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XXGO 55 Pcs Triangular Oscillating Multi Tool Sanding Pad Review

​​XXGO a well-known brand of oscillating tool accessories.Its sanding pad which is successfully used by the oscillating tool users for their sanding work. XXGO 55 Pcs Triangular Oscillating Multi Tool Sanding Pad offers five functional pad. Each of them sized by 3-1/8” and includes five different Grits and Loop multi tool sandpaper.

Its used for wood materials sanding like a door, furniture of the home construction site. Besides it contains 11 fit 3-1/8 oscillating multi tool sanding pad, which can use triangular shape on the wood application.

XXGO known model no. WTO-LS102. It's a red colour feature which works without a battery. Total 55 sanding pad comes in a package under 20 price range.

The pads are such a light size that easy for DIY carry and use. Polish and shape hard tools like wood, rock and home floor shaping works its work on high. 55 pad divided into five categories and offer 11 pcs each.

XXGO 55 Pcs Triangular Oscillating Multi Tool Sanding Pad

Features XXGO 55 Pcs Triangular Sanding Pad

  • 11 Pcs of 60 Grits
  • 11 Pcs of 80 Grits
  • 11 Pcs of 100 Grits
  • 11 Pcs of 120 Grits
  • 11 Pcs of 240 Grits

Each of the sized Grits has 3-1/8 and 80*80*80 mm triangular dimension shape which can use a different angle to get precise job satisfaction. It fits on rough and hardwood materials process or sanding. 60 and 80 Grits works fine on Rough woods like old furniture. 100 and 120 Grits can use any form of regular lumber.

Like to use on a new wooden door, furniture and home kitchen settings polishing. Last 240 Grit, and penetrating oil are used to give a finishing on wood, plastic type of case.

XXGO Oscillating Multi Tool Sanding Pad

How it works triangular? The dimension has equal for length, width and height to shape wood. So use pads face on materials to resized and convert into perfect shape.

The manufacturer mention feature as 50 Sanding pads, but it’s analytically get 55 pcs. Five pcs used from 5 categories as different purpose. During order received, the user gets two packs. In the first pack, where add 55pcs Grits.

You get one pcs plastic wrap from 5 category pads. Its five total plastic wraps, and rest 50 used for wood sanding. In the pack no. Two, same five pcs plastic wrap comes and 50 used for sandpaper.

Recommend To:

The heavy-duty industry and home construction site user need this wood sanding paper. It's not only cheap but also offer 60 days money back guarantee.

Its high use of angle work on wood to bring out the perfect size. Rock, floor and wooden furniture where the need to shape size, sanding paper provide service.


  • ​Offer Durable service
  • Make your wooden sanding work lighter by 55 pcs triangular pad
  • Two months guarantee
  • Cheap Price


  • ​The sanding pads size are not standard, so it does not reach all surface
  • Good for softwoods, not for rough woods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do this work Dremel MM40?
Thanks for query. It’s a sanding pad so that you can realize it's not a blade function. So it won't fits Dremel MM40.

Q: Will this work with Craftsman?
Yes, if it has pad function then.

Q: Are this pads compatible with Porter Cable?
I am not familiar with Porter Cable.

Final Verdict

I recommend buying XXGO 55 Pcs Triangular Oscillating Multi-Tool Sanding Pad. Its follow your command and offer you a developer tool. Need to spend only 20 below range to update your wooden materials. As a DIY user, you enjoy your wood shaping job. So order today and set on your power tool. Make your home settings beauty with XXGO 55 pcs Sanding Pad.

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  • John Brown

    This seems to be great for wooden furniture at home. I have softwoods so I think I can use this now. I keep doing something when it comes to making wooden pieces. I have kept a few in my car also because I just don’t like my car interior to be clean, but it should be pleasing as well. I use the most powerful car vacuum and it helps in keeping the dust away from the wooden pieces I make. Well, I will use this multi-tool sanding pad to make more things. Great information.

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