, you might even be able to find a custom-made lamp shade to perfectly suit your needs.

When shopping for lamp shades, it’s important to keep in mind the overall look you’re trying to achieve in your space. The wrong shade can really throw off the entire aesthetic, so take your time and pick something that you love. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home!

Washer (Spider Fitting Lamp Shade)

If you’re in need of a new lamp shade, you may be wondering what type of shade will best fit your lamp. One option to consider is a washer (spider fitting) lamp shade. This type of shade has a small washer that screws onto the light bulb socket, making it easy to attach and remove.

Additionally, spider fitting shades typically have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits both your lamp and your personal taste.

Spider Lamp Shade Target

A spider lamp shade target is a small, often round piece of cloth or paper that is placed over the light bulb of a lamp to diffract the light. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns and can be found at most home goods stores.

What is a Clip on Lamp Shade

A clip on lamp shade is a type of light fixture that attaches to a light bulb using a metal clip. The shade then hangs down over the bulb, diffusing the light and creating a softer ambiance in the room. Clip on shades are available in a variety of materials, including glass, fabric, and even paper.

They come in many different shapes and sizes to fit any type of bulb, making them a versatile option for both residential and commercial settings.

What is Spider Fitter Lamp Shade

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What is a Lamp Shade Spider Fitting?

A lamp shade spider fitting is a type of fitting that is used to attach a lamp shade to a light bulb. The fitting consists of a metal rod that goes through the center of the shade and is held in place by two prongs that grip the sides of the shade. The advantage of this type of fitting is that it allows the shade to be positioned close to the light bulb, which maximizes the amount of light that is emitted from the shade.

What are the 3 Types of Lampshades?

When it comes to lampshades, there are three main types: hard-sided, soft-sided, and non-opaque. Hard-sided lampshades have a solid frame that helps to keep the shape of the shade. Soft-sided lampshades are made with a flexible material that can be easily molded into different shapes.

Non-opaque lampshades allow light to pass through them, making them ideal for use in rooms that need more light.


A spider fitter is a type of lamp shade that attaches to the light bulb using a metal frame with legs, or “spider.” The advantage of a spider fitter is that it can be used with a variety of different sized light bulbs and lamp bases. Spider fitters are also relatively easy to install and remove.

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